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MP blasts media for misrepresenting decision to stand down

Whole ‘MSM’ estate castigated for falling over itself to claim ‘intolerance’ was reason for de Piero’s decision
Castigating media: Gloria de Piero

Labour MP Gloria de Piero has attacked the ‘mainstream’ media for its misrepresentation of the reasons for her decision to step down from Labour’s front bench and not to stand at the next general election.

Ms de Piero announced her decision yesterday.

The ‘MSM’ uniformly rushed, with remarkable consistency, to claim she was standing down because of ‘intolerance’ in the Labour Party:

But this claim was entirely inaccurate – as Ms de Piero pointed out personally:

Very few of the media have yet issued a correction.


The media clearly couldn’t contain their over-eagerness to seize on an MP’s decision for personal reasons to stand down – and it resulted in wholesale fake news. Gloria de Piero didn’t say anything negative about the Labour leadership or mention antisemitism – yet many media outlets immediately claimed her departure was not only because of ‘intolerance’ ‘because of antisemitism’.

Yet again, the ‘MSM’ mislead the British public and most are not even professional enough to correct when they are found out. Well done to Gloria de Piero for correcting the record so promptly and clearly.

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  1. The MSM is growing as a Lie Machine.
    Perhaps as capital has exhausted cheap labour profits by exporting manufacturing, its last resort to maintain profits via finance capital is to move inwards by country to privatise the public sector.
    John McDonnel good today re ending Council outsourcing and bringing services back in-house.
    Funny Neo-Liberal Capitalist captured ideologues from CBI called this “Labour dogma” this also spoke the Neo-Liberal Capitalist LEGAL thieves!
    X & Solidarity!

    1. Sensible approach. Kudos.

      I hope this link is seen by those who wish to read the transcript to make their own minds up.

      1. Yes Maria, I’ve now read Gloria’s excellent speech and I agree that MSM have completely misrepresented what she said by using out of context and selective quotes. Unfortunately I didn’t see this transcript when I searched for info after hearing the announcement on BBC R4 Today.

    2. Gloria di Piero, for me, quite close to home. I liked what she had to say about her position re Brexit, was dismayed, recently, that she signed something I thought she shouldn’t have, (can’t even remember what), always thought of her as someone who leans towards integrity and decency and very glad that she expressed her concerns about tolerance, whilst putting the MSM in its place. Thanks for the link Labresbisgalloise

    3. Her choice of parliamentary friends and leadership candidates show her to be no friend of the left.
      Her speech suggests to me she expected deselection and chose to jump instead.
      She could have done like the others and complained to the MSM of bullying but that only impresses the MSM – it wouldn’t have changed any members’ minds – rather it would have increased their determination to dump her.
      On the other hand by thanking, praising and wishing her local supporters well there’s a decent chance they’ll plead with her to change her mind – if she ‘reluctantly’ agrees they’ll feel honour bound to work 24/7 to change the minds of those activists who want to deselect her.
      I don’t see what other strategy she could have used.

  2. If the mp had a brain she would have been more cautious with criticism of some of the members and the public and learnt nothing. She worked amongst the media for years and learnt nothing.She has worked in the political arena for nearly 10years and learnt nothing ..She has rubbished the Labour party and the leadership and learnt nothing.We have learnt from her and the rest of her right wing mps and her media pals……Shut the door when leaving please!

    1. In this climate the media will twist anything anyone says. Therefore I do not consider that criticism to be fair. I do have a criticism of my own though, where was Gloria when the rabble, the mob were being smeared as trots, antisemites and entryists?

      Or should we only shed tears when those criticised are on the Akehurst wing of the party?


  3. Was she the one who set the hares running in 2016 by tweeting about Corbyn’s having liked an anti capitalist mural back in the day?

    1. Yes bay spot on,some are begining to realise that warm words and a ,lovely smile hide the face of a viper!…..Hated corbyn and socialism from the off,……Deselection was on the cards,but she had already damaged the chances of any other Labour party candidate being elected in a solid Labour seat.Very much the case in Bolton were another knight of the realm Sir David causby has failed to impress anyone with is gong and has damaged the chances for Labour in a former rock solid Labour area!…….blairites have more than Iraq to answer for.

  4. Not sorry to see her go to be honest, I mean she voted for Liz Kendal and then later Owen Smith, but at least she wsn’t like Margret Hodge and other embittered Blairites constantly attacking the leadership.

    1. I have lumped poor gloria with the blairite ticket,but to be acurate she only energy from the glitterati loveys quite a while after Bliar was on the retreat looking for promotional event’s to boost his coffers!But she has always been q right wing follower……too stupid to be a plotter and just good at talking and very good at self promotions..She has probably lined up a job with the TV somwhere in London. Salfords a bit down market for this social networking climber!…..hoping she doesn’t try to ease herself
      Back in

    1. John BOLTON my home 55yrs ago I still visit relatives etc ,and I still have the accent despite living abroad and home counties most of my life..I read the Bolton news and speak to locals. Labour town dominated for many years by a local Labour fiefdom right wing and corruption rife ,so my brothers and sisters tell me.The council have just been hijacked by independent fascist,propping up the first Tory council for 60years.Although the Tory minority council are smaller than Labour the independent councillors and Libs voted for a Tory run council not a coalition which the voters thought they had voted for.Basically the electors were hoodwinked by the fraudulent claims of the independent torys and backed by libs.Now the points are will this transfer over to the general election or will the electors of BOLTON feel they were duped,and what can we do regarding the right wing fanatics destroying our support locally through smug Labour councillors localy ?…no Swearing please…Its Sunday……we all need a rest occasionally

      1. Interesting local context JO. For Ashfield, neighbouring Mansfield might provide a clue as to why there has been an emergence of an ‘independent’ group – cf. Mansfield Independent Forum. With such examples of an emergence of ‘independents’ I guess there are always locally specific reasons but it’s probably safe to say that in all cases they are symptoms that the local Labour Party isn’t functioning well. I wonder what Gloria has to say about that?

  5. The Observer’s reports of Hilary Armstrong today are well worth a read.

    If you want to see hypocrisy at its most egregious, the Groan nexus is a shining example “Our reporting can change the story” – read and laugh uproariously (it’s better than weeping) at the sheer ineptitude of the propaganda.

    Read and think ‘Jackie Walker and Chris Williamson’. Think ‘And when was the last Palestine atrocity reported?’

    The only satisfaction to be had at present is that the Lobby is overplaying the scam so hypocritically, ineptly and absurdly that only dimwits will be fooled.

      1. Reminds me of Pretoria were all white children of puberty age were taken for Bible study and bushcraft.Such as how to track communist infiltraitors through the bush and dispatch them!…..Communist meant local,native ANC,,…Did they get these ideas from PWBothas boys whilst Israeli and British American scientists were helping the SAfrican government develop nuclear weapons at the Pilandaba nucor kerncor facilities North of Pretoria……propaganda for children same idea different country?I see remarkable similarity in chidrens education today in Britain?

    1. Yes, and it put her resignation in that article even though there is no connection. It had earlier been reported that that was Brexit motivated but they implied it was anti-Semitism related by putting it in that article.

  6. Pffft!

    She can’t even salute properly (See photo). And I don’t really care how the MSM report on de piero’s departure; I just wish more like her would ‘do the Frank’ (Bough).

    Hopefully a suitable, socialist replacement’ will be found shortly. Then we’ll see the likes of the s*n and the JC throwing a wobbly and trying to dig up any dirt.

  7. The old adage about standing in a hot kitchen, rings true with said lady!
    If you’ve got to go go now.
    The TRUTH will free you!
    Or in her case maybe not!

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