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Excl: Labour’s new ‘antisemitism’ process will apply to ALL protected characteristics

All forms of prejudice will be subject to the same procedure

Last night, the SKWAWKBOX provided exclusive detail on the Labour Party’s proposed new process for dealing with ‘clear-cut’ antisemitism complaints.

A number of readers raised concerns about the party potentially having a different process for handling those complaints from that used for other forms of racism.

The SKWAWKBOX can confirm that the new process will not only apply to all forms of racism, but to complaints concerning any ‘protected characteristic’ under the Equality Act 2010.

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  1. A standing ovation from the PLP for Jennie Formby & that doesn’t frighten you?

    1. Yes quite ,this is the same PLP that tried to “break Corbyn as a man”.

    2. Steve you seem to ignore many of them can read and some have the ability to realise that deslection is a possibility.and they don’t want to look for a proper job?…..They should be frightened!

  2. …………..almost as frightening as the concept of defining ‘protected characteristics’ under the Equality Act 2010. Crass generalisations do not constitute Social Science.

    1. The protected characteristics are defined by the equality legislation and make it unlawful to discriminate against individuals on the basis of their gender, race, religion,age, disability, sexual orientation or marital status.
      In most if not all workplaces complaints about e.g. harassment because one of these characteristics are dealt with under the employer’s equality procedure which normally includes potential disciplinary penalties.
      Therefore I don’t understand your objections to the party including all such complaints in the proposed policy.
      There is little difference between the hurt and offence felt by a gay person subjected to homophobia, a disabled person mocked because of their disability or a person who has been racially abused or sexually harassed.
      We cannot hold one form of discrimination to be less objectionable than another – all forms are vile – so we need to apply the same complaints procedure to them all.

      1. The one thing missing from that list, which obviously has to be considered a work in progress, is the membership of the Party whose due process rights are being systematically undermned.

        No party which treats its members due process rights in this way is ever going to get not Government. The electorate will take one look at this and go ‘right, no thanks! If you’re prepared to do that to your own membership you’re prepared to do it to everyone else.

      2. Don’t forget the characteristic ‘sex’ Smartboy. The 2010 Equality Act includes Sex and the law hasn’t changed on it yet. Misogyny is still an issue in 2019 and although any of us can experience sex discrimination, the law mostly benefits females who make up 51% of the population, so Sex is worth mentioning.

    2. steve
      my default on any of this is JVL and Electronic Intifada
      who should we be voting for if Lansman and momentum are no longer reliable

  3. Labour MP John Mann appointed adviser to government on antisemitism

    Downing Street has just announced that the Labour MP John Mann has been appointed to the government as an independent adviser to the government on antisemitism. Mann, a Brexiter who has been critical of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of Labour, chairs the all-party parliamentary group against antisemitism. He will provide advice to the the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

  4. We at present know the final document to be presented to the NEC and of course amendments are the bread and butter of politicians,will wait to pass judgment but pleased the document is not exclusive to anti semitism and including all other forms of racism and bigotry…….two of which I have been on the receiving end of

    1. Joseph OKEEFE you should have put Don’t know the final document So thats my amendment to my post………must remember to read before posting you clown!,also spellchecker malfunctioned and so am I?

      1. Have you any idea when we will know which MPs are confirmed to be challenged at the next GE? I’m not sure of the wording so to put it another way, when will we know which CLPs have been successful in challenging their MPs?

  5. “We cannot hold one form of discrimination to be less objectionable than another ”

    Certainly not.

    … but let’s consider the way in which supporters of Palestinian rights to self determination who criticize Israel and the premises of Zionism have been themselves victims of discrimination under the fake flag of ‘antisemitism’.

    Where is their protection from discriminatory manipulation? They get left out of the equation (conveniently).

    Where is the line between actual ‘discrimination’ and simple discomfort at being challenged over discriminatory beliefs that you choose to hold?

    These are the questions that any progressive Party worth the time of day should be clear about. At the moment, Labour is failing.abysmally under the right-wing assault.

    Is it able to be rescued from its self-inflicted ineptness, let alone its enemies? – that is a question that now often comes to the surface.

    It will take more than the usual milk-and-water pledges on Palestine (quickly forgotten) to convince me of moral authority.

    1. Summary justice is open to discrimination.
      I was once asked by a magistrate whether I was a Christian – while giving evidence on a minor motoring offence.
      Where there is a right of appeal the process becomes expensive, time consuming and only affordable by the wealthy.
      Party membership is more important to some than to others, as driving licence endorsement is a greater punishment to some than to others.
      We already know there are those who bear false witness for political gain or career advancement.

      The nature of the ‘difference’ phenomenon is that as the illiberal are dragged into becoming more tolerant of difference what was once considered abhorrent becomes acceptable.
      What once would have been considered a commonplace slight on a now-protected characteristic can be later dug up and used to wreck a career.
      Summary exclusion is a retrograde step for the sake of convenience.
      Prima facie evidence would be insufficient to lay charges in a banana republic – it’s no basis for conviction in any system I’d continue to support financially.
      If it’s adopted as proposed I’m out of here.
      Accuse me of racism for using the words “banana republic” and I’m out of here.
      There’s such a thing as natural justice.

      1. “Summary exclusion is a retrograde step for the sake of convenience.”

        … and sheer cowardice, plus the central political impulse to be ‘one of them’.

        I totally identify with your response. The main thing holding me back is to not let them have a nodding dog membership.

      2. “We already know there are those who bear false witness for political gain or career advancement”.

        You are so right.

  6. The Labour Party is digging itself into a deeper and deeper hole trying to appease Zionists who will never give up until Jeremy Corbyn is ousted as Labour Leader and replaced by one of their own.

    Doesn’t anyone in the Labour executive realise yet that we are not just fighting Watson, Hodge, Mann and the others, we are fighting Israel and by extension, the USA. This is the stark reality and no amount of appeasement or silly web sites will satisfy them, their goal is total capitulation.

    Zionism – the political movement to colonise Palestine, is completely at odds with Socialism so why on earth should we say that Labour is the political home for Zionists? it makes no sense whatsoever.

    Some of us keep getting asked not to mention Zionism, we are told that when we get into office everything will be fine. Whether Zionism is called out or not, it won’t stop the anti-Semitism smears being piled on to Jeremy and the members, especially since we stupidly agreed to adopt the IHRA definition, purposely designed to cast the net as widely as possible to get rid of brave MPs such as Chris Williamson.

    On the contrary, we should not be intimidated into failing to point out to the public, those who are trying to damage the LP and their motives for doing so. Jewish groups opposed to Zionism are not afraid to do it and we should support them.

    1. “The Labour Party is digging itself into a deeper and deeper hole trying to appease Zionists who will never give up until Jeremy Corbyn is ousted as Labour Leader and replaced by one of their own.”

      There is little need to get rid of Corbyn now. He could still be a vote winner after all, putting a largely rabid and rancid pro war/imperialism, pro financialized rentier capitalism PLP into power.

      1. That’s why we need a clear out Maria and the sooner the better.

      2. When will we know if there is likely to be one ie. which CLPs have been successful in challenging their MPs?

  7. I’ve just been listening to the 12.00 news – to be assaulted by the apotheosis of Mr Toad to the status of PM.

    … which is bad enough.

    But then, reflecting on the above – it struck me how the shadow alternative has become so much diminished. This latest capitulation has confirmed a right wing win, courtesy of the MSM that allows a neutered Labour to be treated with on-going contempt.

    Anger at the nuliarbore governments was generated by the way in which they laid down the carpet for the Tories when their turn came. But what have we now? Another capitulation, and the reinforcement of the right, with Corbyn a marginalised figure, persuaded into conceding to a losing strategy.

    I have made no secret of my view that the Party’s strategy over Brexit has been mistaken. But this mistake – or rather, capitulation – is of another order in terms of decision-making. It’s a capitulation of principle, not just political choice.

    The key questions are how a Party that simply rolls over when faced with co-ordinated opposition can pose itself as an alternative? And – perhaps, more importantly, how it can be taken seriously as an advocate for Palestinian justice when it has undermined the very ground of opposition to colonial occupation?

      1. Why not? RH just made up “nuliarbore” – I’m wondering what he’s decided it should mean – seems a shame to waste it 🙂

    1. I thought you were taking the piss.

      But I was wrong.

      Jeez – the totally absurd as living fact : The Era of Johnson begins.

    2. “Labour parliamentarian has been outspoken on his party’s Jew-hate crisis”

      That is the sub-headline in that newspaper of record, the JC.

      If you look at their website, it is absolutely loaded with articles attacking the Labour Party.

      1. Thankfully once you’ve looked you know Pollard’s full of shit and you never need go there again 🙂

    3. Mann must be dead chuffed. His life’s ambition realised; advisor to the Tories!

      1. Look on the bright side : we said Mann and Austin were totally bankrupt political figures.

        Now you see it. Point proved.

    4. If Mann is advising the Tories on antisemitism, is that against the Labour joke book (AKA the rule book)? Once again, the PLP are treated differently to the foot soldiers.

      1. Frank Field got away with being the Tory’s useful idiot for years

  8. Boris has just announced that he will unite the country around 5 g fibre optic?…..True? ….How much was that worth…money and greed first

    1. Well that will have the Chinese onside if little trump follows through, not going to make big trump very happy though so expect a u-turn within 24hrs.

  9. Not really on subject except in a general sense,but I found that the SKWAWKBOX blog was not being forwarded to my emails as requested over the last few days..I have had to renew!

    1. That’s happened to me a couple of times. No rhyme or reason seemingly. I found it came back as mysteriously as it disappeared.

      In the meantime you might have to just check the site for new posts several times a day. A right pain!

  10. And where the alleged defendant is found not to be AS and the claim made was vexatious ( Hodge !) then what happens for re-dress if anything ?

    1. I think that’s a rhetorical question, rob.

      Crossing the first hurdle under due process would be about 99 to 1, I guess on present form. Passing it under NEC process would be about the reverse.

      If by some miracle it did happen, redress would being allowed to continue to donate your subs to sustaining the bent process.

      Ref. Hodge; ref. Rose – et al.

      1. I see Hodge is now the subject of a official complaint for being Anti-Semitic . I assume the new expulsion process will be applied with immediate effect as there appears to be prima facie evidence

      2. One wonders how, if they mention it at all, the MSM will spin this one!

  11. being a leader means you can never join any club that would have you as a member,
    allows you to get rid of those who would rather see Tories win
    for the members and supporters, do it
    starting with a VONC

  12. The complaint made by Shraga Stern against Hodge will be the first real test of the new system if it is agreed by NEC. Will justice be done swiftly and decisively?

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