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Breaking: Tory MP Chris Davies sacked by constituents via recall petition

Now ex-MP Chris Davies

Welsh Tory MP Chris Davies has been sacked by his constituents by means of a successful ‘recall’ petition. Davies had admitted falsifying expense claims and received a criminal conviction.

A by-election date should be set shortly in the Commons.

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  1. I have campaigned in that constituency in a by-election, as an activist in the old Liberal Party. It is hard going because very rural and confusing electoral roll, alphabetical lists of names according to the vhapel the person in that house used to attend …

    1. If the Lib Dems can win that seat back (we can’t) – the Tory majority (with the ever more febrile DUP ally of course – worried about a WTO crash out Ireland/NI hard border) in Parliament falls to a mere FOUR ! No way could a Boris Johnson-led government legislate for anything with that . A snap General Election (no doubt the most racist, petty nationalist, xenophobic, and red-baiting on record) soon after Boris Johnson is anointed Tory Leader and PM, must surely be on the cards. The mendacious Mandelson/Campbell PV/Remain campaign is a huge distraction from that reality.

  2. Brilliant news. Is there any chance realistically that Labour could win the seat?

  3. We have an “all up election” in the City where I live. The rule book says in all ups there should be an all womens short list for one seat in any branch that has two or three males. However our regional officer has told us that where there are boundary changes the males can stay. Can someone advise me on this? Some regions may want certain councillors to stay for anti corbyn reasons? Or I have I mis-interpreted the rules, or could this just be incompetence?

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