Video: Pidcock effortlessly takes down ‘deplorable’ Johnson TWICE on BBCQT

Labour star Pidcock surrounded by right-wingers on Question Time but still took down likely next Tory PM Boris Johnson twice
Take-down: Laura Pidcock on BBCQT

Labour’s Laura Pidcock shone on Thursday night’s BBC Question Time, in spite of being surrounded by Tories and centrists on the guest panel.

The MP for North-West Durham, who gave a landmark interview to the SKWAWKBOX in 2017, received a rousing welcome from the audience for interventions on knife crime and other issues – but even more so for the way in which she effortlessly cut boorish Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson down to size.

Pidcock answered a question about whether Johnson could be beaten by answering that no, there is no one among the Tories who can beat him in the minds of the Tory membership ‘selectorate’ – but that Labour will do so in a general election because of his appalling lack of character:

Pidcock also shamed Johnson with a five-word intervention when right-wing pub-chain owner said he didn’t think Johnson was an out and out racist, pointing out that the blond Tory is ‘just a casual one, then’:


Down-to-earth Labour authenticity triumphed over Tory arrogance and self-importance even in a notoriously biased media setting. No wonder the Tories are terrified of a general election.

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  1. When we are in government this influential ,media outlet needs a complete clearout of Tory supporters who have hijacked the BBC and use question time as a Tory propaganda machine for the few paid for by the many.Watching this media circus makes me cringe,the bias against the Labour party so obvious.

  2. Attagirl!

    kwasi (modo) kwarteng’s grid is a picture. He was on ch4 news last night attempting to defend the abysmal record of the racist johnson. There’s a lot of black people have a term for you, kwasi. I won’t use it because I’m not boris; but I’m certain you know what it is.

    As for that scruff what owns wetherspoons…Tsk!

    Just ‘Tsk!’

    1. That scruff went to campbell college in belfast, the rather cheap public school that could give kids that didn’t get the 11+ a ‘good education’. His parents were in the alcohol business before him.

      1. I know those schools. You know. “I am thrashing you for your own benefit”. Can’t you just see the fat owl of the remove ( whatever the hell that means). Hurrumph, whacko. Yoiks.

    2. Toffee

      Is the term 2 words, first word “House”? 😀

      I’d love to have been in the audience to ask gammon face Martin why he doesn’t pay or train his staff properly and why he deliberately under-staffs his pubs. It might save cash but puts an unreasonable burden on the poor, miserable sods who’ve been “lucky” enough to get a shift and it means a 10-15 min wait to get served most of the time!

      Foxy Piddock for deputy!

  3. The Labour Party should devote all the resources it can to help defeat Johnson and Rees-Mogg in their respective constituencies at the next general election.

    Johnson only has a majority of 12.8% (5,000 votes).

  4. Your videos aren’t working lately on Chrome, SKWAWKBOX.
    W7 x64 Chrome Versions 74.0.3729.157 and 75.0.3770.100.
    OK on Firefox though – I don’t use IE.

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