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‘Moderates’ turn on mainstream MP for standing against ‘petty, unhelpful and divisive’ Blairite tactics

Outraged so-called ‘moderates’ attack Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell’s integrity
Lucy Powell

Immoderate so-called ‘moderates’ have turned on Manchester MP Lucy Powell – whom they would usually term a ‘mainstream’ MP in their latest parlance – for daring to describe their tactics as ‘unhelpful and divisive’. The MP made the comment yesterday on Twitter.

While many rallied to Ms Powell and praised her bravery in condemning the tactics of a group of Blairite peers who published a paid advertisement in the Guardian to attack Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a string of ‘centrists’ turned their fire on her.

Most prominent among them was columnist Nick Cohen – frequently accused of writing variations of the same anti-Corbyn column every week – who made the issue extremely personal:

Ms Powell made a strong response to Cohen’s insult – and pointed out how Cohen’s behaviour typified an intrinsic problems in the current narrative:


Bravo again to Ms Powell for swimming against the current tide and helping to expose the cynicism of Corbyn’s latest attackers. But her exchange with Cohen and the general response of centrists to her frank comment highlights some of the distortion of meaning and sense that has been created by the Establishment’s desperation to ‘get Corbyn’.

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  1. I wouldnt call Nick Cohen a ‘moderate’ by any means. He’s a war hawk through and through. I can imagine we gets a lob on at the sight of bombs raining down on people.

      1. He’s an armchair general whos probably scared to use a stapler incase he gets a boo boo.

      2. No, the truth is much simpler.

        Nick Cohen is a consummate arsehole.

  2. Some of the comments on yesterday’s article about Lucy weren’t very kind.

  3. Steve H ,……Nice that you show sympathy for powell,but you know that she was always on the attacks against Corbyn and positively revelled in the AS fit up on chris Williamson.She knows the attacks are now putting her job in jepordey .I was one of those not very kind people and
    called her parasite and a traitor.I You must be suffering from a memory lapse .if you can’t see what scum like her have supported in the past.Your comments are unhelpful to be kind!

    1. Well said, Joseph OKEEFE. SteveH is just a cynical Right Wing Troll, so his evident sympathy for that long term proven Right wing anti Jeremy Corbyn plotter, Blairite, Lucy Powell , can simply be discounted as distracting opportunist “white noise”. As many of us correctly said yesterday, the mere fact that Powell has momentarily broken ranks with her rabidly anti Left/anti Corbyn pals is just a testament to how scared so many of the regular saboteur fifth column in the PLP are of being deselected (and losing their gravy train jobs for life).

      They , including Powell, need to be deselected ASAP, or even if a Corbyn Labour government was elected, she, and all of her careerist ilk, would immediately stab us in the back. Deny that fact as much as you like, ever tiresome, SteveH troll. “Kindness” to proven treacherous class enemies in our ranks ( including not deselecting them just because they are temporarily pregnant !) is the hallmark of gullible fools .

      1. “. SteveH is just a cynical Right Wing Troll,”

        jpenny – the Watson of the Toytown left. Join the two halves together and you have the perfect repository for the mouthy politics of idiocy that likes talking to itself in a corner of an echoing darkened room.

        One of the best electoral assets the Tories have!

  4. perlease! Powell is one of the arsehole chicken coup… she currently finds herself one of the few that ain’t crying for a “peoplesvote” she also knows deselections are coming… so she’s now sailing close to the wind in the hope she changes opinions… and save her own arse! another example of chickens coming home to roost another self serving politician…. don’t fall for any “we should be fighting the tories” we’ve all been doing that! she sided with the scum.. and is directly responsible for labour not being in gvmnt right now!

  5. Wasn’t there an experiment done where rats when in mortal danger, will turn on each other?

    They object to being compared to rats, but if rats could speak they’d complain about being compared to ‘moderate’ labour members/supporters/MP’s

    And they’d have a point.

  6. The issue for me regardless of who the MP is , is that if they are a CO_op party member then they cannot be loyal to 2 masters . Either they are a Labour MP through and through and loyal to the Party and it’s Leadership or they are not .
    I don’t understand why they find the need to want to belong to 2 Parties , is not being simply Labour good enough ?
    It is telling as far as I can see , that those MPs critical of JC are members of the Co-op party ( but not solely just those ) ,, happy to be corrected but from the small examples I’ve seen that is the case .
    In any case if a choice is between a socialist left wing candidate or a double Party MP for me it’s a no brainer , get rid and replace with one you can trust

  7. “…Establishment’s desperation to ‘get Corbyn’.”

    The Establishment is in a panic. How this right-wing economic neo-liberalism became mainstream and maintained its stranglehold on economic discourse for the past 40 years is amazing, given the shallowness of the arguments of it proponents, not to mention the actual disaster it is and has been since the rise of Thatcher/Reagan. Instead of responding rationally to it’s critics like Corbyn, it is just lashing out in the dark. It is also amazing how the UK electorate got duped by this shallow neo-liberal economics con (in all fairness to UK electorate, I should mention that most of western countries’ electorate also got duped).

    What is also spectacular is how they are failing to ‘get Corbyn’. Their tactics are so amateurish and predictable that you wonder whether these are the same ‘economic titans’ and self-styled masters of the universe who cast their spell over the global economy for the past 40-years, you will think ‘getting’ a mild mannered man like Corbyn will be a no-brainer. Imagine if they were up against a fire-brand like, say, Galloway.

    Someone once said in allusion to the fragile technology used in Concorde aircraft after it crashed: The amazing thing is not that it flew at the speed of sound, the amazing thing is that it ever flew at all! One can paraphrase this in relation to neo-liberal economics: the amazing thing is not that it was so embraced globally, the amazing thing is it was deemed an economic theory at all. When in actual fact it is a global Ponzi scheme.

    1. Good analysis of a fai?ing system that can be seen collapsing very soon.I look around the world and see the massive debt accumulation of ordinary working people and I see were the burden of the collapse will fall.Luxurys affordable…..but necessary essentials out of reach,housing,heaIth provision welfare of the working classes not available for the many.This phenomenon has built up in the west over 70years and as now spread even to the growing economy’s of Asia.The collapse Your words of the world pyrimid ponzi system has already started and even China a communist country that adopted the western economic system are in a massive slowdown.I spend a lot of time travelling around and see the massive debt China have accumulated by investing in the countrys in Asia and Africa and that is now being slowly withdrawn,even to the essential Belt Road plan to further expand the new empire state of china……your words of wisdom are terrifyingly accurate and the world are in for a massive shock that CANNOT be avoided.We desperately need world leaders like Jeremy Corbyn,old enough and wise enough to deal with the problems we have all to face up to very,very soon!…..?

  8. Please bring back Galloway and Ken Livingstone,Hatton as well and all the other martyrs for socialism and the decency of the working classes!

    1. Not going to happen. I am increasingly sure Williamson will be thrown under the PC and smear bus too.

      Galloway has moved on, apparently out of frustration, despite supporting Corbyn and his project more than most MPs and those so called Corbyn Labour supporters with access to establishment and corporate media.

      I am now wondering if LP has any red lines or grit? Many members are being let down in my opinion.

  9. Gloria De Piero: Labour MP quits as shadow justice minister

    Gloria De Piero said she had received online abuse from people wanting to overturn the result of the EU referendum
    Labour’s shadow justice minister Gloria De Piero has quit its front bench and decided not to stand at the next general election, saying she is worried about the party’s “lack of tolerance”.

      1. Maria 20/07/2019 at 6:34 pm

        “I haven’t read or seen BBC or any UK ‘MSM’”

        Oh come on Maria, it’s not wise to rely on a single source, is it. The article that I linked to contains a number of direct quotes from the speech she gave to her CLP on Friday. Yes, I too would have preferred to have a full transcript so that the quotes could be contextualised, maybe Gloria could release a full transcript of her speech then we can all make our own minds up.

      2. SteveH,

        I linked to a tweet by De Piero because I had come across it in which she denied the reason she was stepping down was ‘intolerance’.

        I am not in the least interested in her speech myself or the various interpretations of it. I am not interested in arguing about a speech I know nothing about and especially as De Piero is stepping down, so wont be a Labour MP after the next GE so wont be in a possible Labour Gov!

    1. Well she wasn’t the brightest star,she should have concentated on TV or somthimg she had a clue about,because she knew nothing about politics and was a typical Labour lovey from the past.Disloyalty but found that requires too much effort.Another chance for a socialist mp.Hope she hasn’t damaged labours chance too much?

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