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Video: Tory minister shockingly manhandles woman climate protester out of bankers banquet

Mark Field frogmarches woman out in front of black-tie guests

The Labour Party has called for the immediate sacking of the Tories’ Asia-Pacific minister Mark Field after he was filmed manhandling a female Greenpeace protester out of a black-tie banquet thrown for bankers.

Field is seen pinning the shocked woman against a pillar before grabbing her by the arm and by the nape of the neck as he shoves her away from the ‘elite’:

Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities Dawn Butler tweeted in horror:

Appallingly, Tory MP Sir Peter Bottomley congratulated Field for his action.


Boris Johnson infamously gave a journalist’s details to a friend so he could beat him up. It’s clear that thuggishness and arrogance are not limited to the Tories’ likely next leader – and no tuxedo or lavish surroundings can disguise it.

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    1. This longer footage renders his claims untenable. She had already walked past a significant number of people and showed no interest in Field at all. It looked like she was going to go past him too.

      The language he used strongly suggests that he felt a sense of annoyance rather than fear. Also, he grabbed her neck, and, significantly, did not let go whilst walking her the entire length of the hall. that is some considerable distance.

      I certainly hope that this ends his political career altogether.

  1. When we’ve been briefed by police and lawyers about handling disrupters at our meetings we’ve been clearly told that acting like Mark Field does in this video is criminal assault. When will the police be feeling his collar?

  2. Loutish thugish bunch of ex public school boys running to type ,and setting an example of what we can expect from a Boris Johnson Tory regime.Bring it on Boris the best priminister we could wish for when he helps us to an historic Labour party win and the first socialist government in my lifetime,and I am now an old man.Boris Johnson’s Tory party will be seen in all its splendour for the narrow cruel and racist entity of a terminal government rotton to the core and proped up by the Establishment!

  3. The excuses are pitiful

    ‘It was a split-second decision’…Of course it was. Field has his chair at an angle, ready to pounce as the girl walks along the back wall – the same way field marches her back down. No two ways about it – it was premeditated.

    ‘I thought she might have been armed’

    Yes – with a mobile phone. Sawn- off, no doubt. Again, field has had time to weigh up the situation. Had that been a 6′ 14 stone bloke he’d have shat himself.

    Sack him and convict him. Nothing to do with being a toerag, although that’s also an aggravating factor – Had it been some pretend labour ‘hardcase’ like john mann I’d be saying the same.

  4. Like all fine good upstanding Tories , Field exemplifies that strong and stable tradition of women s place being in the kitchen seen but not heard and doing as they are told …
    The rank hypocrisy of Field is laid bear here only last week tweeting

    Mark Field MP (@MarkFieldUK)

    “The UK remains committed to helping women all over the world to feel safe and protected in the work they do, so they can speak freely and be part of the change we all want. My remarks at the Westminster Hall Debate on Women Human Rights Defenders.

    This is a straight forward case of common assault as a minimum , usually receives a slap on the wrist BUT , this is an MP and holds a high office position of responsibility and thus must be held to a much higher standard of account and behaviour.His example sets the tone and sends the tacit signal that its OK to attack women in our society .
    Field could have left it to the security guards to deal with ,but he didn’t , being the big macho I am man ….
    One name Jo Cox . That’s where this lack of standard setting leads to imo , his sacking should be immediate and legal action pursued and I’d be saying exactly the same if it were any other Labour/Libdem MP who had behaved in the same way .

  5. He’s a fascist twunt – I seldom swear I apologise. But seeing this assault last night not only shocked me to the core, but also made me very angry. How dare he, and I hope she made a complaint to the police and they act. It was a physical nasty assault. Sign of what we can expect to see more off – sadly…


    City of London Police statement released on banquet incident:

    “No charges to follow. @MarkFieldUK had reason to believe female attacker was comedian Jo Brand, armed with a joke.”

  7. Early this morning a male BBC newsreader described Field’s action as “escorting” the female activist out of the venue.
    He didn’t escort her, he bundled her out faster and using far more force than was necessary.
    Surprised nobody dropped the fucker.

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