Biggest CLP in UK says overwhelmingly: “Resign Watson – we stand with Jez and Jennie”

Hornsey and Wood Green Labour party in London votes for statement of solidarity with leadership – and says it has no confidence in Tom Watson even as an MP

Hornsey and Wood Green CLP (constituency Labour party) in London is the largest in the country by some distance. It has just voted overwhelmingly to approve a motion expressing:

  • members’ continuing ‘steadfast’ support in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership
  • its complete backing for Jennie Formby, Labour’s general secretary shamefully treated this week by notional deputy leader Tom Watson
  • recognition of ‘unparalleled’ media attacks on Corbyn
  • its lack of confidence in Watson to fulfil the role of MP, let alone of deputy leader
  • a call on CLPs with MPs undermining Corbyn to make full use of the impending ‘trigger ballot’ process to choose a new, genuine Labour MP

The full motion reads:

Right-click and select open in new tab to enlarge (PC) or pinch to scale (mobile devices)

So overwhelming was the majority among the CLP’s delegates in favour of the motion that the meeting didn’t even need to bother with a full count.


How long will it take Watson to get the message?

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  1. Didn’t Chris Williamson’s accusers justify their calls to withdraw the whip from him by saying it was because of ‘a pattern of behaviour’?

    In Chris Williamson’s case that statement was completely unjustified but in Watson’s case it applies in spades.

    Watson’s behaviour more than warrants his suspension and preferably his expulsion.

  2. Have just copied the motion off and will be presenting this to my CLP Sec for discussion and agreement at our next meeting , I hope that all socialist CLPs follow suit.
    Now is the time for membership to get out from behind the keyboard , me included and take action to support JC and the Leadership .

  3. The CLP in my area with a lightweight, carreerist Labour MP, is to discuss a vote of no confidence in Watson but funnily enough someone told me the Right Wing there keep stalling this being discussed!
    Democracy is a funny thing but with Watson’s bullying happening NOW to a Unite member perhaps emergency resolutions on this would be in order!
    Stand by Jez and Jenny!

    1. I think you’ll find the rulebook is with you, saying that a properly constructed motion has to be discussed as the next available meeting. In the case of my own CLP though they never happen because we are never quorate.

  4. Democracy has broken out in some CLPs,Hopefully it came be replicated across the country,and especially the traitors constituency.What’s the chance in the usual suspects constituencys.? Does anybody know on here.. Would love to hear !

    1. Mr Okeefe I am unlucky enough to live in the odious Hodge’s constituency. It is pretty tightly sewn up by the right (using the kind of tactics I am sure you are familiar with) . There are signs of discontent growing and there is an all members meeting coming up. Chances of succeeding with a similar motion are slim but let’s give it a go, even if the only positive outcome is to see Hodge go red in the face and stamp her foot,not an unusual occurrence.

      1. Jim thanks for the info.the more we know what the traitors are able to muster the better.Try to mobilise support and all turn up together.Decide amongst yourselves the best attack and don’t attempt a one man band confrontation.She has the best troops money can buy and will expect opposition.The old lady has form in rough house tactics,and a filthy mouth!….go get her jim!

  5. I agree with the motion in its entirety and I think the call for CLPs to invoke trigger ballots against anti Corbyn MPs is probably the most important part of it.This is not just spite or vindictiveness.
    If after the next election we are the largest party in another hung parliament or if we have only a small majority we could never be sure that certain of our MPs would vote with us . They could hold us to ransom and/or scupper our anti austerity programme. It is therefore essential that these MPs are deselected where possible- we won’t be able to do it in all cases because of local loyalties etc.
    There will no doubt be the usual “Stalinist Purge”accusations but we will just have to live with that. It is possible Labour may lose the seat as a result but the truth is we have lost it already if it is occupied by one of these Labour in Name Only MPs.

    1. ” trigger ballots against anti Corbyn MPs”

      Careful of what you wish for and your language in expressing it. It isn’t the individual who is important – it’s the Party, and those who deserve deselection are those who have worked to undermine the Party by promulgating lies and deception and cynically using an antagonistic media to their own ends. Hodge and Watson are obviously key examples That is not the same as being ‘anti-Corbyn’. Personality cults are never good news.

      It may seem a small difference, and the overlap may be huge, but it *is* a key difference in terms of clarity.

      In reverse – I guess most of us here were ‘anti-Blair’. But the core issue was about policy and the future of the Party, not the individual, even if we weren’t keen on him.

      1. Unfortunately most of the MPs we need to deselect are anti Corbyn and they are and have been prepared to sink to any depths to oust him. Many of them have little or no problem his policies- remember Owen Smith opened nearly every discussion with ” I agree with Jeremy”. He was backed by the vast majority of the PLP so clearly it was the man not the policies that were/are the issue for many MPs.
        If they cannot or will not accept the democratically elected leader of the party and consistently do their best to undermine him we have no alternative – they’ll have to go

      2. “most of the MPs we need to deselect are anti Corbyn”

        You are absolutely right. But the principle remains – in the end, the individual isn’t the issue. And the supposed ‘agreement with Jeremy’ trope was actually fakery for many.

        Obviously, the issue of leadership credibility raised its head in the Blair years – the difference is that, on the whole, members didn’t feed the enemy with the sort of dissent that we see now. But it wasn’t about ‘loyalty to the leader’ (a phrase that makes me cringe).It was about loyalty to the Party.

      3. RH, it’s you who keeps bringing it down to personalities.
        Corbyn’s supporters want the kind of socialism he and a few others kept alive while Blair and Brown, dazzled by neoliberal hype and their own hubris, tried and still try as hard as the Tories to kill it off.
        They and their acolytes still toe the Tory line that austerity for the many and tax cuts for the few are justified by wealth ‘created’ by the few ‘trickling down’ to the many – when the evidence clearly shows wealth flooding upwards from the many to the few in an ever-increasing torrent.
        I’ll ask again – who do you want to lead Labour instead of Corbyn?

      4. David –

        “… who do you want to lead Labour instead of Corbyn?”

        You draw the wrong implications. My point *is* the general one – it isn’t the individual that matters beyond the policies that they espouse and the skills that they possess. That’s all.

      5. PS to my last post – re. personal views : I would have signed the letter from 600 councillors that has emerged.

    2. Smartboy…..good analysis….We at least don’t have to worry about bad press or Tom tit turning up for another demolition job……We expect it on a weekly and daily basis……Even the gullible public are getting bored with it and Tom Tit.Over egging the pudding was always bound to backfire.I can see Israeli embassy demanding the 1 Million back .from funny tinge Ryan.Mannys going to be seething when they see Tom tit and the gang have run off with the swag……You couldn’t make it up,and the actings appalling!

  6. Om my God are you in for a surprise if there’s a GE. You can I hope guess how and why. The “B” word?

  7. More CLP’s to voice condemnation of watson, please.

    (And don’t be afraid to include others who’s behaviour has been opprobrious, go on, knock yerselves out! πŸ˜‰ )

    1. Toffee…opprobrious?…….have you swallowed a dictionary…..posh!

  8. Unless the Blairite cancer is cauterised & Socialism & the Class Struggle unites us all, there will be constant internal strife. The problem is the cancer is @ the top & in well established positions of power.

  9. Steve, it looks like there will always be internal strife.

    You’ve seen how Lexiters are absolutely fanatical, so much so that they are turning on genuine Socialists in the Party with venom, just because they disagree with an action which will make the poorest even poorer.

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