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Video: Jeremy Corbyn tells huge Durham crowd of Labour hero, film-maker Simon Baker

Labour leader spoke to huge crowd during Durham Miners’ Gala about film-maker who told him “Jeremy, I want to give a voice to the working class in the films that I make”
Corbyn and the Durham Miners’ Gala crowd today

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has paid moving tribute to Labour film-maker Simon Baker, who died two weeks ago at the age of just forty-five.

Durham Miners’ Gala attracts crowds in excess of 200,000 people from all parts of the Labour movement, who heard Corbyn say:

Simon Baker was, among many other things, the maker of Labour’s recent ground-breaking party political broadcasts and of the Labour Voices film series. He is survived by his partner and young son.

A fundraiser for his family is still open.


  1. I wonder what Labour should do to commemorate Simon Baker in a more tangible and lasting way?
    My first thought was some kind of Party-supported college bursary for most promising young film-maker of the Left.
    Or maybe a ‘red plaque’ scheme – like the ‘blue plaques’ but specifically for our own heroes?
    I’m going to feel really stupid if I see JC’s already said something along those lines when I open Firefox to watch the video…

  2. We need people like simon baker more than ever before.RIP. Simon died far too young and. the knowledge and skills in filmmaking goes with him.Very sad and words can never be enough.

  3. As a native of Durham County I should point out that it is correctly pronounce as being the Durham Miners “GAIL- LA” and that it’s certainly not a “GAR-LA” as some would have it..

    Of course Tony Blair never made such a basic error as he simply never bothered to attend the Gala all the while he was Leader of the LP despite being a MP for a former Durham Mining settlement himself. It was evident that he did not want to be seen on a stage and certainly not photographed rubbing shoulders with these dreadfully common people. On one occasion he even attended the British Grand Prix at the invitation of his millionaire friends rather go. That dull fellow Brown was the same of course.
    Funny how people up there have never forgotten what these right wing elitists think of them. Funny how they take to Jeremy.

    1. Today(Saturday (, John McDonnell reminded the BBC news that in 2005 Tiny Blair authorized election posters portraying Micheal Howard as Shylock, an other anti-Semitic tropes. They are in Google Images.
      Just check them out and see how the current “battle”in the party is totally fabricated by the right.

      1. “Tiny” Blair. That’s what Cherie calls him in bed……

  4. “The class war is over” Tony Blair…..instead we have the gender conflict #MeMe power grab by comfortable bourgeois women, as constructed by the Guardian & BBC demanding ‘Top Jobs’ for powerful women. This has nothing to do with equality of opportunity for all nor the class struggle. Working class women will struggle as they always have, as social mobility is a goal that can never be attained. Know your place!

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