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Exclusive: CURRENT Labour staff member blows whistle on Formby – but you’ll probably never hear him on MSM

Party staffer spoke out in full expectation of the sack to reveal Formby’s efforts and integrity – but what he had to say is unlikely to be picked up by the Establishment

A new whistleblower has emerged from the Labour Party – and unlike those trundled out by the Establishment media, he is a current member of the party’s staff.

“I have never seen someone work relentlessly to try do the right thing over and over and over again like I’ve seen Jennie try to do “

The remainder of this article has now been removed by request.


Massive respect to the staffer for his bravery and solidarity – and for an honesty that puts to shame the behaviour of many who might consider themselves his betters.

The Labour Party needs people like him just as much as it needs Jennie Formby and Jeremy Corbyn.

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    1. Jack T.Dan shows what and why we are in the Labour movment.We can pause and reflect that without heart and soul we have no compassion.We are proud to be motavated by higher standards of decency.Just look into the dead eyes of Tom Watson and you see a tormented man and the reason him and his supporters do not belong in the Labour party.! Ps…..keep up the good work!

      1. John, you appear to have misunderstood the point of my comment. Jennie Formby may be the best boss in the world but it’s not about that, it’s about how well she has done her job so far.

        Tom Watson supporters could post a picture of him with an armfull of fluffy rabbits and say how well he treats animals. These are emotional hooks and Skwawky knows it, to deflect from the real issues.

      1. Elizabeth Ramsden at 4:42 pm

        What he does is irrelevant.

        Is it?
        As we don’t know, it’s impossible to make a judgement either way.

      2. Not if he has no experience of the tactics and motives of the enemies of Jeremy Corbyn.

    2. What do you mean? The ‘discussion’ is about a fellow human being being attacked by someone who should not only be ‘fucking ashamed of himself’ he should know better! The discussion is about someone putting his colleague before himself and risking his job whatever it is because he believes as a human being he had to speak out, he believes this is above politics and he is absolutely 100 percent correct it is! He says it is the way he has been brought up. Clearly he is a person with morals and has the courage of his convictions, it is why Labour is more than a political party it is a movement. It is why I am a Labour member and have always supported Labour. I don’t understand your animosity towards a person behaving like a human being and supporting Jennie. Watson needs suspending immediately and someone needs to challenge him for the deputy leadership he is a despicable nasty unempathetic attention seeking narcissist and it’s time he went. Do you really need this explanation?

      1. Do you really need this explanation?

        To be honest I don’t think any of us did but thanks anyway.

      2. ”Clearly he is a person with morals and has the courage of his convictions”

        Quite correct.

        Traits that are all too evidently lacking in some who appear on these boards.

      3. SteveH was there really any need for that facetious comment? Especially as I was attempting to answer a question posed by JackT. Daft glib comments don’t help they make the situation worse, still if attempting to belittle me helps you feel important go for it – glad to help.

      4. ” Daft glib comments don’t help they make the situation worse, still if attempting to belittle me helps you feel important go for it – glad to help.”

        Well said. For a supposedly pro LP and pro Socialist comments section there is much belittling that goes on. I agree with your comment as well.

        I read an MP accusing Formby of weaponizing cancer and allowing her supporters to do so as well. Many other appalling comments floating about that completely forget that Watson f*ing lied… yet again! He publically attacked Formby based on lies.

        Now we have bringing up her illness, for which she should be having sick leave full time btw but is still working and reporting in, the equivalent emotional hook to Watson posing with kittens. Wtf is going on?

  1. I hope others with direct personal knowledge of the real situation might be encouraged to follow his lead and speak out against the usurpers.
    Those right wingers who call themselves “centre left” in their fancy suits claim they’re the real (ie the electable) Labour and we’re the interlopers but they’re self-deluded liars.
    Labour needs heart and fellowship at its centre not greed and ambition.
    Sure, they have the media and the Tories on their side – but we have truth, solidarity and people like Dan – willing to put his future on the line for principle.
    Three cheers for him.

    1. “Labour needs heart and fellowship at its centre not greed and ambition.”

      David’s concluding paragraph says it all for me.

  2. DanO’Connell has praised his employer and has thanked a brave woman that helped him.Dan has not whistle blown on anyone!,and has shown the disafected former colleagues what loyalty and being a human being is all about.Dan has a proud name and should be a proud man.

  3. Such a beautiful thing to write, he clearly loves Jennie, and it’s amazing he’d put everything on the line for her like this. Total respect for that lad

  4. Dan gets it.

    And bollocks to the likes of rh who not only couldn’t give a fuck about where the lad’s come from, but would also get on his fucking high-horse about the fucking foul language.

    He’d much rather the party was staffed with the likes of euan fucking bliar, straw’s drug dealing whelp of a cur and the rest of the careerist’s brats. A closed shop for the middle classes, not your ‘common scum’ he looks down his fucking hooter at. He’d prefer to ignore this lad’s outburst just like the pederast-protecting bbc will. He’d prefer Dan wasn’t even there in his capacity as he no doubt thinks Dan’s ‘lowering the tone’

    And to anyone else with the same vew I say: ‘hard fucking spaghetti. Lads like Dan is EXACTLY what the party need. People who have first-hand experience of life at the sharp end. Fuck the careerists – we’ve seen that persecuting cancer patients is their wont.

    At least he’s a member (for now) I could NEVER affiliate meself to a party that harbours rats (And that’s being unkind to rats) who act the way watson, hodge, screeching et al, have. Not without doing some damage to the perpetrator(s); let alone voicing my disgust.’

    More power to yer elbow, Dan.

      1. Tell me to calm down? Oh, I’m fucking ZEN, lad. Who the fuck are YOU to dictate who I discern as my enemy?

        RH thinks watson did a sterling job getting the CV/remain option bulldozed through by kicking and screming and stamping his feet.

        That’s mitigating for him, despite the cowardly shithouse way he went about it.

        Oh sure, I’ll bet rh (And a few others including yourself) find his latest shithouse trick ‘beyond the pale’ but you’ll still accept his CV/remain thing as a good piece of work, won’t you’s?

        You may as well mitigate for a nonce that once helped an old man cross the road.

        You’re NO friends to the party; and the reason I will NEVER join while there’s rats like you lot infesting it.

    1. I’m afraid that comments like this (unfortunately all too typical) make you a liability to the causes you champion.
      Please step back and reconsider what such apparent hatred looks like when viewed objectIvery.

      1. I make no bones about my vehement dislike of the usual three imbeciles both on a personal and political level. .

        It’s THEM who are hamstringing this socialist labour party and damaging the futures of the many with their barely veiled support for watson and his tactics.

        As you seem to condone their behaviour, or at least give them some sort of credence by attacking me and my reasoning,you can burn with them.

        Like Laura Pidcock, I have no time or inkling to associate professionally or personally with those who would do me injustice(s).

  5. Oh, and a massive ‘well-in’ to Len McCluskey. Putting it as it ought to be.

    Let’s see you try it on with Len, watson, you absolute shithouse?!

  6. It has often crossed my mind why head office insist on employing rich, highly qualified university graduates. What is needed is people from all walks of life who have integrity and emotional intelligence who will work for us all .We need more working class people in politics and in the back office .The same applies to selecting MPs ,its about time the AWSL was replaced by a working class shortlist WCSL let see more people like Dan who would represent people like me I certainly would like to hear from him again .

    ”I don’t care if they need to sack me for calling things out anymore. This is just morals mate it ain’t politics anymore. You can quote me on that as well.

    I don’t fucking care anymore mate, this is before politics I’m a human being ”

    For the many xx

  7. ‘It has often crossed my mind why head office insist on employing rich, highly qualified university graduates.’

    I guess we can only be grateful for the likes of umunna doing the frank bough. He didn’t even want to pay his staff; thought they should do it for the ‘privilege’ of working under him.

    Alas, there are still more of his ilk infesting the party. All careerist types of course.

    1. It is possible to be good at school and at the same time be a fully committed socialist.
      Without people who can understand a brief at the first or second reading we’d have no more than about half a dozen MP’s and they’d be fighting over who gets to be shadow sports spokesman.
      Grow the fuck up.

      1. 1. What has ‘being good at school’ got to do with anything?

        2.Ditto : ‘At the same time being a fully committed socialist’?

        3. Why a ‘Shadow sports spokesman’ , and what’s one of them?

        Dunno about understanding briefs, but I had enough problems understanding the gist of of your post.

      2. “I had enough problems understanding the gist”

      3. Great comeback.
        Very witty.

        You appear not to accept that anyone with a different view of brexit to your own can possibly be a good socialist despite the evidence to the contrary.
        I find your style and attitude to allies sometimes obnoxious but when I agree with something you write I ‘like’ it or comment favourably – BECAUSE NOBODY IS ONE-DIMENSIONAL.
        Not even you.

      4. You think my anger all boils down to brexit?

        Have another guess, mcfreud. It’s about shithouses like watson and his shithouse tricks and those abject pitiful shithouses who condone him by their point-blank refusal to condemn him. The same shithouses that say they make NO class distinction but look down their enormous noses and disdainfully when someone – anyone – mentions the working class, as if we’re not allowed to decide what class we are.

        The same shithouses that call people tory if they voted leave, or tells them they’re thick and don’t know what they voted for. The fucking control freaks.

        Oh, You’ll all moan about umunna and call HIM for everything – but your core (One-tracked) policies were/ARE the same as his. And I didn’t see you condemn watson’s shithouse tactics to get them their 2nd ref, neither.

        And we all notice how your type like to convince themselves they’re socialist. Total scab bellends.

        ‘I comment favourably’ he pleads after telling same person to ‘grow the fuck up’


      5. I’d probably respond with something like “Fuck off you useless, whining kipper” if I were as articulate as a useless, whining kipper.
        But I’m a grown-up.

    2. Doing a Frank Bough. Excellent, I’m going to use it. BBC wasn’t he. Cheers.

  8. This is one of the most moving, heart felt, powerful comments I have had the privilege to read in a very long time and wonderful tribute and defense of Jennie.

    ” But honest to god every time I raise that doubt to Jennie and that other person that I don’t belong that they should get someone else that understands all these rules and decorum, they say that’s exactly why they want me there, its exactly why I need to be there, they say thats exactly whats wrong with everything.”

    To me, an outsider, the above quote is what the Labour Party should be.

    Don’t let the f*ers get you down Dan, that’s exactly what they want, they have no defense against truth and real passion from lived experience.

    1. Maria, there are some (both in the party and on here) believe people like Dan (And meself) have NO RIGHT to get irate.

      They try to tell us who is and isn’t their enemy. They tell us our class isn’t an issue unless we lower classes mention it, yet they go on about decorum and moral high ground and all such claptrap while showing nothing but condescension and hypocrisy themselves. They think we’re incapable of thinking for ourselves and without their guidance the party’d be moribund.

      In essence, they delude themselves that they KNOW what’s best for me

      They dictate to us what’s acceptable and what isn’t,and if you point out the similarities of watson’s antics here and with the referendum thing (CV/remain option) they shrug their shoulders.

      The referendum thing was just a means to their ends, but using the same snide tactics watson’s now apparently crossed their line? They don’t whine about their precious 2nd ref and how that was delivered, do they?

      If I say watson was/IS a rat for stamping his feet & going behind the party’s back (Without a conference decision) to get that 2nd ref then they’ll tell me I’m a tory.

      But if I point out their hypocrisy because they’re only now complaining of watson’s treatment of Formby by doing what watson invariably does (Being a shithouse and undermining the party & leadership at any & every opportunity) they start whingeing?

      Well NO. He’s either always right or always wrong. There is NO ‘middle ground’ on the subject of watson. The party needs rid of these holier-than-thou snides who have more in common with the libdems and toerags than they do with socialist Labour.

      1. Does always right,or always wrong apply to you too Toffee?

      2. john thatcher 14/07/2019 at 11:25 am · ·

        It would appear so…

      3. Toffee, I’m late with this, agree with every word of the above, tell it!

    2. Maria

      And the whingeing maggots infesting the party like those featured on Panorama have NO life experience. For them, raising your voice at them constitutes bullying. Pathetic scum.

      1. ”For them, raising your voice at them constitutes bullying.”


        Utter shitbags, every man jack (t) of them.

      2. timfrom 14.7.19 1044 – I agree but it’s more serious than that . Look at the background of the “journalist” behind the programme and the fact that one of the supposedly traumatised ex-staffers is actually an ex (?)-employee of the Israeli Embassy and a friend of their discredited “diplomat” who plotted against targeted politicians .

      3. That bag of pus Sam Matthews, who whinged that he was nearly driven to suicide by the “bullying”, rather begged the question “So what stopped you!”

        It would’ve taken a heart of stone not to ask it. 😃

      4. timfrom at 6:36 pm

        I think their orchestrated attempt to weaponise mental illness was a little too obvious. They should be ashamed of themselves.

        I hear they are now threatening to sue the Labour Party for damages, I do hope and trust that the Labour Party have learnt their lesson regarding capitulation.

        I wonder who is funding this court action for them.

      5. “So what stopped you!”


  9. I think some people are getting their attention distracted by this. It’s great that Dan has got hiself a job where he feels valued and it’s pleasing that he has so much respect for his boss. However, this fluff piece deflects from the real issue, which no matter which way you cut it, Jennie Formby has NOT done a good job in overseeing the work of the Investigation Department.

    Members have been suspended who should not have been yet others whose only motive is to destroy Corbyn politically are still there. Can anyone at all justify this?

    Jennie Formby has let all this go on under her nose when she should have been on top of it. Her illness is tragic and I hope she makes a perfect recovery but if it has prevented her from concentrating on her job, someone else should have been appointed to relieve her stress and look after member’s interests.

    1. ^^^^Seen this? EXACTLY what I’m on about

      Not a single breath of criticism for/of watson. Got you your 2nd ref, didn’t he?

      Yes folks you heard jack t right – It’s ALL Formby’s fault for having cancer.

      Want proof? Ok here it is…

      ‘Jennie Formby has let all this go on under her nose when she should have been on top of it. ‘

      You miserable fucking whelp, jack. And people start complaining when I get annoyed.??

    2. Jack T, as far as I know having oversight of an investigation and judgement process doesn’t and shouldn’t allow someone in Jennie’s position to influence outcomes – her authority and responsibility stop at enabling the process and ensuring it’s conducted within the rules I think.
      In fact she, Jeremy, Watson and everyone else are supposed to distance themselves from judgements.
      It’s only the TWattists who are trying to interfere in the process with their infantile tantrums.

      1. David, I accept your point. It is however incumbent on the General Secretary to make sure that the ‘investigators’ are not allowing their own bias to influence their decisions and that the correct criteria are used by which to judge a complaint.

        The process has obviously failed when someone such as Chris Williamson and others can be suspended for what?

        It is absolutely without doubt that other forces are coming into play and influencing those decisions . Whose ultimate responsibility should it be to prevent it?

      2. Jack T, if Jennie had the right to challenge their decisions on anything but Labour’s rule book she’d effectively be acting as a ‘superior court’.
        However the ‘investigators’ were appointed (and I don’t know that) the problem we have is that the opposition pretend support for the current leadership until they’re securely in place – like Watson and so many others.
        Whether or not Jennie has the power to replace them seeding such a body with people who will vote ‘our way’ would make the system stink like successive US Presidents’ seeding of the Supreme Court.
        I’m not a fan of lawyers but either legally qualified people must raise alarms regarding sufficiency of evidence or every detail of every investigation must be open to public scrutiny.
        I prefer scrutiny but accused usually prefer not.

      3. David, who polices the police? Somebody has to otherwise we will still have the kangaroo courts of McNicol – some say they never went away!

      4. Jack T, has Jennie had a free hand, any more than Jeremy has? Of course not.
        Change will either come after more struggle or as a complete surprise at some unpredictable trigger event.
        The self-named “centrist” parasites have had decades to dig themselves in – they’re part of the same network of ‘elites’ that’s held the levers of power for millennia.
        Historically they killed those who questioned their power or exhibited signs of independent thought.
        The current incumbents however are incompetent and lazy, relying too much on the MSM as they do.
        Our numbers grow and we gain strength through social media while they weaken and die of in-breeding, indolence and bile.
        One way or another, we win in the end 🙂

      5. Very well put, David. You’re quite the poet! It’s something to remember when we’re feeling despondent. An increasingly frequent event!

      6. Just wondering why you say neither Jeremy Corbyn nor Jennie Formby have had a free hand, I think they may both disagree with you. If McNicoll had a free hand to do all the damage he did, I’m sure JF has the same free hand to reverse it, not withstanding her illness.

        I don’t believe there is such a person as a ‘centrist’ it’s a term Skwawky adopted to disparage those, including me with whom he disagreed, especially over Brexit. There are left wingers and right wingers and Skwawky appeared to assume Remainers were right wingers but settled for the term ‘centrists’.

      7. Perhaps if you weren’t one, you’d know the centrist is an all too entrenched problem.

        You should acquaint yourself with Tariq Ali’s definitive identification of it from 2015, called The Extreme Centre (published by Verso Books).

      8. Jack T, I use “centrist” in quotes because I don’t accept the premise either and I never have.
        There is only left and right because it goes without saying (or it fucking well should to a socialist) that any policy not positively and permanently re-distributive in its effect allows the wealth gap to continue growing.
        Only reversing that growth with re-distributive policies prevents the 1% from eventually owning 100% of everything and our children either becoming their serfs or hunting them down and killing them.

    3. Jack T…. Jenny formby as only been there 5minutes.Sorounded by disafected staff, computer hackers .. Leakers.. .Give the Lady a chance will you We are all angry and sick of being labelled AS scum by our own mps. and any other lies made up .Jack I am personally so angry that I have been warned that its effecting me.but we must stick together or hang together…. Have a good week jack!

      1. Joseph, JF has been in post well over 12 months. It is on her watch that Chris Williamson was suspended.

        I have enormous sympathy for her undergoing treatment for her current illness but the Party should have stepped in to help her by nominating a replacement whilst she recovers.

        The reality is that if things don’t change, because of the tremendous influence and internal control the Israeli lobby exerts over the Party, we could actually lose such dedicated Socialist MPs as Chris Williamson and even lose JC as our Leader. These outcomes are not impossible, they are the very goals the Israeli lobby seeks to achieve and we cannot be so naive as to discount them.

        Even if it is painful to do so, we have to look at the Party structures and criticise where we see failure. Some of the decisions over how to combat the A/S smears which the Party has taken since JC became Leader have only made our situation worse and until we face up to it, it will get worse still.

    4. I have to agree with you. I wish her a speedy recovery and a great future.
      We need all hands to the pump. We need a socialist to fill in till she is fighting fit. All of this contrived division cannot be helping her at all. Our problem is tapewormism. Always has been. God speed Jennie.

    1. And jack t lumps criticism on a woman with cancer because he believes she should’ve cleared every single person accused of it.

    2. Defence and praise of of watson and his tactics isn’t something I’d beat me chest over.

      But then again, I have scruples.

    3. Give it a rest. Pulling out tired, insulting tropes to try and delegitimize others is low and reflects on you rather than your target.

      As humanity and empathy left the comments section a long time ago for some, let’s apply the PC political niceties many are so fond of… there is indeed a time for criticism and discussion around that critique… is it when someone has bared their soul to defend someone seriously ill already under under political attack?

    4. “Sense” is only your pro Neo-Liberal EC suprastructure grovelling opinion.
      Conference has not spoken yet though perhaps Labour is sailing a bit close to the wind to electoral suicide via a 2nd PV.
      But there is no majority in Parliament for this so it is self-actuating (feeling good about yourselves) and delusional which is no substitute for socialist anaysis.
      If this leads to Labour losing then it is a high price to pay by millions in poverty including poverty pay and those in housing need including the homeless.
      So guess it is up to the diverse working class to save Labour: delete option 1, accept Brexit first 5 lines option 2 and delete rest then add: Democratic control labour and capital supply, migration adjustment funds for coucils, customs union (on our non-Neo-Liberal terms), trade unionise migrant workers.
      Solidarity to socialists.

  10. Oh, I too, have been critical of Formby and her methods in the past.

    But you’re royally fucked if you think I’d stoop so low as to use snide tactics to get one over on her especially when she’s undergoing painstaking treatment for a life-threatening illness.

  11. And now the foul mouthed ‘timfromUKIP’ backs up the foul mouthed Toffee, what a surprise 😯

    1. You really don’t get it, do you, jack? You really believe your shit doesn’t stink.

      Like watson, you think formby’s fair game. You utter fucking abortion.

  12. I lost two jobs doing this.

    Dan’s outlook is not looking good here, even if he has the backing of the boss.

    He could get a range of bogus ‘gross misconduct’ charges to contend with in response. The Labour Party is an employer like any other and reputation protection sweeps all before it in the current climate.

    “Dan is out of step with the rest of the team” is a likely justification.

    Both of my council employers said this but I defeated them and retired age 50 ten years ago. Steve, please put Dan in touch with me if the worst comes to the worst.


    1. He no doubt WILL get the ‘tin-tack’, Paul. On trumped-up charges, too. watson will probably manoeuvre for it, as per…And get his own way again, as per.

      …And you’ll STILL have the likes of jack t & rh, etc trying to justify his dismissal, or at least condoning it.

      Strange, how it was they determined the definition of ‘democracy’ to us all when they didn’t have their 2nd ref (A decision arrived at undemocratically without conference’s remit).

      Yet when someone speaks their piece it’ll be ‘curtains’ for them if it doesn’t conform to THEIR train of thought.

      1. Toffee, perhaps if you joined the Party and busted a gut campaigning door to door for a Corbyn government it may help with your anger management problem?

        Your response to this may show if there is any hope for you.

      2. ”Toffee, perhaps if you joined the Party ”

        And prevent me blood pressure from going through the roof because my local party still has it’s rats (like you) in?

        No thanks, I also value me freedom that rats like you would jeopardise.

        Oh, and bollocks to what you think of me response. I couldn’t care less.

      3. 😀 Ah well if you haven’t even got the intelligence to challenge a ‘rat’ without exploding, perhaps it’s better that you stay in your own tiny shouty world. I hope the walls are well padded.

      4. Maybe The Toffee is like me and doesn’t see any benefit in surrendering most of his Article 10 Freedom of Expression rights, which is a requirement if you don’t want to be kicked out of the party for speaking up about bullying, abuse or criminal conduct.

        Good man if that’s the case, which I believe it is.

      5. Rats that think women with cancer are fair game don’t need ‘challenging’.

        Rats that think undermining the party, it’s leadership and it’s policies don’t need ‘challenging’.

        They need exterminating. Wholesale.

      6. Paul, I’d last about two minutes before I gave out a few home truths to those who wouldn’t appreciate the rest of the party hearing them. You’ll know or be (well) aware of a few of the people I’m on about – most likely better than I do.

        They’d have me stitched up in minutes; just like they did Paul Davies. (Still suspended). I’d be expelled because they know I wouldn’t relent.

        There’s a couple live opposite me that I just cannot bear the thought that they’re party members – Why, I have NO idea because they definitely do not share the party’s values.

        I left the party when Bliar became leader and scrubbed clause iv. I vowed never to go back until it’s restored.

        IF and it’s a mighty big ‘if;’ it’s ever restored, there’ll still have to be a lot of people purged from the party before I even considered rejoining as they are NOT, repeat NOT, socialist.

      7. There’s a couple live opposite me that I just cannot bear the thought that they’re party members – Why, I have NO idea because they definitely do not share the party’s values.

        Sorry I meant to add:

        ‘ And I’ll bet you know who their friends are within the party and on the council?’

      8. Paul, I haven’t been kicked out of the Party (yet) and I’ve never flinched from expressing my point of view. Which is why I am so concerned that whovever is the Gen Sec does their job well and does not allow any particular faction to take control of the Party’s disciplinary process to try and silence opposing voices.

        It is patently obvious that even now under a new Gem Sec, if you support the apartheid State of Israel you will be left alone no matter how objectionable you become … example, Hodge, Mann, Watson. But if you speak out against Israel you become a target for expulsion …. Williamson, Walker, Livingston and others. This is such a serious threat to the Labour Party and the country that we need people to shout loud and long about it and not walk away.

    2. Paul I doubt he can be removed from the job for praising is employer and saying that he respects the boss.Criticism of disafected employees who are seen to be lying without naming them cannot be a breach of the confidentiality clause.Even Watson and is supporters will find it difficult to stick .You are right to be cautious though

  13. Dan, good for you speaking out. I don’t think praising your boss should be a sackable offense. It’s heartwarming that she inspires such loyalty.

  14. Gramsci once said that all men (and women) are intellectuals, it’s just that only a few get the chance to be in a position to publicly put thier ideas into practice.
    As a working class socialist I offer solidarity to Dan but I think Labour members are facing being worn down drip, drip, drip because they had the timerity to DEMOCRATICALLY elect JC and I would argue hence the constant verbal and mental abuse from three sources:
    Right Wing Jewish forces who want one dominant narrative – total and uncritical support for Right Wing Israel (which is also an attack on Jewish diversity – Silverstein, 2018).
    Secondly by the Right Wing (and Liberal) media because they see a JC Labour Govt as a threat to their power (and the offshore tax dodging of most of their owners).
    And thirdly from opportunist Right Wing Labour MPs and some members who see AS as one said of “having traction” to get rid of JC because they are utterly devoid of ideas so can only fight by procedural methods and the dark arts (is it Blair’s staff who are trawling socialists social media on FB etc? And note where all the secret recordings of meetings have come from – including one which was part of a Labour top table NEC meeting).
    But they will not win, and I myself turn to poetry:
    ‘The old order, Neo-Liberalism is dying.
    But the new cannot yet be born.
    Perhaps we are all being tested.
    And only the stars will ride the storm!’
    And music (to the tune of Oliver’s Army’)
    “Jeremy’s Army is on its way.
    Jeremy’s Army is here to stay.
    And we would rather have Labour in.
    Than the Tories any day.”
    All together now!

    1. Fine sentiment , but let’s not forget the second half of Gramsci’s famous statement to which you refer a few times in various posts, Bazza:

      ““The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”

      I’m afraid that the political space for the radical Right that Labour has now created by its adoption of an unambiguous Remain and Second Referendum stance (well, Labour seem to hope their nominally multi-condition stance is complex enough to fool their Leave supporting Labour supporters – but no-one IS actually fooled in Barnsley, Doncaster, etc) , will now be filled by precisely the “morbid symptoms” of Far Right xenophobic petty nationalism, masquerading as the champions of national sovereignty, that Gramsci warned about in Italy so many decades ago.

      And that is due , indeed to the guilty parties of Labour Right and liberal (and Tory) media, and the well-funded pro Right Wing Israeli lobby, you accurately state, but also , what you don’t mention – the overwhelmingly Left Liberal, not socialist, middle class , supposedly, “Corbynista” , Party membership, who have fallen wholesale for the Mandelson/Blair “The EU represents progressive benevolent, rights-protecting, internationalism” baloney.

      1. I refer the right honourable poster to my previous response to Remainer Jack when he says the party has seen “sense” re the EC.

      2. That was a good post. I like Gramsci but I well remember a group in the old CPGB who claimed to be proponents and they evolved into the Euros. An existential battle ensued with the Tankies. Result, destruction. It was time to fold because trust had been destroyed and many good people were discarded. I have no idea about the distribution of our assets. Just a short explanation of why I detest Tapewormism (TW) and advise people to be on their guards.Friends become foes and vice versa. Ordinary members have always been seen as dumb and expendable. Let’s get on with the Struggle. Good luck everyone.

  15. ” Jack T ” – What Daniel adds is honour , compassion , and empathy . Showing that the attempt to claim that the working conditions within Labour are toxic is a false and malicious plot that should be treated with the contempt it deserves . As should the ex-employee of the Israeli Embassy , and friend of their discredited ” diplomat” , who masqueraded as a tearful ex-staffer .

  16. Swkawkbox , not that I needed any encouragement to continue to support you but this would be it if I did . An ordinary bloke showing the liars up for what they are, There is absolutely no reason for him to be sacked , I trust that his fears are unjustified . Please use this picture of Jenny more often , it brings home what cancer sufferers go through and why they deserve support and compassion .

  17. What does it matter if there is a working class member of staff? Labour has entirely abandoned the working class by supporting the Second Referendum plus Remain.

    The capitulation reduces Jeremy Corbyn to the level of Tony Blair.

    Blair removed public ownership from the Party aims by getting rid of Clause IV. Corbyn (who mused about bringing back Clause IV before not bothering to do anything about it) has made any implementation of Clause IV illegal by his surrender to Watson and the Blairites on the EU..

    Under the EU regime, replacing marketization with public monopoly – the normal effect of nationalising a sector – is unlawful, and corporations can bring actions to stop Labour in its tracks. The 1945 nationalisations would have been unlawful.

    Most self-styled “Left” members of the Labour Party are happy to tolerate the illegality of public ownership since they are middle class Left Liberals, not socialists.

    Labour through its capitulation has become solidly the party of the middle class, and we can look forward to the spectacle of Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott joining Gina Miller, the Lib Dems, Adonis, Campbell, Blairites galore and the rest of the middle class People’s Vote “march against democracy”, the only demonstration posher than a Waitrose queue.

    No doubt these former left wingers will try to dilute their sell-out with a load of meaningless blah about “Remain and Reform”, ignoring that the EU is purposely designed not to be reformable in a socialistic manner. As for the Tories and Brexit Party, they must be delighted with our Party throwing away the Leave seats in the North and Midlands – and with it our chances of forming a government.

    1. Danny 14/07/2019 at 3:43 pm

      Acknowledging the majority view of the membership is not capitulation. Corbyn is simply dong what he promised to do when he was elected by the members. Surely you are not suggesting that he should emulate Tom Watson by betraying his personal manifesto and those that voted for him.

    2. Yes Danny, the EU IS so designed – that’s what REFORM means.
      The inevitability of Neoliberalism’s end point – a 1% elite owning everything – is becoming clearer the more inequality accelerates.
      Its validity as a theory is already doubted by economists and others on the right, not just those on the left.
      The whole world will reject neoliberalism sooner or later.
      The EU will reject it sooner – years, possibly decades before the US – and much sooner with Labour making the argument from within.
      The argument will almost make itself after the next recession, which is likely to be soon…
      We’ll need the strength of the EU to resist neoliberalism’s last spiteful throw of the dice – vicious US sanctions will be used to blame a Labour government for neoliberalism’s failures this time.
      If the Tories are in government we can relax – there’ll just be a doubling down on austerity, no US sanctions.

      I know it’s hard but we have to think long term – the ‘special relationship’ will be kicked to the kerb instantly with Corbyn as PM.
      He’ll be attacked like Maduro and the UK will be sanctioned like Venezuela by the US the minute we leave the EU with a left wing Labour government.
      Don’t rehash the arguments about how neoliberal the EU is, I know all that – explain in what fucking Universe you think Trump’s US will permit Corbyn or anyone like him to succeed, even on the other side of the Atlantic.

      1. Ah, nearly forgot. “How will the Tories blame us for the next recession when they’ve been in government since the last?” you ask?
        By telling the electorate, with the connivance of the MSM, that they’d have avoided recession if only Labour hadn’t frustrated May’s great Brexit deal and all their other brilliant policies at every turn.
        That’s how.

  18. ”Acknowledging the majority view of the membership is not capitulation”

    Then WHY wasn’t a 2nd ref with a remain option passed at conference last year if it was THAT important?

    It’s a white flag and NO mistake. (Except it’s a f**ing humongous mistake as we’ll ALL find to our cost. Nice one.)

    1. Although a second Referendum motion wasn’t eventually passed, it took FIVE SOLID HOURS of late night negotiations and horse trading, and deliberate ambiguity and fudge in the final confused composite Brexit motion , for our 2018 Liverpool Conference to very narrowly , as it turned out, temporarily, “dodge the electoral suicide bullet” of adopting a Second Referendum , and implied Remain, position, The Toffee. Before the fudged ( in places actually incoherent) Composite motion appeared, I actually thought we’d buggered ourselves electorally last September !

      As a Conference Delegate, seeing the huge number of extraordinarily politically naïve Left Liberal CLP motions supporting PV tabled in the Conference papers, and the extraordinary naïve , totally uncritical, fact-free, pro EU nonsense coming from Delegate speaker after speaker at the rostrum – and the constant applauding of Kier Starmers’ totally shallow Lib Dem-style hagiography of the EU, I finally grasped that far from the post 2015 “Corbyn Insurgency” representing the decisive shift of Labour to serious socialist politics. Instead it merely highlighted the ideological triumph of 30 years of neoliberalism – in that the supposed “Left” membership of “Corbynism” were no real threat to the neoliberal status quo, but actually just a smug middle class virtue signalling bunch of Left Liberals – who would have been perfectly at home in the Young Liberals in the 1970’s.

      It is undoubtedly true that Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott, and now even Len McCluskey, HAVE had to abandon their own socialist politics, and bowed down to the uncritical, politically ignorant, Left Liberal pro EU politics of the bulk of our middle class activist members, with our now clear Second Referendum and Remain position. Congratulations to those middle class activists,(and the big money-backed Mandelson/Campbell lobbying campaign, (and so many of the trades union bureaucracy, who always choose the status quo – and do not represent the majority views of their rank and file members), for dismissing the democratic result of the 72% turnout 2016 Referendum, and forcing Jeremy to adopt a policy he must know is electorally suicidal.

      The electoral outcome of this middle class arrogant folly ? The guaranteed defeat of Labour in the forthcoming snap General Election, and the end of Labour as a mass Party of the working class – as per ALL the old social democratic parties across Europe. And of course the emergence of a huge radical Far Right movement amongst the betrayed previously Labour-voting Leave-supporting working class. Deny this all you want – with bogus Guardian-commissioned polling. We only have a few months to go now before Labour faces it’s own “PASOK moment” of electoral collapse.

      1. Scorned women are tame compared to scorned Brexiters 🙂

      2. I agree with most of your post JP but think you perhaps too easily write off some comrades here.
        We socialists JP have to save Labour through analysis, rational argument and ideas.
        I think the verbal and mental abuse via AS claims constantly thrown at JC supporters may be having an impact as demonstrated perhaps by the anger on here.
        But I remember the great scene from The Peterloo film when the bedraggled trade unionists were near their town, and the union leader got them together and organised, and they walked into town, proud, behind the union banner (I agree with EP Thompson, what we saw from the landed gentry on horseback was class hatred, they hated the fact that the working class were getting ORGANISED – ring any bells?) so we brothers and sisters need to save Labour from a 2nd PV and electoral suicide and to fight for a JC transformation with and on behalf of the oppressed (who will be hammered more otherwise); I too have felt down today but now I am as strong again.
        (The hawk is the right wing and forces outside and the canary is JC’s Labour members):
        ‘The Hawk on the canary landed.
        Playing the chameleon’s part.
        And whispered: “We come to heal you.”
        But failed to remove the heart.
        And then the canary turned back into a lion!’
        X & Solidarity to all left wing democratic socialists!

      3. Here in Scarborough we are desperately short of these smug creatures of which you speak. We want our independence from the dictatorship. We had a Blairite for a bit but we are now represented by the erudite, articulate and seldom seen His Horrible Mr Goodwill (seriously) famed for shutting down our park and ride and…err.. Yes that’s it. Oh well it’s going to be nice in the EU. Sorry, I forget we are in it. Holiday to Paris or Hungary anyone? Tot siens.

      4. Well jpenny I hope you are wrong as our people will suffer and I am a Very old socialist that will keep campaigning and banging my head against a system I hate. You may have the luxury of fortelling the future,but I have to carry on and its our duty to motivate the Labour party and the supporters for a socialist Labour party government.Yes penny the first in living memory.. Your job it seems is to demotovate and that is very corrosive .

    1. Jack T 14/07/2019 at 7:08 pm

      Thanks for the link – I hope we haven’t left it too late.

      1. SteveH. Miko Peled attended last year’s Labour Conference in Liverpool and even though they had invited him, because of a defamatory article in the Daily Mail, the Party called the police to eject him.

        The machinery of the Party is still under heavy Zionist influence and is terrified of fighting back for fear of retribution. They need to adopt the courage and help of Jews such as Miko Peled instead of treating them like criminals.

  19. Spoken from his heart yet we still got the greedie ones causing rife for all that don’t support their greedie ways I just hope tw is and his like are shown the door

  20. To me Dan O Connell and Jack T are both on the same side, had this argument yesterday with Smartboy
    Time for the adults in the room to take on board why we are where we are,
    Give Jack T a kicking for being on the wrong side of the Brexit debate but do not have a go for the AS shitfest which should have been stamped on from day one
    99.9% of politician’s and journalists are jellyfish, spineless and gutless
    Sorry folks but thems the facts

    1. Doug: “Sorry folks but thems the facts”

      Apart from me being on the wrong side of the Brexit debate!

      I am on the side of the more than 60% of the electorate who didn’t vote Leave and since the referendum I believe even more now think Brexit is damaging for the country. If you believe otherwise, let’s test it.

      1. Jack T
        No your not
        If you were consistently polling 60% plus I think we would all have noticed, that’s a bullshit statistic
        If you can get it Fact Checked give me a shout

      2. Doug 14/07/2019 at 10:29 pm

        As JackT said “Let’s test it”

        Isn’t that now party policy?

      3. The people voted leave and “you aint no democrat” as you desperately cling on to straws and as Brecht declared you desperately too try to find another public. (It was not the wrong people).
        To paraphrase an early Beatles song “You’re a loser!”

      4. You should have a listen to this (<10mins) you'll find much to agree with.
        The Language of Leaving
        A Point of View

        “Of late, words have foregone their meaning or been given meanings they never had”, writes Howard Jacobson.
        Starting with “betrayal” and ending with “the will of the people”, Howard sets out to take back sovereignty….over words.
        “I can’t complain”, he admits, “of some parties to our great national debate being Little Englanders if I’m a little Languager…..but if each party to a discussion doesn’t know what the other is talking about, we might as well not have language at all”.

      5. As JackT said “Let’s test it”

        Isn’t that now party policy?

        Oh look! A rediscovered ‘respect’ for policy. Why not go the whole hog and praise watson for bringing you the policy by shitting on democracy, procedure, facts and most of all, common decency?

        Go on, we both know you want to. We know you’d shake his hand and give him a man-hug if you was to meet him in person, so why not give the rat the closet praise you have for it?

      6. ”I am on the side of the more than 60% of the electorate who didn’t vote Leave”

        Once again, that load of rehashed, tired old bollocks is trotted out. It was bollocks then, it’s bollocks now.

        Just what IS your major malfunction? What part of ‘That horse is DEAD’ , escapes you?

        Using your ‘logic’ I don’t hear you or any of the other clowns complaining about the toerags getting in with 29% of the vote, oh no. 71% DIDN’T vote for them, where’s your demonstrations and wailing on THAT one?

        Telling by their absence, obvs.

        But then again there’s not one of you condemned watson for shitting on democracy, policy, procedure, facts and common decency to bring you your remain option.

        Hypocritical twunts.

      7. Usual innumerate suspects
        Normal referendum rules apply, first prove there is a consistent demand over 60%
        Then give us the question
        Then tell us 8f it’s the best of three
        Then tell us what’s on offer to the 52%
        Then tell us how you are going to avoid making this Tory shitfest a lot worse
        Good luck boys

  21. None of us know what really goes on within the Labour Party or how the pro and anti forces are clashing. What remains is the obvious strength of the RW who are able to trash the party when it suits and at the same time get innocent people expelled for AS.

    1. Ray, we may not know what goes on behind closed doors but as you say, what we see are the results. Innocents being found guilty and the guilty going scott free. Something is obviously going wrong in the machinery. Who is in charge of the machinery?

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