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Peers’ no-confidence vote called off

Pressure from other moderate peers and MPs leads to climb-down

A planned vote of no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by right-wing Labour peers has been cancelled, after pressure from more genuinely ‘moderate’ peers and MPs to abandon the ill-advised plan condemned this week as “petty” and “unhelpful and divisive” by ‘mainstream’ MP Lucy Powell.

A vote in support of sacked peer Dianne Hayter may still be debated.


After predictably making the intended vote a huge part of their coverage, it’s will be interesting to see whether the Establishment media will feature its abandonment so prominently, or at all.

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  1. The MSM got over excited at the thought of something else to bash Corbyn with and lost sight of the fact that only a minority of Labour Peers signed their ridiculous advert.

    1. The views of a bunch of yesterdays men and women milking the taxpayer to the tune of around £5000 each per month is matter of indifference to me and approx 300,000 others.
      I am glad they realised their irrelevance in time and just stopped short of making complete asses of themselves.
      Over 60 of them have already shown what nasty arrogant fools they are by paying the Guardian £18,000 to place an advert ripping Jeremy Corbyn’s character to pieces .As another poster on this site pointed out – are they so stupid that they don’t realise that the Guardian is happy to rip Jeremy’s character to pieces for nothing .
      Roll on a Labour Government and the abolition of this anachronism that is the House of Lords. They are neither use nor ornament as my old gran used to say. Time we stopped subsidising their luxury lifestyles and pandering to their massive egos. They have no place in 21 century austerity Britain – time for them to go

      1. Smartboy my state pension is 670pounds per month for myself and my wife(a waspi)to exist on.We need to get real,there drinks bill for each of them would probably be higher than my pension.?We need to abolish this parasitical entity and the beifits these treacherous scrounging Lords live of…………We cannot reform such a monstrosity of the Establishment.

      2. I agree with you. It is absolutely disgusting that when ordinary decent people are barely getting by these people are living the high life on the backs of the tax payer.
        There are loads of programmes about benefits and benefit cheats. If the TV channels really wanted to do a programme about milking the system the best place for them to go would be Westminister which houses vast numbers of professional scroungers.

  2. Bet they all got frightened by Labour Councillors petition which is huge; One from Unions & Affiliates and the other one from Joe Bloggs. Massive support for Jeremy Corbyn. They’d have lost big time. Such cowardly act.

    Irony of Ironies: Margaret Hodge, Jess Phillips, Wes Streeting telling us all to vote for 4 American women being told to go home by Trump. Illhan is supporter of Palestinian Rights. I just love their hypocrisy and ignorance. Moronic lot.

    1. How would they have wanted Dianne Hayter dealt with if she was one of Jeremy’s associates?

    1. Is that being sold to the MSM and toilet papers, least will get back is their refusal to publish, win win
      There are times still feel like I’m going nuts but then something like this comes along and all is good with party, members and supporters,

  3. Hi Steve Just got your exclusive on the ships but the link doesn’t work and it’s not on your feed – Tried to dm you didn’t know if you’d see the message so putting it here fyi

    Excl: ‘British ship seized by Iran “NOT ‘British flagged’ – and had left international waters’
    Senior sources insist vessel flying ‘flag of convenience’ and not ‘Red Duster’ – and was in Iranian waters

    UK and international media are reporting that a ‘British-flagged’ vessel has been seized by Iran in retaliation for the UK’s seizure of an Iranian ship off Gibraltar earlier this month.
    However, senior sources close to the UK government’s handling of the matter have told the SKWAWKBOX that the vessel – the Stena Impero – is in fact flying a flag of convenience, although there are UK interests in it.

    1. Good stuff Liz, the rich and powerful trying to tell us that the Iranian working people are our enemies, though working people of no countries are our enemy.
      I have no time for Iran’s Theocratic Dictatorship but perhaps the Right Wing Barbarians of the World like Trump and the Tories here want to boost the profits of the military industrial complex.
      A decent and rational PM like Peacemaker Jeremy Corbyn could sort this out by talking to Iran and calming things down.
      Working people we no longer need the waste of UK soldiers lives and the misery of their families and equally for our declared enemies familes; divetse working people of the World we can end Right Wing Barbarianism, and promote international peace and co-operation.

      1. Not so good he was told to take it down please don’t share it I’ve tried to delete it but can’t best not repeat it in case there’s a problem

      2. Whatever the actualities of this situation my general point about diverse working people of all countries (not their often vile Govts) are not or enemies still stands like a meteor!
        Working people in Iran need to rise up and create a left wing democatic socialist society as every country should too! Solidarity!

      3. “Working people in Iran need to rise up and create a left wing democatic socialist society as every country should too! Solidarity!”

        How about that happens in UK, your country. That’s where you need to put your efforts.

        How about UK and its allies stop interfering in Iran and provoking it, so it doesn’t have to be so defensive. UK has a long history of terrorizing Iran and overturning democracy there even installing a vicious, murderous true dictator who sold out to UK/US et al. Constantly being a threat to Iran just puts people powered progress backwards. Citizens need to be safe and secure from attack first and foremost.
        When did Iran ever attack UK or overthrow a UK Gov?

      1. Left wing democtratic socialism in every country of the World includes the UK and perhaps we have a pivotal
        role to play as the 5th richest country in the World but I consistently fight for working people in the UK and every country.

      2. “Left wing democtratic socialism in every country of the World includes the UK and perhaps we have a pivotal
        role to play as the 5th richest country in the World…”

        UK has been one of the richest countries in the world for centuries, even the richest and has played a pivotal role for those centuries… what empowerment did it ever bring to local populations beyond the tiny few who were/are de facto collaborators in looting their own countries and impoverishing (even exterminating) most of the population for personal gain?

        I have no doubt you are a solid and hard worker for ‘democratic socialism’ in UK. Struggles in other countries do need support but in the end I believe it’s up to the domestic population how they do this.
        The biggest support I think we can give to struggles abroad is get our regimes and systems under democratic control and fully accountable to UK citizens…

      3. Maria, even though we’re dissenters in our war-mongering imperialist nation, I don’t think we’re absolved of responsibility for the effects of our history or of the neoliberalism the UK exported – and I think we’re obliged to support socialists of the world in their struggles however we can.
        We’re all ‘the many’.

      4. David McNiven,
        I said I think we should support Socialist or other movements that are fighting for improving the lives of the masses in their countries, I also think we should defend those under attack from external forces, terror factions and deadly crippling sanctions. To relieve you all of a long, poorly worded screed I will just post a link to a video of someone who speaks far better than I ever could.
        I’m with Dan Glazebrook in this interview @13.08 approx.

        Choosing who is ‘worthy’ or ‘unworthy’ of support when millions are suffering and being murdered by ‘us’ and/or our allies and terror proxies is not my bag.

  4. Labour should sack all those who signed the letter and paid for that bloody ad.
    Then bring in/create if possible a 100 (or however many needed) Socialist Senators (who will wear red bibs with this on, not blody ermine) as will refer to themselves as Socialist Senators (as a nod to the fact that Abolition is coming for the Lords – the whole bloody lot of them, to be replaced by elected Senators) and plenty of grassroots activists around the country are ready to serve the Corby project against Neo–Liberal Capitalism and its lackies!
    Their job would be to support JC in the 2nd Rump Fed House as well as getting out in their areas to campaign on things like Anti-Racism!
    To the tune of Oliver’s Army:
    ‘Jeremy’s Army is on its way.
    Jeremy’s Army is here to stay.
    And we would rather have Labour in.
    Than the Tories any day!”
    All together now!

  5. The Lords as a “revising chamber” – and the Monarchy as a quaint, self-funding tourist attraction – are a fucking joke.
    Their purpose is to make sure government never gets too big for its boots and challenges the hegemony of the old order.
    The existence of an “upper chamber” seeds the belief in the plebs that the “lower chamber” needs supervision – a higher authority to pull the plug if it should ever debate the need for monarch or aristocracy.

    Sack them all.

    1. There are a couple of things in there that I do not agree with.

      Lots of countries get compared to the Nazis. President Truman, for example, expressed worries about the FBI. He said he did not want it to become an ‘American Gestapo’.

  6. Our brave & courageous leader has sold his soul & abandoned the Palestinian people. By adopting & now endorsing the IHRA definition he has accepted that you should not criticise Israel & by stating that Israel is a racist endeavour does make me an anti-Semite, along with many other traditional Labour Party supporters. I believe that this declaration contravenes my Right to Freedom of Speech, Article 10, but Labour now completely pro-Zionist & I thought Blair was bad.

    1. It does in fact say the following Steve

      ‘That does not mean limiting legitimate criticism of the Israeli state or its policies or diluting support for the Palestinian people’s struggle for justice, their own state, and the rights of refugees and their descendants. The impact that the creation of Israel had and still has on the Palestinian people means the struggle for justice for them and an end to their dispossession is a noble one; Labour supports Palestinian statehood and a two-state solution to the conflict.’

      As for adopting the IHRA definition, they were as good as blackmailed in to doing so, because to have NOT done so would have been incontrovertable proof that JC and the left are anti-semites, as the smearers/plotters made crystal clear at the time. Yes, I know we’ve got there anyway, but as I keep saying, it’s a no-win situation AND only WE at the grass roots level can get the truth out there – ie putting leaflets together and putting them through doors exposing the falsehoods about Ken and Jackie and Marc and Chris etc by explaining what actually happened and what they actually said.

      1. Regarding the adoption of the IHRA definition of anti-semitism, Jonathan Cook put it like this:

        ‘The political and media establishments quickly learnt that they could recharacterise his support for the Palestinians and criticism of Israel as anti-semitism. He was soon being presented as a leader happy to preside over an “institutionally” anti-semitic party.

        Under pressure of these attacks, Labour was forced to adopt a new and highly controversial definition of anti-semitism…..’



        Jonathan gets it and, as such, understands precisely why Labour had no choice other than to adopt the definition, but then I have little doubt that HE – Jonathan – was following the narrative being churned out at the time for weeks on end by the plotters and the fascist-controlled MSM, as I was myself to a degree, and the ‘pressure’ was relentless. And deliberately so!

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