Whichever wins, next PM will be law-breaker with blood of Yemeni civilians on hands

Judges’ ruling blocking Saudi arms sales states both Johnson and Hunt illegally authorised weapons exports without assessing the impact on civilians
Participants in a huge civilian death toll: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt

The landmark ruling by judges that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia are unlawful has condemned both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt – the two remaining contenders to be Tory leader and the unelected next Prime Minister.

Three judges ruled that the pair – along with disgraced Tory front-bencher Liam Fox and other Tory ministers – had illegally signed off on arms exports to Saudi Arabia without properly assessing the risk to Yemeni civilians after the Tories covertly changed government policy in early 2016.

Whichever of the pair wins in the vote by the relative handful of remaining Tory members, the next PM of this country will be a lawbreaker with civilian blood on his hands.

Also in 2016, both men voted against a Jeremy Corbyn motion to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia and spare Yemeni civilians.

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  1. “Whichever of the pair wins in the vote by the relative handful of remaining Tory members, the next PM of this country will be a lawbreaker with civilian blood on his hands”

    So he’ll probably get a knighthood and a Blair-style retirement flogging weapons and advice to tyrants the world over!

    1. You will no doubt be proved to be more or less right but I think they will go for a seat in the House of Lords instead of a Knighthood. You don’t get paid £300/day for being a Knight of the Realm.

  2. There’s a sinecure awaiting either of those war mongers whatever happens. Hardly surprising they don’t seem to care about the resultant murders they have been pleased to sign off. With one scandal or another the courts are going to be busy dealing with the hucksters who have been pretending to be politicians for the last ten years!

  3. Whoever is the next Tory PM will be a conscious agent of the United States, following its lead and doing its bidding, not just in foreign policy but in re-aligning domestic policy to suit the interests of US corporations.
    Hunt’s record in sabotaging the NHS makes him a very attractive candidate to the US oligarchy desperately fighting a rearguard action against the overwhelming public longing in the USA for an NHS of its own.

    1. You are right on that bevin .The next ELECTED PM will be one that will not go cap in hand to the US,but will treat all foreign governments with due respect ,but will deal with all on an equal footing and be wary of US warmongers.Our Jeremy will govern for the many!

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