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‘Mainstream’ Labour MP calls for end to petty attacks on Corbyn, demands unity to fight Tories

Powell condemns ‘deeply unhelpful and divisive’ peers, calls for focus on defeating Tories

Manchester Labour MP Lucy Powell is what the Labour right would call a ‘mainstream’ MP – yet she has stood out against the latest centrist manoeuvres against party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Powell took to Twitter to condemn a proposed no-confidence vote attempt by Blairite peers as ‘a deeply unhelpful and divisive move’ – and called for all Labour representatives to focus their attention on defeating whichever of Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt is voted in next week by a relative handful of Tory members:


Lucy Powell’s message to divisive MPs is spot on. She should be commended for it – it takes considerable courage to go against the flow and stand against the mob.

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    1. Sabine.common sense is a novelty for powel,She’s having a pannick attack worrying about finding a job!……She’s down for the chop and she’s been advised to abandon the current chicken coup and look like a loyal mp instead of the conniving parasite she his .She has consistently voted for trashing and stigmatizing the most vulnerable people in the country. Get rid?

    1. Quite correct, the toffee, danger of deselection is the sole reason for Powell’s out of character comment, nothing more.

      1. You are probably right.

        She has a track record of duplicity, most notably on Trident, and is not to be trusted.

  1. Steve, is “by a relative handful of Labour members” meant to read “by a relative handful of Conservative members?”

  2. ”In the week when all our attention facing outwards at a new tory PM…

    What about all the other weeks, when kids have been routing through bins at school for something to alleviate their hunger pangs?

    Or the weeks where disabled and unemployed have been driven to suicide by the pernicious and draconian DWP/WCA measures, UC and other welfare matters that’ve left people destitute?

    Or the weeks where people have waited over 24 hours for treatment at their local hospital, or been shipped miles away from home to receive treatment?

    Weeks when the crime level’s sky-rocketed?

    Nah, there’s gonna be a new PM for us to yell ‘Yah boo sucks!!’ at.

    THAT’S what’s important, eh?


    1. You really are listening to me, Toff. Points about policy and attacking the Tories. A welcome change from you. Let’s have everybody following suit now, and concentrate our efforts on attacking the Conservatives all the time.

      1. Oh please, don’t give yerself too many callouses with all your congratulatory (self) back-slapping.

        What I wrote above has been my message on here since 2013, amplified but distracted by all this a/s bullshit and brexit since they reared their ugly heads.

      2. You were right first time – callouses is the UK spelling.
        Ignore on line dictionaries – the internet just wants US English to become definitive.

      3. Didn’t use a dictionary/spellcheck – just one of those words I can never be sure of.

        Always thought ‘callus’ related to hardened skin/corns; callous to tory policy. Can’t think of any other examples off hand but I’ll no doubt ‘correct’ meself again in future.

        (Memo to self – think of a mnemonic to remember the UK spelling)

    2. So, so, true, The Toffee (597)!
      If all MP’s actually started to do the jobs they are paid so very handsomely for, there might actually be something done to alleviate so much suffering – unfortunately, far too many MP’s have used Brexit to escape actually doing anything to earn their huge pay packets!
      It’s a pity they won’t put their money where their mouths are – and make the lives of millions of people a little better!

      1. ‘unfortunately, far too many MP’s have used Brexit to escape actually doing anything to earn their huge pay packets!’

        Spot-on katythenightowl.

        And the finger points squarely at those in parliament/govt who refuse to accept what people voted for, and have since obfuscated and obsessed with brexit instead of getting on with it and

        If they didn’t like it, they wouldn’t have allowed the bloody referendum in the first place – especially the moribund/balls ticket who totally bollocksed up with their ‘austerity lite’ and handed the toerags – the only party offering a referendum – the victory.

        That led to labour going towards the left and electing Corbyn.

        Well now, the careerists didn’t like THAT (Still don’t!) and decided instead to attack (Still do) by nefarious means, another democratically arrived at decision – rather than oppose the Govt who they gave an almost free hand to for the first two years at least (2015-17).

        We know who they are. THEY know we know who they are. They are quite content to see people suffering as long as they’re safe in their employ; no matter if they are in permanent opposition.

        Well it’s not good enough. They MUST be removed, by hook or by crook. It’s THEY who are the skivers and the scroungers.

  3. I am pleased Lucy Powell has spoken out against the proposed meaningless and unconstitutional vote of no confidence. If she is joined by others it might stop these peers making even bigger asses of themselves than usual – there is nothing more pathetic than yesterdays man and women trying to grab attention to show us all how important they are.

    1. Powell in a panicking…..worried about being thrown out and having to look for a proper job! What about Chris Williamson and his job,his family SQuawky wrong with this advice conniving parasite!powell is.We get a coward and we forgive.No way jose,we deselect and move on.We have to show no mercy or we are going to be back again next year still looking for a Labour government!

    2. Smarboy…..And you normly are!…….This time you have missed the reasons she’s swopping horses!,.Lucy Powell has always done what’s best for Lucy.She has always been a classical follow the mob.This time she’s in a pannick regarding her seat and the lack of supporters at constituency level.She’s a known anti corbyn and anti socialist.She does not belong inside the Labour party.She like many others will destroy Labour in government if they are given a chance…. She deserves de selection like all the rest…….Rats on a sinking ship

    3. “the proposed meaningless and unconstitutional vote of no confidence”

      Thing is, Smartboy, it isn’t the ‘meaningless’ that is the point. It’s a publicity stunt – and, with the media in the state that it is, such stunts have an effect.

  4. As they say ‘A wise man (and presumably a wise woman) forgives but never forgets’. I’m glad Lucy Powell has stood out against the crowd but I shall not forget the pretty long list of times when she has been part of the leading edge.

  5. She was one of the centrists on that documentary about the 2017 general election I think. The one that made Stephen Kinnock look incredibly stupid. Still, she’s right with this tweet

    1. Whats a centrist bay Whitaker?….Their are socialist and Treacherous scum.Powell is the latter!..

    2. ‘The one that made Stephen Kinnock look incredibly stupid.’

      stephen kinnock makes stephen kinnock look incredibly stupid whenever he appears on my screen… Or anyone’s screen for that matter

      Are you sure you don’t mean powell made him look (almost) intelligent?

  6. What a comical article. SkwaWkbox, you spend nearly all your time with attacks on Watson. Bit hypocritical, what!?

    1. Joe are you the guy john Reid spent the weekend with,always thought you might be right wing?………Own up joe

    1. Yes saw Steve Bell cartoons on Facebook and were brilliant! You could probably find then by Googling Steve Bell BANNED by Guardian cartoons ‘Tom Watson the AS Witchfinder General’
      Oh re LP perhaps self-interest and thinking of re-selection so don’t be fooled!
      And we socialists are fighting the Tories daily desipite the nuisance of the Right in Labour – the timid (frightened of being radical), generally poorly read, self interest for some such as MPs, devoid of ideas, childishly enjoying fighting the Left (and condemning millions to poverty) you could almost pity them if it wasn’t for the fact it could be argued that they work to try to hold back progress.
      But theoretically what’s going on?
      Birch et al (2010) ‘The Rise and Fall of Neo-Liberalism’ argue that Neo Liberal Capitalism needs to continually expand for profit maximisation to survive, it has exhausted profits from shifting manufacturing capital to developing countries (in search of cheap labour) so now it throws its lot in with finance capital and inwards by privatising the public sector by country so this is why Corbyn Labour members and the Labour Leadership are being attacked by the coalition of Pro Neo- Liberal capitalist forces – the Tories, the Pro Neo-Liberal capitalistic media (including the Liberal Guardian and possibly BBC) and Right Wing Labour MPs, so vehemently!
      So standing by JC could mean the transformation of the UK but also could help in the transformation of the World; it is that important. Solidarity!

    2. I too was wondering what was going on when didn’t appear Wed and then Thurs.

      If things follow the same path as happened the last time a cartoon of his was pulled by the Guardian (also featuring Netanyahu), the cartoon will soon surface elsewhere. Jonathan Cook’s site will be worth monitoring, for one.

      Risible, contemptible Guardian!

  7. Powell needs to be deselected. Her lukewarm comment is said to fend off attempts to get rid of her!

  8. For .a short period all MPs can be suddenly and temporary loyal. This MP in my book is an opponent. If we have any lessons to learn it is surely necessary to go in early and hard and take the pain. Although of course it is for only that CLP to decide.

    I am pretty sure that when this period is over and almost the whole batch of MPs are back we will regret not having taken this rare chance.

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