Video: Dead Ringers’ pitch-perfect Watson take-down

Radio 4 satire captures Watson’s lack of substance in ninety merciless seconds
I went to Glastonbury once and everything” – BBCR4’s take on Tom Watson

Labour members frustrated at Tom Watson’s attempts to divert or undermine the Brexit policy and strategy of the party’s leadership may be amused at a barbed presentation of the West Bromwich East MP by BBC Radio 4’s satire show Dead Ringers last Friday.

Picking out Watson’s lack of substance and well-attested failure to follow through on any actions, Jon Culshaw’s depiction of Labour’s unpopular deputy leader was pitch perfect:

“I’m loco, baby. I went to Glastonbury once and everything.”

“Watson”‘s threat to ‘go nuclear’ – not by mounting a leadership challenge but by leaving the room in such a way that nobody would notice – was a sublime indictment of the real Watson’s failure to put any substance where his mouth is.

Left Labour MPs have even offered to lend him their nominations to help him challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership, to call his bluff and expose what Labour members really think of his claims to represent their views on Brexit or anything else.

But Watson has not shown the courage or principle to take up the offer, instead continuing to tour the media to push a remain switch that would prevent Labour forming the next government and is already being discredited.

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  1. While he doesn’t challenge Corbyn, nobody challenges him.

    …Or disciplines/rebukes him.

  2. “Watson has not shown the courage or principle to take up the offer”
    On the other hand, no-one has had the courage to challenge him, sadly.
    Less of the hypocrisy. There plenty of real reasons to criticise Watson, without this childish personal stuff.

    1. Whilst I can understand the critique of the comedy, I don’t understand the accusation of it being ‘personal’. It’s merely detailing the exact conduct of Watson in PLP and NEC meetings.

  3. Enough off these anti-Watson articles. When are the so-called “Left” in the PLP going to mount a challenge?

    These fakers are not even paper tigers, one hardly hears a socialist pip out of them.

    What we need is an alternative candidate and nominations for such a candidate. If we cannot muster enough nominations, then that would at least call into question how democratic are the current nominations requirements for elections for party leader and deputy leader.

  4. Breaking news John Prescott admitted to hospital with suspected stroke.Couldn’t have anything to do with his family members being hounded and his son targeted by that treacherous poison Watson and his supporters could it.John and his son have always been loyal Labour party members.I wonder at the strain Jeremy Corbyn as been put under by these treacherous dogs,We must act now and at conference to demonstrate outside the centre in Brighton to let the member’s and the public realise Watson’s deputy leadership is a serious attempt to remove corbyn and bury socialism in the Labour party.We must lobby our mps for someone amongst them to stand against Watson’s treacherous behaviour.We need to protect corbyn!and bury Watson.

    1. “Couldn’t have anything to do with …?”

      Probably only if the fabric of reality is stretched beyond breaking point in a time-warp.


      1. Explain yourself RH.Are the lib dems paying to troll for Watson now?

  5. It’s time Tom Watson was put out of his misery and mine come to that!

  6. Watson can get away with it because nothing ever happens to threaten his position therefore a worthwhile investment for getting at Labour. If there are not enough MPs to nominate a alleger then change the rules to less. The management back-up for Corbyn at the Labour Party seems dire and looks like a real problem for them – is it infested with embittered Balirites?

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