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MSM are all over every PLP ‘storm’ – where’s the coverage of Formby’s standing ovation?

General Secretary’s progress report and new plan for dealing with prejudice received rousing reception – but media silent
Jennie Formby and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

The so-called ‘mainstream’ media fall over themselves to report every row in the ‘PLP’ (parliamentary Labour party). Even the rows that weren’t really rows are briefed to the ‘MSM’ by a handful of right-wing die-hards and talked up into major events in the constant effort to undermine party leader Jeremy Corbyn – and often its general secretary, Jennie Formby.

Last night, when Formby – who is battling cancer – gave a report to gathered MPs on the party’s progress in fighting racism and its new plan to accelerate its ability to deal with complaints about members’ conduct, she received a rousing standing ovation.

A standing ovation.

Labour’s processes under Formby in dealing with prejudice were already world-leading and are becoming light-years ahead of any rival. She has done more in one year than Labour did in the previous century to tackle antisemitism and other prejudice and data on the handling of antisemitism complaints testify to that progress.

Labour MP Karen Lee reported on her social media feed:

Yet the ‘MSM’ silence has been total – a Google search for the incident reveals only a SKWAWKBOX mention in an article last night – and nothing else:

Google’s search result


You’d almost think there were ulterior motives. But for the media to ignore a tribute paid by even hostile MPs to a woman doing an outstanding job while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer is as shameful and cowardly as it is unsurprising.

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  1. What d’ya expect?

    They’ve done a negative story about watson; that’s more than enough for them for the next few years…

  2. All those News of the World journalists had to end up somewhere.
    Pond scum.

    1. Left wing MP’s and other lefties at meetings won’t be likely to inform the sewer rats of anything, knowing it’ll just be distorted.
      That leaves the field clear for the Bliarites and their “Got anything juicy for me?” mates.
      I don’t know if our Press Office is good, bad or indifferent but I hope they’re at least keeping records of positive briefings provided to the MSM and ignored – we’ll need an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove ubiquitous bias.

  3. It is a shame but totally unsurprising that there have been no reports in the MSM about Jennie’s reception at the PLP meeting. Even if the MSM had been willing to given Jennie the credit due to her, their capacity to do so would be very limited due to the amount of coverage of the Carl Beech scandal, Tom Watson’s part in it and the numerous calls for Tom’s resignation.

  4. Now THIS is bravery . Where are the scum so quick to criticise when something positive happens. Completely silent . Very disappointed in Labour List.

  5. Radio 4’s Today programme had plenty of time to interview “strictly protect” Ruth Smeeth MP this morning. She clearly wasn’t impressed with the proposals saying they amounted to handing over the party’s disciplinary procedures to Jeremy’s mates. Far better, she argued, that such procedures should be genuinely independent and handed over to people who could be trusted such as retired police officers, lawyers and judges – she then hastily tagged on ex TU officials. Presumably these could include the same police officers, judges and lawyers who dealt so dispassionately and reliably with Orgreave, Hillsborough, Bloody Sunday, Assange etc. etc. etc.

    The segment is here approx. 1.23.30 in:

    Yesterday, in advance of the PLP, she used the Jewish Chronicle to argue against the proposals – and to defend the scab (“whistleblower” in the gospel according to Smeeth) Sam Matthews. Today she is quoted in the Times of Israel pushing the same line. “Nothing short of a fully independent process… is even going to begin to suggest that the Party leadership really cares about tackling institutional anti-Jewish racism.”

    I’ve no doubt the amount of column inches she has all over the media is in inverse proportion to the amount of coverage given to Jennie’s reception last night. In fact working hand in hand with the Telegraph (and all other anti-socialist media) has proved to be a canny move on Smeeth’s part.

    Appeasement isn’t working and it never will while Corbyn is leader.

    1. I certainly hope that her CLP is working hard to replace her as candidate for the next election.

    2. I understand it has been alleged that Sam Matthews has received death threats. I truly hope this is not the case but if it is true then he should immediately involve the police . Threatening to kill someone is a criminal offence which the party has neither the authority nor the expertise to deal with.

    3. What about GDPR legislation? Allowing complete strangers into an internal disciplinary process could breach this legislation. Of course this doesn’t bother Smeethe former BICOM employee or Antisemite Finder General Twatson!

  6. Must say Labour needs a PR team as well as Rebutal team?Announced on the day Johnson and Libs announced the new leaders.couldn’t we have waited,and don’t mention Watson’s leaking he’s too busy fighting off the media attacks……not corbyn?……watson!….YES

  7. Hats off for Karen Lee mp sincere for the very moving and sincere words of gratitude and support you jenny our GC.

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