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Video: Corbyn breaks silence on Panorama – calls out inaccuracy and bias, stands with members and staff

Corbyn frank during interview at Durham Miners’ Gala
Jeremy Corbyn at Saturday’s Durham Miners’ Gala

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken publicly about the BBC’s heavily-criticised Panorama programme last week. Corbyn spoke frankly about his low opinion of the programme’s standards – and stood clearly in support of both Labour members and the party’s much-maligned staff.

Corbyn told Sky News that Panorama contained multiple inaccuracies – and followed a pre-determined line. He also underlined that members have a right to be heard if they are accused and that staff have a right to be supported:


Corbyn’s comments about the woeful standards demonstrated by the BBC’s Panorama could apply equally well to the vast majority of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

The smears continue, of course – the Establishment has nothing else to offer.

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  1. When the documentary ‘The Lobby’ was first shown on Al Jazeera, my CLP passed a motion to ask Iain McNicol to launch a serious investigation into the involvement of LP MPs and staff with Israel’s interference in our Party, he would not do it. We also made the same request to Jennie Formby when she took over. Still nothing was done.

    It is now quite obvious why there has not been an investigation of any merit. It is because both General Secretaries know that the LP at it’s heart is heavily influenced and in certain areas controlled by Zionist members of the PLP and staff who are fully prepared to let and even facilitate Labour’s defeat in a GE rather than have Jeremy Corbyn become PM.

    If your CLP has such an MP it is your duty to the Party and to those of us who are fighting hard for a Corbyn Socialist Government, to replace them.

  2. It is no surprise that a member of the old, New Labour establishment like Creighton who appeared in the Panorama programme, would support Israel’s racism.

    “Blogging about his retirement in 2017, Creighton complained in his goodbye speech that Labour was becoming a “party of protest” against things like the Iraq war.

    More recently, Creighton tweeted that although he was remaining a party member, he was “not interested in winning government. I’m interested in winning the party”.

    In other words he’s determined to win Labour’s civil war, even if it means sabotaging the party’s chances at the ballot box”.

  3. This is slightly off topic but I have been thinking about the accusations that Jennie wrongly interfered in anti Semetism complaints and I don’t see how these accusation can possibly be justified.
    As we know when an anti Semetism complaint is made it is investigated by staff under Jennie’s control and if it appears that there is a case to answer a report is submitted to the NCC, a sub committee of the NEC, for a decision on whether or not the individual has engaged in anti semetic behaviour .
    Jennie as General Secretary has overall responsibility for the functioning of the party and is accountable to the NEC in respect of all aspects of party finance, recruitment of members, HR issues, information and press queries,implementing conference policy and complaints etc. Of course the work is delegated to others but Jennie carries the can if something goes wrong.
    How then can she “interfere” in something she is ultimately responsible for? It is HER responsibility to ensure complaints are properly investigated and properly presented to the NCC. How then can raising queries or discussing findings with staff acting on her delegated authority possibly amount to “interference” in the process?
    It is absolutely clear that it cannot and no reasonable person would argue otherwise. Labour staffers and ex staffers and others know this as well as I do so I can only conclude that they are behaving unreasonably for the reasons put forward by the party.

  4. In the early hours of this morning an article was posted on the Sun’s website with the following headline (and I assume it was in the hard-copy newspaper as well):

    CORBYN-‘OUSTAS’ Corbyn will be ousted as party leader over his handling of the anti-Semitism crisis, a whistle-blower claims

    The article begins by saying the following:

    JEREMY Corbyn will be ousted as party leader over his handling of the anti-Semitism crisis, a whistle-blower claims.

    Former official Sam Matthews says shadow Chancellor John McDonnell believes the race-hate chaos will bring an end to his long term ally’s four-year tenure.

    Sam Matthews, who was on the BBC’s bombshell Panorama on the row midweek, insists Mr McDonnell has known the turmoil “has been bad for a long time”.

    The party’s former head of disputes said: “I heard that privately John McDonnell is furious with Jeremy and his team for not dealing with anti-Semitism properly. He understands it will be the thing that ends Jeremy’s leadership. I think it will be mixture of this and Brexit in reality.”


    So Sam Matthews heard that “privately” John McDonnel is furious with Jeremy and his team etc, did he? Yeah, sure he did! Well apart from the fact that we ALL know Matthews is obviously one of those trying to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, as became blatantly clear in the Panorama travesty, I think we can safely assume that he is lying through his teeth, as it is of course non–senseical that someone who is a central part of JC’s ‘team’ HIMSELF – ie John McDonnel – would say such a thing. It also implies that JM doesn’t have any input to advise Jeremy on how to bring about an end to the A/S problem – ie advise Jeremy on how to ‘deal with it properly’ – but just stands on the sidelines, so to speak, watching it all happening AND “privately” criticising his long-time colleague.

    That said, the only A/S problem Jeremy has of course is the one that’s been manufactured by the Blairites and the CAA and the JLM etc and the MSM during the past four years, and it’s precisely for THAT reason that there is nothing Jeremy – or John – can do to bring it to an end. If A/S in the LP is an illusion concocted and contrived by his enemies, and there is no real problem to speak of, there is nothing to put an end to.

    Anyway, immediately after the relatively short article, there’s a long diatribe by John Mann in which he spouts a litany of lies and disinformation, and at one point he says the following:

    Only 17 people, it now emerges have been expelled out of the huge number of complaints.

    Let me tell you about some; threats and sexual abuse directed against women answering the phone.

    Threats to punch in the face. Abuse of children and spouses. A relentless onslaught against those who are Jewish and those prepared to stand up for Jewish members.

    Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn sits on his hands and refuses to act.


    Threats and sexual abuse directed against women answering the phone? Hmm. Needless to say, he doesn’t go into any detail, and omits to mention WHO these women are and which phones they were answering. I don’t mean naming them, but WHERE they were working (and answering the phone, as such). And he omits to mention WHY anyone should threaten them, let alone be sexually abusive to them. It is of course complete and utter garbage black propaganda lies, concocted for the obvious reason. And given that he is in effect claiming that this is what left-wing Jeremy Corbyn-supporting LP members are doing AND, as such, smearing ALL of us – ie hundreds of thousands of members – he should be hauled before the NEC and asked to give details of these incidents he claims happened. Including the “threats” – not just ONE then! – “to punch in the face” (yeah, yeah, yeah, sounds very plausible!), and “Abuse of children and spouses” (what piffle!), and the “relentless onslaught against those who are Jewish” etc (yeah, right, the LP brown-shirts are marching in the streets!). As Adolf Hitler was fond of saying: The bigger the lie the more effective it is! And repeat it/them over and over again of course!

    It is undoubtedly ALL lies and fabrication, in true Josef Goebbels fashion, and if any of it happened at ALL, you can be absolutely certain it wasn’t a LP member, but an agent – or agents – of the fascist Elite/Deep State. There are no Dirty Tricks too dirty for the Dirty Tricks brigade!

    1. I also came across the following on the Daily Express website, posted on Friday (which may, or may not, have also been published in the actual newspaper) with the following headline and sub-headline:

      BBC furiously hits back at ‘inept’ Labour’s ‘Stalinist paranoia’ at Panorama documentary

      THE LABOUR Party showed “Stalinist levels of paranoia” over its response to allegations made in the BBC’s Panorama documentary, it has been claimed.

      Well, it DOES sound rather unlikely, doesn’t it, implausible in fact, but then THAT probably explains why it isn’t mentioned again in the article itself AND attributed to any specific BBC spokesperson, because of course it’s ALL complete fabrication. Note how the Express says “it has been claimed”! I wonder who THAT was then? Someone who phoned up anonymously and told them so perhaps! Funny how the Express didn’t think to check with the BBC first before publishing to confirm and verify that it WAS said, as if they would have believed the ‘BBC’ would have said such a thing anyway!

    2. And there’s also THIS one, posted earlier today:

      Jeremy Corbyn’s son joins Labour civil war ‘warning dad “Stalinist” clique around him has too much power’

      And it begins as follows:

      JEREMY Corbyn’s son has waded in to the Labour civil war over as he warns the party leader about the “Stalinist” clique, it has been reported.

      Seb Corbyn, 27, who works for Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, is said to have told his father about the small lefty clique called the “3MS” about having “too much power”.

      Note how it says ‘it has been reported’ (I wonder by WHOM it was reported, and WHO to!), and then goes on to say that Jeremy’s son ‘is said to….’ (I wonder who said that he said it, and who they said it to!).

      It’s just MORE black propaganda lies/fabrication of course!

      NB I just did a search (with duck duck go) to see who else has run it, and there are a few blogs AND – surprise surprise! – the Daily Mail.

      1. And there’s also THIS in the Guardian (and no doubt being widely reported by the MSM) :

        Whistleblowers to sue Labour as antisemitism row deepens

        Ex-party staff to act over ‘defamation’ as angry Jeremy Corbyn criticises BBC documentary

        And it also says the following further on in the article

        Today a poll reveals that a third of voters believe that Labour is now an antisemitic party. The YouGov poll, for the anti-racist Hope Not Hate campaign, found that 42% of voters believed antisemitism is a “genuine and serious issue” in Labour.

    3. Great stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
      Could TapeWorm be in legal trouble for holding back vast amounts of evidence of crime especially since there were clear threats to our phone workers of physical assault. Surely the protection of our dedicated staff is a priority. I take it that TapeWorm (TW) thinks the same so give the boys in blue all your evidence. That would be a nice gesture by an honourable and trusted gentleman. We know how he puts women at their ease and would certainly be willing to press charges. With his charisma, charm and matinee idol looks, he can achieve anything he wants. Mm, I really love it when angry men get so unnerved that their jowels flap like sails. It’s the inner man that counts really. Hugs and cuddles to our uncrowned glorious leaders. I’ve forgotten the name of our other glorious leader. I remember now that it’s something that is the antithesis of deep sea trawlermen. Curse my memory. Ah well, we’ve got a GE to win. Heads up, shoulders back, onwards comrades.

  5. I guess everyone is watching the cricket or the tennis, and that’s why hardly anyone has posted a comment in the past few hours, so my apologies for posting again.

    I just came across this article in the Guardian/Observer posted today with the following headline and sub-headline;

    Jewish figures rail against Labour’s handling of antisemitism charges
    Leading intellectuals describe the crisis as ‘a taint of national and historic shame’ and that trust in the party is beyond repair

    The article begins as follows:

    A group of prominent Jewish writers and artists have expressed their “bewilderment and disgust” with Labour’s handling of the antisemitism crisis engulfing the party.

    The letter – signed by Howard Jacobson, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Sir Simon Schama, Neil Blair, Tracy Ann Oberman and Rabbi Julia Neuberger – claims that antisemitism has been “protected, sanctioned and propagated by the leadership faction”.

    Further on in the article it says:

    The letter comes after Wednesday’s Panorama programme alleged that high-ranking party members had interfered in the complaints process for antisemitism allegations.

    And a bit further on it says:

    Eight former Labour employees participated in the programme, including former head of disputes Sam Matthews [was it eight?]

    Matthews said he considered killing himself due to working conditions under the party leadership. Labour officially responded to the programme by claiming that the whistleblowers were not being truthful and “had a political axe to grind”.

    Anyway, so it mentions about Matthews saying he considered killing himself [as he said in the Panorama program], and of course as those who watched Panorama will know, some of the other former staff members claimed they became very depressed etc. Anyway, the main reason for drawing this to your attention is because of what it says right at the end of the article, or to be more precise, what Jennie Formby says in relation to these former employees:

    Formby has said she was “very concerned” to hear about the distress suffered by some of the former staff members, adding that she had not been made aware of those issues at the time.

    Of course she wasn’t, because it’s ALL complete B/S lies! Just like the vast majority of claims of A/S!!!

    1. PS And isn’t it odd how none of the signatories of the letter appear to have any interest in the criticisms made of the Panorama program by Labour, for example that they invented quotes and edited emails to change the meaning. Says it all really!

  6. What’s going on here?..I’ve been a member of the Labour Party for some years….Stop all this backbiting, and pull together and get a Labour Govt. Time for all this other nonsense after…You’ve taken your eye off the ball..To all concerned: I don’t care if you hate the sight of one another~ just fight for a Labour Govt~ if not for your own sake then for the people out here who need it……..

  7. Think Labour needs to adopt the broken record technique.
    According to the Home Office, October 2018 Statistical Bulletin, out of just over 90,000 reported Hate Crimes in the previous 12 months 1.1% were against Jewish citizens, 2.9% other religions, 4.8% Muslims, 7.7% Disabled and 14% LGBT so Labour wil try to combat all of these.

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