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Some Tory won the Tory leadership election

Do you prefer your turds with sweetcorn or without?
A disaster for millions of vulnerable people – like any Tory

In devastating news for the UK, a Tory won the Tory leadership contest and will be the next Prime Minister – another one not elected by the country.

Johnson, of course, has a long track record of dishonesty, arrogance, staggering incompetence and conscious cruelty to the vulnerable. In that he stands on the same tiny piece of ground as the rest of his party.

The only real choice for Tory members was whether they prefer their sociopaths with a facsimile of a personality or without – the equivalent of asking the rest of us whether we’d like to step in a turd with sweetcorn sticking out or a plain one.

So in reality, as a certain colourlessly robotic predecessor once said, ‘nothing has changed’. Johnson’s speech swam with the usual Tory platitudes, full of talk of ‘opportunity’ as if people don’t really need a decent life, just the hope that one day some of them might just get one.

Callousness and arrogance were not all the ‘business as usual’ on offer in Johnson’s accession. His inaugural speech made much – remarkably, although largely ignored by commentators – of his hope that he could ‘defeat Jeremy Corbyn’.

Boris Johnson delivers his ‘victory’ speech

In spite of long years of incessant smears and appalling media bias, Corbyn is still the threat to ‘more of the same’ politics that right-wingers and liberals fear. They know that no matter how hard they smear, lie and misrepresent, when the country has a chance of a voice in a less-biased general election setting, they face oblivion.

The real choice for the country will hopefully come in the next few months as – whether via Brexit-induced no-confidence vote or Johnson arrogance as he believes the inevitable new leader polling bump means the country wants him – that new general election arrives.

That choice will be whether to re-install Johnson (or whichever latest hydra-head leader is in place at the time) – or to elect a Prime Minister who will create a decent life for all of us, not just the mirage of a chance of one.

One Jeremy Corbyn who, along with his party, is the only hope of release for the millions in this country suffering poverty, fear and all the miserable consequences of Tory predations and callousness.

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  1. Great profile to campaign against….. All the attributes of an Etonian bulingon boy,Clown appearence,Liar serial philanderer,trump lover,racist,what more can we ask for….bring on the GE!

    1. When will that take place? Until then he can do untold damage to the country.

      1. Can he? With no majority. 1/2 of his party don’t like him so infighting galore. Confidence and supply agreement is definitely wobbly and no chance over Brexit.

        We just have a UK trump so grand pronouncements and can do bugger all. No honeymoon period, universally hated in Europe I am getting in bulk popcorn because this will be good!

      2. Reply to Disabledgrandad
        I am sorry to say that Sabine is absolutely right – Boris is capable of inflicting untold damage on us at home and abroad between now and the next general election.
        I am genuinely scared that Trump could start a war with Iran or with somewhere else and Boris would bring us in behind him.
        I am worried about crashing out of the EU with no deal and the economic disaster which would result.
        I am concerned about how our old sick and vulnerable will fare under this Ultra Tory.
        I think it shows the true nature of grassroots Tories when two thirds of them would inflict such a man on this country.

  2. After weeks of steeling meself in preparation for that gormless, useless barsteward to become PM, I’ve just made tuna & sweetcorn filling for the bakey spuds I’m having for me tea…Think I’ll have cheesy beans instead, now. 🤢

  3. A combination of moral bankruptcy and ruthless ambition – great!! No wonder the EU is laughing

  4. And what was the Labour Party doing this week with an open goal in front of it?

    Meh! indeed. Bang! There goes another foot.

      1. Don’t be stupid, Allan. It’s really not compulsory. It’s not about ‘Corbyn’. It’s about brainless strategy – and the Palestinians.

        You bang on about the media narrative – as if we weren’t aware of it, and then don’t notice when the Party actually *assists* that narrative. (In this case – that Labour is irredeemably and institutionally antisemitic)

        If you listened to or read the output today, you would recognize the reinforcement of failure at a time when Johnson’s mouth is an open goal.

        Labour has been consistently treated as an enemy of the biased media. Nothing new.

        … except it is now treated as a derisory irrelevance as it agrees with the main Tory attack line.

      2. You are very good at twisting what people say RH, but you NEVER respond to awkward questions, do you! If the Establishment media control the narrative to a large extent – and THAT’s a VERY large extent – which they DO, then it doesn’t matter what the leadership and Jeremy say or do, because it will be twisted and misrepresented. Agreed? They’ve been doing it for the last four years in case you hadn’t noticed. So here’s just TWO questions which perhaps you could answer:

        1. What happened when Chris Williams was reinstated?

        2. What happened when the LP responded to and criticised the Panorama program?

        Make that THREE questions:

        3. Did ANY of the MSM pick up and relate any of the criticisms and points made by the LP in relation to the Panorama program – ie the doctored email etc? Did any of them draw attention to the fact that many of the ex-staffers held official positions in the JLM? (that’s TWO questions in ONE).

        JC and the LP are NOT ‘assisting’ the narrative, their hand is being forced every time by the plotters/smearers – including many so-called journalists – and there is NOTHING they can do about it. And THAT’s the reality which you choose to ignore. As Jonathan Cook said in relation to the Labour Party adopting the IHRA definition:

        Under pressure of these attacks [by the plotters and the MSM], Labour was forced to adopt a new and highly controversial definition of anti-semitism…..’

        But YOU just keep on pretending that you don’t get it. What a joke!

      3. PS And whilst you’re on here and monitoring the site eighteen hours a day, you COULD be putting a leaflet together exposing the lies and falsehoods about Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth and Stan Keable etc – AND the Panorama program – and relating precisely what they DID say etc, and running off hundreds of copies and putting them through peoples doors – ie doing something constructive instead of DESTRUCTIVE!

      4. “You are very good at twisting what people say”

        No – just reasonably good at cutting through contradictory bullshit that fails to grasp the original point.

        The answers to your questions all come down to the same point – the answer to which isn’t really very hard to grasp.

        I understand your distressed loyalty. But at this stage it’s just truth avoidance.

        So – let’s take the key question that you raise that exemplifies the basic misunderstanding and answers all the others. You state :

        “Under pressure of these attacks [by the plotters and the MSM], Labour was forced to adopt a new and highly controversial definition of anti-semitism…..’”

        Errr … No. The NEC *chose* to adopt the Israel Lobby’s chosen weapon of intellectual destruction.

        There was no gun to the head.

        There were alternative options.

        There was good legal analysis that it would be a disaster for free speech and the Palestinian cause.

        There was no ‘force’ employed – there was pressure to be resisted.

        It was the collaborator’s response, not that of the Resistance.

        … and this (in your eyes) pragmatism under pressure went well, didn’t it? Who has been proved right – the apologists for the IHRA confusions – or those of us who predicted its use as a tool of right-wing oppression?

        What’s the next principle to give up on? Privatisation of health services? A living wage? …

      5. P.S Allan –

        Have you noticed that Skwawkbox has felt compelled to disallow comments on the complaint against Hodge?

        No blame attached to thet decision – it just proves my point on the outcome of this sorry tale of moral cowardice. It wasn’t ‘forced’ by the MSM.

      6. Not being a football fan I’m not sure how commonplace the expression “missed an open goal” is.
        I do remember hearing it from the superfucktardocious twat Chris Leslie in 2017 though…

  5. Aw little Britons at last get to install their hero… posh but more ruthless version of Trump as PM.

    1. Is he posh ? Posh people generally have good manners. Boris Johnson seems like an over privileged vulgarian to me. What a man the Tories inflicted on us as PM- he is a total embarrassment.

      1. ” Posh people generally have good manners. ”

        No, people brought up to have good manners have good manners. It has nothing to do with being posh which are people brought up with a sense of entitlement… some also have good manners.

      2. Yes, I have found posh people to have good manners and charm, something they learn in their private schools, while they are working out how to ‘fleece’ you, (and the public purse).

      3. David I find the word blowjob…extremely vulgar and the picture 📷 you describe of Boris in a compromising position somewhat vomit inducing that is not condusive to a good nights sleeping.How can we ever climb the ladder whilst you undermine the champion of the conservative party.For the few not the peasants….tally ho!

      4. Sorry, Joseph ‘~’

        I’m a bit annoyed at myself actually… I meant to write “posh” not “push.”

  6. I haven’t read any assessment of the likelihood of Blowjob’s popularity crashing once he’s in the job.
    Seems to me that as PM he’ll have to put a serious face on and get tough – I wonder if that might not neutralise his Unique Selling Point?
    His popularity’s always been based on finding the humorous quip or quote and an air of fluffy harmlessness that deflects criticism and wins converts.
    His idea of handling a crisis to date has been to ignore it with a shrug and let the help deal with it – that won’t wash when the buck stops with him, Dog help us.

    1. Trouble is, sanity suggested that he would never make it to PM after the disaster of being Foreign Secretary on top of previous form for narcissistic clowning and dishonesty..

      … but the wisdom of crowds has rarely tended unambiguously towards sanity.

  7. Anyone else see Emily Maitlis holding Cleverly’s feet to the fire on Brexit/Johnson on Newsnight?
    Singed his chest hairs and all points south … 🙂


    To quote Boris from 2007
    “The extraordinary thing is that it looks as though he will now be in 10 Downing Street for three years, and without a mandate from the British people… Gordon Brown could appease public indignation over that, and secure the democratic mandate he needs, by asking the public to vote at once on him… Let’s have an election without delay.”

  9. Johnson is a dangerous man, not a bafoon or clown.

    Disgraced Patel (pro Israel fanatic) – Home Secretary, wonder how many terrorists she will nurture to fight proxy wars via illegal terror attacks on civilians in ‘target’ countries and bring home to roost as May did as HC?
    An ex banker (Deutsche bank), Javid as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Talk about putting foxes in the hen coup.

    1. “Johnson is a dangerous man, not a buffoon or clown.”

      Absolutely, Maria. This image is carefully cultivated – see Fintan O’Toole’s recent article in the Groan. It means that he doesn’t have to even pretend to truthfulness.

      … and a lot of the Whethefuckawee tribe – who form a significant part of the electorate – accept this as a jolly jape rather than the character flaw of an inveterate ego-maniac whose only living is from the sale of grandmothers.

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