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Fifty times Jeremy Corbyn stood with Jewish people

Labour leader’s extensive record of solidarity with Jewish communities

Jeremy Corbyn with Charedi Rabbi Gluck. Gluck rushed to show support for Corbyn after the Labour leader was assaulted by a right-wing thug during a visit to Finsbury Park Mosque

A list of fifty occasions on which Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn stood with Jewish people in the UK and other countries has been published by his supporters.

The list published today lays out some of Corbyn’s recorded solidarity with Jewish people over a period of more than four decades:

It reads:

  • Corbyn organised the Apr. 1977 defence of Jewish populated Wood Green from a Neo-Nazi march
  • EDM3933 7 Nov. 1990: Corbyn signs motion condemning the rise of antisemitism
  • EDM634, 11 Apr. 2000: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion condemning David Irving for being a Holocaust Denier
  • EDM1124, 6 Nov. 2000: Jeremy Corbyn praised the ‘British Schindler’, Bill Barazetti, for his WW2 kindertransport
  • EDM742, 28 Jan. 2002: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion praising football clubs for commemorating Holocaust Day
  • EDM1233 30 Apr. 2002: Corbyn was a primary sponsor on a motion condemning antisemitism
  • 11 May 2002: Jeremy led a clean up of Finsbury Park Synagogue after an anti-Semitic attack
  • EDM1691, 23 July 2002: Corbyn condemned attacks on a synagogue in Swansea
  • EDM123 26 Nov. 2003: Corbyn officially condemns attacks on 2 Istanbul synagogues
  • EDM298, 16 Dec. 2003: Jeremy Corbyn signs motion commemorating International Holocaust Day
  • 2004: Jeremy condemned news that anti-Semitic hate crimes had risen for yet another year
  • EDM461, 21 Jan. 2004: Jeremy Corbyn condemned the French government’s moves to ban the Jewish Kippa in French Schools
  • EDM717, 26 Feb. 2004: Jeremy signed a motion praising Simon Wiesenthal for bringing Nazi perpetrators of the Holocaust to justice
  • EDM1613, 8 Sept. 2004: Corbyn co-sponsored a bill expressing fears for the future of the United Synagogue Pension Scheme
  • EDM1699, 11 Oct. 2004: Jeremy Corbyn condemned arbitrary attacks on civilians in Israel and Palestine
  • EDM482, 12 Jan. 2005: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion commemorating International Holocaust Day
  • EDM343, 16 June 2005: Jeremy condemned the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in east London
  • EDM1343, 11 Jan. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion commemorating International Holocaust Day
  • EDM1774, 8 Mar. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn led condemnations of an Iranian Magazine soliciting cartoons about the Holocaust
  • EDM1267, 16 Apr. 2006: Jeremy Corbyn condemned Bryan Ferry for anti-Semitic remarks
  • EDM2414, 26 June 2006: Jeremy Corbyn praised British war veterans for their efforts to combat the Holocaust
  • EDM2705, 10 Oct. 2006: Jeremy signed a motion marking the 70th anniversary of Cable Street
  • EDM271, 14 Nov. 2007: Jeremy co-sponsored a motion lamenting the poverty and social exclusion East London Jews suffered
  • EDM153, 12 May 2008: Corbyn praised the efforts of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto during the uprising of 1944
  • EDM2350, 27 Oct 2008: Jeremy Corbyn signs a motion marking the 70th anniversary of the horrors of the holocaust
  • EDM173, 8 Dec. 2008: Jeremy condemned the Press Complaints Commission for refusing to sanction The Times for antisemitism
  • EDM461, 14 Jan. 2009: Jeremy Corbyn condemned a wave of recent anti-Semitic incidents targeted
  • EDM605, 27 Jan. 2009: Corbyn signed John Mann’s motion condemning antisemitism on university campuses
  • EDM917 26 Feb. 2009: Jeremy signs a motion condemning antisemitism on the internet
  • EDM1175 24 Mar. 2009: Corbyn signs a motion praising the heroism of British Jews during Holocaust
  • EDM337, 2 Dec. 2009: Jeremy Condemned Iran’s treatment of Jewish minorities in Iran
  • EDM850 9 Feb. 2010: Jeremy joins in calls for Facebook to do more to fight antisemitism
  • EDM891: 22 Feb 2010: Corbyn co-sponsors a motion calling for Yemen’s Jews to be given refugee status to the UK
  • EDM908 27 Oct. 2010: Corbyn praises work of late Israeli PM in his pursuit of a 2 state solution
  • EDM1360, 27 Jan. 2011: Corbyn co-sponsored a motion praising the ‘never again for anyone initiative’
  • EDM1527, 3 Mar. 2011: Corbyn backed Ian Paisley’s motion condemning the anti-Semitic remarks of Dior’s lead fashion designer
  • EDM2870, 14 Mar. 2012: Jeremy Corbyn condemned the sale of Nazi memorabilia at an auction in Bristol
  • EDM2866, 14 Mar 2012: Jeremy Corbyn co-sponsored a bill condemning the rise of antisemitism in Lithuania
  • EDM2899, 20 Mar. 2012, Jeremy Corbyn condemned a terrorist attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse
  • EDM168, 12 June 2012, Jeremy co-sponsored a motion condemning anti-Semitic attacks during EURO 2012 in Poland
  • EDM 195 13 June 2012: Jeremy attacks BBC for cutting Jewish programmes from Its schedule
  • EDM 1133 1 Mar 2013: Corbyn joins a chorus of calls condemning antisemitism In sport
  • 1 Oct. 2013: Corbyn was one of the few MPs who defended Ralph Miliband from Daily Mail antisemitism
  • EDM 932 9 Jan 2014: Jeremy praises Holocaust Memorial’s work on antisemitism education
  • EDM 165 22 June 2015: Jeremy condemns a Neo-Nazi rally planned for a Jewish area of London
  • Sat 4 July 2015: Jeremy co-planned a counter-fascist demo in defence of Jewish residents at Golders Green. The march was re-routed
  • 18 Nov. 2015, Corbyn used one of his first PMQs to challenge Cameron to do more on antisemiUsm
  • 9 Oct 2016: Corbyn, close to tears, leads commemoration of the Battle of Cable Street
  • 3 Dec. 2016: Corbyn visits Terezin Concentration Camp to commemorate Holocaust victims
  • In 2017-19 Jeremy introduced 20 new measures to combat antisemitism in the Labour Party

Corbyn has already received extensive support from Orthodox Jewish leaders. Thirty-four leading rabbis signed a letter praising Labour’s “respected leader” and describing attacks on him as “irresponsible”. The letter was attacked as a fake by Corbyn’s critics, who were later forced to withdraw the claim when evidence was revealed by the SKWAWKBOX that they were aware of its authenticity.

A letter by Jewish citizens published by the Sunday Times was similarly attacked.

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  1. Number of times hodge, watson, ellman, smeeth, screeching, mann, etc , plus the MSM, gave a f**k?


    Number of times this’ll be reported on in future in the MSM?

    Again = 0

  2. Very good to hear from the Jewish people who have always been loyal to the Labour party and such a shame that the traitors and the media have managed to stick the Labour party and the member’s with a totally horrendous lie.Why?,and why? again have we been so passive in helping LFI and the deputy leader in smearing innocent victims of of our loyal members.,and Chris Williamson.Some days I wake up and wonder what smear is on todays schedule.If only the NEC would wake up and ask of themselves am I really up to the job I was elected to,? And whats that awful smell every time we have a meeting!

    1. ‘If only the NEC would wake up and ask of themselves am I really up to the job I was elected to’

      So could you explain precisely what it is they WOULD do if they were “up to the job” Joseph – ie what it is you would expect them to do?

      In the BBC article I link to in my post below, it says the following:

      Labour said it was taking “decisive action against anti-Semitism” and had doubled the number of staff dedicated to dealing with complaints and cases.

      “Our records show that anti-Semitism cases that have gone through the stages of our disciplinary procedures since September 2015 account for about 0.06% of the party’s membership,” the spokeswoman said.

      “This represents a tiny minority – but one anti-Semite is one too many and we will continue to act against this repugnant form of racism.”


      The fact that the author of the article happened to put a sub-heading IMMEDIATELY above the LP response which says ‘Deep prejudice’ is just purely coincidental of course.

  3. And whats that awful smell every time we have a meeting!

    tom watson (When he turns up)

    1. The Toffee,that awful smell is of cowardice and they know it.I expected that NEC would show the lead but all they have seemed to be.
      is a shadow of democracy and decision making.!

  4. In the following BBC article Lord Triesman – one of the three peers who resigned the whip – is quoted as saying that: Anti-Semites were “shielded”, while “serious party members are thrown out unceremoniously”. Putting the first Big Lie to one side – ie that anti-semites are shielded by the LP – is anyone aware of any party members who have been “uncerimoniously” thrown out. No, of course not! And WHY would they be thrown out, and for what reason – ie on what grounds? It’s just complete and utter black propaganda garbage of course!

    Perhaps we should email him en masse and ask him who he is referring to (and skwawkbox as well). It is of course just ANOTHER Big Lie and, as such, has no basis in reality, as with the vast majority of claims of anti-semitism. One thing’s for certain – given that it’s a falsehood – he will avoid doing any interviews (by BBC News or Newsnight or Channel 4 News etc) in which he could be potentially asked who he he’s referring to, or how he knows THAT to be the case. I mean if he knows that it’s happened, then he must know who they are! Or maybe he just heard a rumour!

    1. Turns out I was wrong about Triesman, as he was just on Newsnight (in a pre-recorded interview with Emily Maitlis). Needless to say, Emily Maitlis didn’t ask him about the members he claims have been thrown out and, as such, put him on the spot. But he’s NOT a very good liar, and you could tell by his demeanor that it doesn’t come naturally to him. One thing’s for sure, he would NEVER pass a lie-detector test!

      1. “Emily Maitlis didn’t ask him about the members he claims have been thrown out”

        Expecting a journalist to ask searching questions of the usual timeservers on this topic is like hoping for rain in the middle of the Sahara.

      2. ”But he’s NOT a very good liar,”

        Nor was he any good as FA chairman, or labour peer. No loss.

    2. Maybe he slipped up,and was thinking about the number of so called AS party members who have faced kangaroo courts and rough justice,then unceromoniosly thrown out What do you think Allan?….ken Livingstone and many more who have eventually walked away before being thrown under a bus?

      1. As I keep saying Joseph, it’s a no-win situation. That’s not to say that there aren’t forces at work in the party machinery doing their bit to perpetuate the anti-semitism myth. But what do you think the saboteurs/plotters would have done next if the NEC hadn’t re-suspended Chris, or what they will do if he isn’t expelled? The smearers hold all the cards because the MSM is in league with them and enables all their falsehoods.

  5. These peers are too thick to realise that they and their fellow-travellers are now anti-semitism’s greatest recruiting-sargeants!


  6. As I said in an earlier post Orthodox ( Charedi ) Jews, Socialist Jews and Jewish intellectuals who have all come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn are not deemed to be members of the “Jewish Community” by the MSM and other critics of the party and our leader.
    Refusing to acknowledge that these Jewish people have a voice, a right to be heard and have a right to a political opinion is anti semetic.
    Shame on those who seek to silence and exclude our Orthodox, Socialist and our other Jewish brothers and sisters from the Jewish Community because they refuse to turn their backs on Jeremy Corbyn who has always been so supportive of all Jewish people.

    1. Yes, and needless to say, those who can falsely accuse people of anti-semitism are nasty despicable monsters who don’t give a damn about anti-semitism, and the fact that they have no problem whatsoever about the worry and concern they are causing numerous Jews in their quest to destroy Jeremy Corbyn, tells you all you need to know about how much they care about the Jewish community. And many of the conspirators are Jewish themselves!

  7. I see the Canary say that Chris Williamson’s case has been referred to another panel. When will the NEC do the right thing????

  8. Does Chris Williamson’s re-suspension mean that he cannot re-apply to become a Labour MP?

    I wonder why the BBC/EHRC/Channel4/SKY/+miscellaneous newspapers have a problem providing an actual definition of Anti-Semitism, with actual exemplars to illustrate? Better not…..easier to report comment; opinion & smears aka ‘deconstructive’ ambiguity a better stick to beat Corbyn that just keeps hitting.

  9. Slightly off-topic, but still to do with the current build-up to Chicken Coup 2.0:

    Syriza has just lost elections in Greece to a so-called centre-right party. The MSM are billing this as the ‘end to anti-austerity populism’ and acceptance of the ‘centre’. We all know there are many reasons that contributed to the demise of Syriza, but that’s a discussion for another time. The key thing to note here is the use of the term ‘anti-austerity populism’. They went on to describe Trump and Italy’s Salvini – correctly – as populists, lumping them – incorrectly- with Syriza. You could clearly tell that the emphasis is in discrediting the two opposite ends of the political spectrum and promotion of the ‘center’. Now, enters our ‘centrists’ plot:

    1) Anti-austerity ‘populism’ has been discredited. Translation: JC’s anti-austerity stance is becoming unpopular; look at Syriza, they will say.
    2) Current leadership is aiding and abetting anti-semitism. Look at the handling of CW’s case and the subsequent coordinated resignation of the 3 peers, they will say.
    3) The recent ‘clarification’, if we may call it that, of Brexit policy does not fully endorse a second PV with and backing REMAIN as an option, which is against the wishes of the ‘majority’, they will say.

    Therefore, JC MUST GO!, they will say, fully supported by the MSM. The MSM acknowledge the fact that the Conservatives are in disarray. Should BJ decide to call off their dissidents’ bluff and call an GE, JC will win (never mind the poll numbers, that’s another discussion for another day). The amazing thing is that the fear of JC in No.10 is uniting both pro-Remain and pro-Leave MSM. Hence the plot to get rid of him before the elections.

    As an aside, these ‘centrists’ know how effective CW is as a campaigner, hence their determination to keep him out of the party. Also because he promoted the Democracy Road Show which called for open selections, which the ‘centrists’ considered a threat to their privileged positions.

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