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Vital fundraiser launched for family of late Labour film-maker Simon Baker

Simon Baker and son Marlon

Friends and colleagues of the maker of Labour’s groundbreaking political broadcasts Simon Baker, who died suddenly this week, have launched an urgent fundraising campaign for the partner and young son Simon left behind.

A Facebook post by the “EL4C” activist group gives details:

Our great friend and comrade Simon Baker died suddenly on Monday, July 1st. Simon freely gave his time and huge creative talent to make films and create content for #EL4C, Labour Voices, Labour Party broadcasts and the wider Labour movement.

Now, we’re asking for your help.

Simon leaves behind a partner and 10-year-old son. We’ve set up a fund to provide vital and ongoing financial support for the family. Simon worked as freelance director and film-maker and the loss of his income will hit his family hard – we want to ensure they are protected financially.

For them, and in memory of Simon and the extraordinary work he did for our movement, please donate what you can.

An unsung hero of our movement, Simon Baker has died too young, He was a brilliant filmmaker who gave his time and talent to our cause.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

There are people in our movement who want neither glory or fame. They’re just utterly dedicated to a better world. Simon Baker was like this.

Labour MP Laura Pidcock

World-famous film-maker Ken Loach added:

What a tragic loss, devastating beyond words for Simon’s family of course and many will remember his brilliant contribution to Labour’s and Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign of 2017. Simon will be greatly missed.

Over to you, Labour family. Please do what you can here.


  1. Who knows what he might have achieved had he lived…
    In gratitude for all he did achieve.

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