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Video: 1000s of scouts blindside BBC singing ‘Oh Jeremy’ – before BBC quickly cuts them off

Video suggests anti-Corbyn smears not cutting through as Labour lead polls

A mass gathering of scouts – hardly a typical hotbed of Labour support – blindsided the BBC’s Breakfast programme this morning with a chant of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’.

As the chant grew louder, the reporter appeared in rather a hurry to end the interview and allow the BBC to get back to business as usual:


With Labour showing a solid lead in the latest polling by Survation, the most accurate pollster in the 2017 general election, the video seems to be further evidence that the anti-Corbyn smear campaign – in which the BBC plays a leading role – is not cutting through.

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      1. Of course not Aidey,I was referring to the idiot BBC reporter,or possibly an editor whispering in his ear.

  1. I have NEVER in my nearly 80 years, seen such a blatantly, disgustingly, unacceptable, dishonest BBC video.

    Fortunately, young supporters of Labour under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn are too streetwise and intelligent to be taken in by these smears.

    The BBC will never be able to recover the proud record of impartiality it once universally held.

    I say again: “Thank you, Skwawkbox “, for supplying an alternative viewpoint to counter the smears.

    1. I would also second the thanks to soapbox for the cheering us up after a very depressing week .We can take the torys on and win,.We will show the enemy within how to do it!and send them packing to the Tory party!

  2. Without the BBC to support them, the Conservatives would have disappeared long ago. Gone in a puff of smoke, never to be seen again (hopefully).

    1. Hopefully that is going to happen anyway despite the BBC’s daily anti Corbyn propaganda.
      Young people chanting “oh Jeremy Corbyn” does not suit their narrative so they did not comment on it and cut it short – just typical BBC

    2. You wish.

      No – a large proportion of the electorate has voted for the Tories, not because of the Beeb, for all of its sins, but because they actually *like* the ideas that the Tories promulgate.

      Never underestimate what you’re up against.

      1. Yes there is something in what you say – there are quite a lot of Thatchers children about.

  3. If there had been any evidence of systemic AS in party we would have been finished
    2017 GE and Peterborough and Tories avoiding another GE like the plague proof it has zero traction
    I would argue it works for us when people see with their own eyes the mendacity of our accusers and their collaborators

    1. You are absolutely right Doug.
      Neither you nor I nor the hundreds of thousands of other members would consider for one second being a member of a racist anti-semetic party. Its just not in our DNA.
      Yet we all insulted and stand accused of being anti- Semites because a few hundred people out of a membership of over half a million have made nasty anti semetic remarks, mostly on line, deliberately or out of ignorance, for which they have been disciplined by the party up to and including expulsion.
      People see our members out campaigning for our Jewish PPCs and council candidates at election time and see our members working in our Jewish MPs and councillors constituency offices up and down the country week in week out. They have never seen us show either by word or deed any hatred or even dislike of Jewish people.
      That is why we weren’t wiped out either in the General Election and won Peterborough against all the odds. To paraphrase what you have rightly said – people aren’t stupid and recognise a stitch up when they see it.

  4. I think there is a very good reason reason why the smear that Jeremy Corbyn is anti Semetic hasn’t stuck – he isn’t .

  5. Any man who responds to being called a f7ck8ng anti semite and a fucking racist with
    Im sorry you feel that way
    Is a better man than me and will make great PM
    We need a horrible badta4d to do the dirty work, just in case ! People think they can take advantage of magic grandad, members and supporters
    Which i think could win understatement of the century

    1. No Jeremy Corbyn has proved himself to be a statesman and his dignity and refusal to descend into the gutter with his critics are some of his most admirable qualities.
      In relation to his false friends who hope to take advantage of him and us – no chance – they were sussed out long ago. Jeremy is a very astute politician and as I said before – people are not stupid . We know who are our real friends and who despite outward appearances are not.

      1. Smartboy
        No way im disagreeing with you
        JC is the real deal
        Every good cop needs a bad cop to cover their backs and do the shitty stuff to keep show on the road

    2. That’s why some of us voted for T Watson originally. We knew he was a bruiser, and we knew he had promised to support the elected leader. We didn’t know he was lying. Just think, we would be in power if TW had kept his word. We woukd have undoubtedly saved thousands of lives in the last two years, we would have prevented more households descending into poverty and destitution. I think about that a lot when I see the inevitable almost daily stunts pulled to “harm JC”. We all know that it actually is causing great harm to orinary people, too. That’s unforgivable. It’s certainly not socialism.

      1. Some people have no conscience. Human suffering does not feature in their view which is totally concentrated on self promotion and the defeat of the party. Tapeworms eat constantly. Only a bitter purge or enema will suffice. We know what we have to do. Good luck comrades our country needs us.

  6. Young people aren’t stupid they know that Jeremy is a genuine person. The future is bright. Len has just taken Watson down a peg or two at the Durham Miners Gala.

  7. We defeat the Right wing Barbarians within and without with art, music and poetry:
    ‘The young they are arising.
    From poverty to climate strands.
    We’re feeling pretty humble tonight.
    And the future is in good hands!’
    And here’s one adapted song from my branches Unite’s future Univeral Credit Day of Action Campaign (Thursday 1//8/19 – join us!) which includes Poverty Hunger -it is based on Band Aid’s ‘Feed the World’:
    ‘Univeral Credit.
    Is hurting the poor.
    And in this World of plenty.
    Let’s give enough to everyone.
    In the Summertime!
    Chorus: Feed the kids.
    Open school kitchens in Summer!
    Feed the kids!
    Open school kitchens in Summer!’
    X and Solidarity!

    1. Who knew we’d be begging Tories to open schools as soup kitchens to save children from going hungry in Summer?

      Who knew Tories would be defending a ‘good’ journalist’s right to publish leaked secrets at the same time as jailing a ‘bad’ journalist so the US can ̶e̶x̶e̶c̶u̶t̶e̶ extradite him?

      I guess we did.

  8. We are not begging, we are fecking demanding from the Right Wing Tory Neo-Liberal Capitalist Barbarian Legal Thieves!
    “We make it all, they take it all!
    We make the World and lose it all!”
    – The Trillionaires.
    Kick the Tory Neo-Liberal Capitalist Legal Barbarian Thieves Out!
    (To the tune of ‘Oliver’s Army’ – Elvis Costello).
    “Jeremy’s Army is on its way!
    Jeremy’s Army is here to stay!
    And we would rather have Labour in!
    Than the Tories any day!’
    Solidarity & X.

  9. Whether or not the kids who were involved were Labour supporters its obvious that they hit on the “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” chant because they saw its as a massive piss take of the Beeb on live TV.
    I spells disaster for the future of the BBC when even our kids are wise to them. That’s the depth to which the organisation has now sunk.

  10. In Chingford, too! The seat of ian dummkopf-schmitt. I’ll bet he’s tried to report those kids to his beloved DWP standartenfuhrers for doing ‘bob-a-job’ by now…

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