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Unelected peers plan no-confidence vote in twice-elected Labour leader. Thanks!

Vote has no force – and reaction of public to most of those posturing would be ‘who?’ But attempt will galvanise the real Labour grassroots

Unelected peers intend to attempt a no-confidence motion in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, as the Lords phase of ‘Project Anaconda’ continues.

The vote has no more force in Labour’s rules than the ill-judged ‘chicken coup’ vote of 2016 – and is even less relevant, as no peer can mount a leadership challenge.

The Lords’ contingent of the Labour Party is even more right-wing than its MPs, as it contains an array of Blairite relics ennobled by Blair or Brown – and they are well aware that Corbyn intends to abolish the unelected chamber under his government, so this is pure posturing and cynical self-interest.

It’s also a perfect demonstration of the cowardice and weakness of the so-called ‘centrists’. The only reason all this is being done by peers is that right-wing Labour MPs are terrified of democratic chickens coming home to roost in Labour’s ‘trigger ballot’ process when it opens shortly. That process will give members the opportunity to start deselecting MPs who are undermining the party and ignoring the needs of millions – including millions of children – in poverty and oppression for a Labour government, so those MPs are desperately hiding until it is over.

Where peers are unelected, Corbyn of course has an overwhelming democratic mandate, both as the twice-elected leader of the party and as the leader who took Labour to its biggest general election gain in over seventy years in 2017. This attempt by laughably-termed ‘moderates’ to trample democracy is what privilege and entitlement looks like in all its ugliness.

But those still trying to remove Corbyn are, as Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell memorably described them, “f***ing useless” as plotters. Each attempt to topple him has only strengthened him and galvanised Labour’s grassroots – and this latest self-important fiasco is likely to outperform all its predecessors in that regard.

So perhaps the most appropriate response should be: “Thanks, Lords and Ladies!”. Of course, this should ideally be said to them as they’re ushered out of the party, but abolishing their gravy train will do.

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  1. “These members agree a vote of no confidence in the unected, appointed and rump fed Labour Peers who have put together a no confidence motion in the Labour Leader.
    We further call for their immediate dismissal as Labour Perrs and removal from the Lords if possible, to be replaced by hard working grassroots left wing democratic socialists from around the country who will be prepared to serve and who will refuse to wear the archaic ermine.”

  2. Oh and our Socialist Peers would refer to themselves as Senators as a nod the fact that the abolishment of the Lords is coming to be replaced by an ELECTED second chamber.
    These Right Wing mainly Blairite Peers speak only for themselves but what about Conference policy!

    1. The laziness, stupidity or ignorance of Panodrama’s John Ware – to use Richardson and Rose as actors in his little play when they’d been exposed in The Lobby.
      I suppose it’s just about conceivable that he was unaware of the AlJazeera series when LFI asked him to direct their opus – but for Rose and Richardson to be so stage-struck as to put themselves forward for “bullied jew one” and “bullied Jew two” – when they had to know they were already busted – shows monumental hubris.

      I’d throw the self-important little weebles out of Equity just for that.
      Yeah, I’m talking to you, you little bitches.
      (Of course they read The SKWAWKBOX…)
      And yes I do mean every bit of the offence I’ve just given.

  3. Questions that need answering….

    *Kudos to Mike Sivier for putting it on his blog, please donate if you can to help him fight libel proceedings brought against him by ‘untypical looking jew, that thinks a brass band playing the hava nagila’ is akin to ‘Showing ”black panther” at a klan rally’ , rachel riley.

    1. Toffee,I wish Rachel Riley would stop taking the Pi55 of the Irish by using that name Riley.She wouldn’t have lasted 5minutes in the irish clubs I frequented as a young man in Lancashire..The only thing remotely Irish is the blarney she spouts…….absolutely racist troll!

  4. The Lords have started to believe their own publicity and think that the Labour party give a damm or the supporters.Some of the peers claim to be socialist ,,and some even claim to support Corbyn.,but I am beginning to see what some posters talk of education within the Labour party.The sheer audacity of this bunch of parasites(and I include any of corbyns appointments to the Lords)can only show that they are frightened halfwits …..drunkards or…….suffering from delusional behaviour,…..or possibly all three at the same time.We CANNOT reform that which of it’s very nature is the exact opposite of socialism and the Labour party!Abolish the Lords don’t tinker with it.!

    1. Joseph O’keefe 18/7/19 2:51 Just seen this :
      “” The Daily Politik
      12 hrs ·
      “Corbyn can resign to prove he’s not an antisemite” says Lord Winston, one of the signatories to yesterday’s Lord’s Coup ad. Maybe they could just try binding his hands and feet and throwing him in a lake… if he drowns he’s innocent. That was the medieval way when Lords ruled the roost. They seem to think they still do. “”

      An example of the ” experience, skill, and knowledge ” in the H.O.L. ?
      This is supposedly an “educated” man – if that’s the norm speaks volumes about the value of their attitudes .

      1. He then went on to say “”The trouble is you can be an antisemite without realising it.”

  5. So what if a few hundred members earning a fortune for attending the House of Lords have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn – Over 300000 of us do have confidence in him so they are well outnumbered. However they can rely on the MSM not to mention that fact. Instead there will be more headlines about Jeremy being under pressure.
    He won’t be of course. He has the support of the membership and has said he doesn’t feel pressurised -the people under pressure are those who can’t feed their children, are homeless or facing homelessness because they can’t pay the rent.
    However this proposed vote of no confidence bears out what several contributors to this site have already said – the PLP scared of deselection have kicked the ball upstairs to their anti Corbyn, for the few not the many colleagues who they hope will do their dirty work for them.
    In 2016 the PLP showed how vicious, malicious and completely stupid they are. By enlisting a bunch of yesterdays men and women, so called Labour grandees, to help them oust one of the greatest and most popular leaders we have ever had shows they learned nothing from the chicken coup and are as base now as they were then. Time for a clear out.

  6. As Baroness Hayter will remain in her elected post as Deputy Leader in the Lords it is difficult to see what this ‘sacking’ has achieved.

    1. Diane Hayter won’t be our whip in the Lords and wont be a member of our front bench following her sacking by Jeremy Corbyn.
      Obviously we have no say over who the Lords as a body elect as their deputy leader.If they chose to elect somebody who cheapens the horrors of the Nazi era in order to make equally cheap political points thats up to them. There is nothing we can do about except hope they find sufficient principle to remove her from the deputy leader post sooner rather than later.

      1. Just to clarify my comment above. She is the Deputy Leader of Labour in the House of Lords and she hasn’t been a Labour Whip since 2015

        On 22 June 2010, she was created a life peer as Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town, of Kentish Town in the London Borough of Camden, and was introduced in the House of Lords the same day.[4][5]
        She was a Whip from October 2011 to September 2015.
        She has been Shadow Spokesperson for a number of departments.
        She was elected Deputy leader of Labour in the Lords in June 2017.
        She is a member of Labour Friends of Israel.[6]
        In July 2019, she was sacked as Shadow Brexit Minister for making what Labour called “deeply offensive” remarks asserting that the party’s leadership was not open to external views and comparing them to being “in a bunker” like the “last days of Hitler”.

  7. Maybe someone atHQ will now suspend her ,tommorw will do to match the speed that chris Williamson was re suspended.Anyone who knows when chris will be back and ‘re instated?Surely after the last 2weeks their cannot be any reasonable doubt that he was suspended on trumped up charges by the people baying for the blood of Jeremy corbyn and anyone loyal to him or the Labour party.?

  8. In 2005 Ken Livingstone was suspended from the Labour Party for comparing a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp guard saying”so you just do it for the money”. He was reported amidst a massive outcry by the Board of Deputies who said his remarks were “insensitive and inflammatory,”interesting then that Baroness Hayters remarks have not led to a similar reaction,

    1. ‘insensitive and inflammatory’ True, interesting that they did not describe them as ‘anti-semitic’ though.

  9. Abolition of the unnecessary second chamber gets my vote. Other countries operate perfectly well with unicameral legislatures.

  10. Yes john I agree,Other country’s have a constitution and are not bowed down by monarchy and and hereditary privilege.The cost to the country of establishment benefit FRAUDSTERS is enormous and yet we have nominal Labour party members taking honours knighthood s Baroness and every privilege they can get their snouts into.Time that we led by example and are judged on that criteria!

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