The video Jeremy Corbyn must play to tomorrow’s PLP ambush

Right-wing Labour MPs planning attack on Corbyn over peers’ self-serving letter and his decision to sack Hayter. Benn’s rebuke to Roy Jenkins should open meeting
Tony Benn on BBC Question Time in 1986

Right-wing Labour MPs – who in 2016 tried to ‘destroy [Corbyn] as a man’ – are planning another attack during this week’s meeting of the ‘PLP’ (parliamentary Labour party) over a paid advert by 60-odd Blairite peers and Corbyn’s decision to sack Baroness Hayter for offence to Jewish staff over ‘Hitler’s bunker’ comments.

Such mobbing attacks, using whatever is to hand at that moment in a ‘captive audience’ setting, have been a regular feature of PLP meetings, followed by immediate briefings to media friendly to the Labour right to feed yet more smears and misrepresentations, as the right-wingers use the only tool they seem to know how to.

Coal miner’s son Johnny Pitchford found an old video of the late, great Tony Benn appearing on a 1986 Question Time programme and tweeted that it was a message to the ‘Blairites’ today:

Johnny Pitchford is right. There are millions of people groaning under the weight of Tory predations; millions in poverty – including over four million children; huge numbers of disabled or unemployed people harried and penalised with ever-increasing intensity; people struggling with mental health issues abandoned or brutalised by a system that ignores their needs.

Any MP ignoring the desperation of those millions in order to try to ‘take their party back’ needs to see this video – and if they cannot heed its message they should step aside to make room for those who will.

Corbyn should play this clip at the beginning of tomorrow’s meeting, to shame those who are capable of shame and to expose those who are not.

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  1. Never forget they would rather see a cheap and nasty Tory government than JC win power
    Now why are we useless at getting rid, where is our bad cop to do the shitty stuff,
    One thing now, dump JLM and LFI, replace with JVL,
    Call out BoD and Jewish toilet papers as Tory propagandists, it’s a fact 70% vote conservative, why are we entertaining them,
    Call out vexatious claims and get rid

    1. Nationwide the total Jewish vote for Labour amounts to approximately 27,000.

      1. My understanding is that 27,000 is roughly 10% of the total Jewish population – what the voting age population might be I don’t know – I know you’re not suggesting we abandon the Jewish vote but I’m not sure what point you’re making?

        On the article – shame kills Quislings almost as effectively as peashooters kill zombies.

      2. David McNiven at 3:07 pm

        I obviously had to make a number of assumptions to arrive at this figure but the last time I looked the UK Jewish population is c250,000 the polls indicated about 15% support Labour and I presumed that as in the general population roughly 60% are eligible to vote. The reason that these figures stuck in my mind was that I used them to work out what effect JC had, had on the Jewish vote At the time (last summer) we were continually being told that JC was responsible for the ‘collapse’ in the Jewish vote. Considering all the faux panic at the time I was surprised to see that since JC was elected we have according to the polls lost a whole 2000 votes from the Jewish community nationwide. Nobody is suggesting abandoning anyone, the thought never even occurred to me.

    2. The bad cops were expelled..George Galloway or even Derick Hatton would have the guts to abolish these treacherous organisations and supporters of extremism.We should move quickly or we will lose the momentum of a massive membership and we have nothing to lose by expelling the scum….I will repeate what I said before,We need lists of treacherous mps lords and councillors.We have nothing to lose ,thats the position we have reluctantly been forced to take……Expell all right wing and cancerous organisations connected to the labour party.first on the list …. L f I. …Labour first, Progress,….CO’op party,in fact the list is endless We might also have to watch momentum under Lansmans fiefdom,our enemy’s are many but our membership loyal and massive!

      1. I’m sure I read George Galloway is to stand against Watson in West Brom.
        George may have an ego “the size of an whole country” but he is a socialist and a political heavy weight, so if Watson gets re-selected (hope not) that will be an entertaining contest.
        But if Labour gets a decent socialist George should withdraw.

      2. Oh Joseph and re Lansman (bourgeois socialist – takes the power for himself) Momentum need telling, get a democratic process for selecting the Left NEC slate as the many will NOT vote for Lansman – they are sick of the emotional blackmail (vote these or Right get in and JC loses NEC majority) democratise or perish?

      3. Wrong on COOP, significant number Right but also Left including me who supports JC, COOP part of Labour history – I share your anger, I am fed up too but we need to be calm and rational. And we want ALL diverse working people to vote Labour on our policies!

  2. What a pity his son doesn’t and will never have the same quality’s as his great father

    1. Yes, I frequently remark that he has all of his father’s arrogance but non of his intelligence.

    1. But Benn junior is a consistent internationalist, he consistently voted to bomb our black and brown brothers and sisters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.
      A wealthy, middle class yuppie, crumbs for working people, from London representing a working class Nothern Constituency – deserves to be in the dustbin of history!

      1. Agree with you on a lot but not on the CO op party.Why a separate party!….Can be used to sabotage the Labour party and as such to some members and mps inside your party The Labour party are the enemy.Why should anyone have loyalty to another party,We have enough trouble with some of our own Labour mps without any help to sabotage Corbyn by a significant number within your party.Bazza..Come on Bazza we need you in the Labour party?We need a complete overhaul of the many attachments to our party after these outside affiliations have proved to be a breeding ground for revolt against the Labour party and Corbyn our Leader…..Sorry Bazza but we have an election to win and sabotage can’t be tolerated!

  3. Tony Benn as he always did hit the nail on the head and what he said applies as much now as it did then.
    He was an astute man, a genuine Socialist, a man of principle who was Jeremy Corbyn’s friend and mentor.
    For Tony’s sake I’m really glad he didn’t live to see his son Hilary leading the charge against Jeremy during the 2016 coup.
    It is sad that the name Benn is now associated with that undemocratic coup and all the malice and disgusting behaviour that went with it rather than honour and decency which defined Tony Benn.

    1. Must be something seriously wrong with the Benn family,, Tony should have spent more time showing his son and neice what loyalty and decency means when being a socialist…..I am sorry to say..very sad Legacy…. Back to entitlement and privilege in one generation.The main man,and plotter.War monger Benn…expell him!..and her!

      1. I think you mean granddaughter- Emily(?) Benn who verbally attacked Alex Salmond SNP for criticising Uncle Hilary’s despicable behaviour. She pointed out she knew her grandfather (Tony) and was insulted by Alex’s statement that Hilary’s behaviour would have Tony burling (spinning ) in his grave.(That would indicate to me that she didn’t know her grandfather very well. ) As far as I am aware has also been very vocal about her support for Uncle Hilary’s politics.
        Therefore it is very unlikely the name Benn will be of any assistance to her in our party which has returned to its Socialist roots so beloved by her late and in most Socialists views great Tony Benn.

  4. Cheering news. Having spent a couple of hours in Hillingdon this morning on the mass canvass aimed at unseating Johnson can feed back that there is a good deal of hostility towards the jackass. Didn’t hear anything about anti Semitism all Brexit.

    1. Well done jim..Brexit either side will not be terminal for Labour,when faced with the like of bullingden Boris,people who are not tory will go for Labour government and a civilized system of government.What we will not be forgotten will be the Label AS,and the right wing fanatics of the Labour PLP that tolerated a witch hunt against the whole party.We need to expell and the power lies in the CLPS to do the job with no mercy.

    2. He is vulnerable also because of Heathrow expansion and, it was reported today, HS2.

  5. You do realise that the peers vote of no confidence was only pulled so an MPs vote of no confidence carefully crafted around the handling of “anti-Semitism” can be tabled?

    (So quoted to differentiate between actual anti-Semitism and the “wrong type of Jew” nonsense Labour is having to put up with)

    1. “…so an MPs vote of no confidence carefully crafted around the handling of “anti-Semitism” can be tabled?”

      I wont bet against that. It just shows the levels of desperation of their right-wing Israeli handlers.

      Joseph OKEEFE 21/07/2019 at 3:30 pm:
      “We need lists of treacherous mps lords and councillors…”

      The above vote will provide a list of MPs. Regrettably, there is very little we can do about the lords (yes, with a small ‘l’), because theirs is an appointment for ‘life’.

    2. David….A vote put forward by a group of mps of no confidence in corbyn would vote carried or not a Quick expulsion from the Labour party I doubt that the scum would have the guts…..remember most of the scum traitors are followers not leaders.De selection or not they will be eternal optimists,delusional or not.Turkeys don’t vote for Xmass,just look at their TORY pals

    3. A vote of no confidence by say 150 peers or MPs has no constitutional authority. Jeremy was elected by 300,000 members and if 300 or so MPs and peers have no confidence in him – so what? I and the bulk of the membership have complete confidence in Jeremy. The MPs and peers have ONE VOTE each and their views are no more important and carry no more weight than mine or anybody else’s. The only difference between us is that we pay our monthly subs ( plus) into the party for no financial return while they receive salaries/attendance fees/ expenses and extras like newspaper and TV fees etc on the back of the party while tearing into the leader elected by the 3000,000 of us. They have some cheek. Time for a clear out.

      1. Sorry I meant 300,000 of us but maybe there will be 3,000,000 of us in the future.

      2. Just to clarify smartboy and others?What happened to the other two hundred thousand the Labour party membership at officially five hundred thousand,……I must have fallen asleep whilst they left?.What’s all the three hundred thousand youv Quoted about?……have they gone?…..panicking now?

  6. Would love it if someone would sneak a camera into the Corbyn/PLP meeting – lots of jabbering, frothy-mouthed, pointing, screeching, war-mongering MPs surrounding the very mild mannered Corbyn would show the country what a bunch of gobshites most of his MPs are. C’mon get that camera in there!!

    1. Yea Ged..but I still worry about the damage week after week of constant threat s and attacks against him personally..He’s the best but not Superman…Where are the loyal mps and can’t someone give them a lesson in manners,preferably with a closed fist for screeching?

    2. Perhaps in a spirit of openness and democracy it should be live streamed?
      A retired Leftie MP once said to a meeting of Labour members. “You should hear some Labour MPs and what they really think about you!”

      1. Bazza when I was first elected a councillor,I was sat in the members room being given advice on how to be a good councillor,One Labour councillor said :you will soon learn the public are idiots:They all laughed,and said they wouldn’t have voted for us if they had a brain between their ears!Well that was a long time ago 20years ago but I still wonder! your comments for me are very thought provoking?

  7. Let us hope that , in the interests of transparency , a decision to release ” verbatim ” reporting of PLP meetings are released to the members . Surely this is reasonable !

  8. I note the PLP meeting is this evening. Plenty of time for the bully brigade to get tanked (I mean revved/charged) up before for some ‘dutch courage’ and tongue loosening.

    Why do these PLP bullying sessions remind me of bear baiting? We all know the morals and characters of baiters…

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