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Breaking: Tory minister Field suspended after attacking protester

Theresa May says Field ‘suspended as a minister’

Tory MP Mark Field has been suspended as Asia and Pacific Minister after footage emerged of him attacking a climate protester at a bankers banquet last night.

Field attempted to justify the attack by claiming the protester might have been armed, but he grabbed her upper arms, shoulders and then neck as he manhandled the woman from the banquet hall, not her wrists as might be expected if a weapon was feared.

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  1. Tories are thugs as well as liars. That might of course appear to be a massive generalisation but in essence Tories voters see this and yet still vote for them, look how popular Johnson is with the Tory rank and file.

  2. Yeah so easy to say that after the event, he must think the public are so stupid despite it being videoed and widely available on the internet.

  3. He used his “Asian & Pacific method” of restraining a woman…brave warrior!

  4. Good now lets have Inspector knacker feel his collar!.Typical Tory minder!.attack first and ,sort the alibi later…Good job the NEC is not involved.He would probably get away with it ?.,and the victim prosecuted!

  5. Just a thought tom,asia Pacific minister?.Do you know if the new TORY regime will create more of these ministers from the bullingdon club.I understand that we have constitution ministers without a Constitution and minister without portfolio whatever!.Could we have minister for Alaska and polar bears,or maybe minister for working class peasantry without portfolio or anything resembling a sane policy.Anything will be possible once Boris Johnson gets is nose in the trough.

  6. Common street thug. Would be at home in the SA!

    No doubt Corbyn will get the blame somehow…

  7. I’m not really shocked. Frankly if you’re going to oppose the ruling class you should expect extreme violence in return – and not whinge about it. I was active in secondary picketing on Northumberland and Durham during the miners’ strike and was a part of the mass NGA pickets every Tuesday (we did weekly shifts) outside Eddie Shah’s Warrington factory (1984/5). The violence was incredible, especially if they (the busies) thought nobody was looking. I had many friends who were assaulted by the SPG/mounted police but were then prosecuted for assault themselves. The ruling class will defend their privileges with extreme violence and the bourgeois law/judges will usually support them.

    The only solution to capitalist war and violence is socialism and democratic control of industry/commerce. We will not really be able to feel safe until we have a true people’s parliament, a people’s police and a people’s army – and we able to put the devil way down in the hole.

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