Corbyn welcomes Peterborough result for ‘people-powered campaign’

Corbyn pays tribute to strength of movement and Labour’s popular policies to unite voters

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a statement welcoming the party’s spectacular by-election victory in Peterborough – and paying tribute to Labour’s activists and policies to speak to voters, as well as to Labour’s newest MP Lisa Forbes:

I am delighted to congratulate Lisa Forbes on a great win and a people-powered campaign.

Peterborough has shown clear support for Labour’s programme to end austerity and invest in services and communities, rejecting a decade of Tory cuts and their disastrous handling of Brexit. In this key seat, the Conservatives have been pushed to the margins.

This result shows that in spite of the divisions and deadlock over Brexit, when it comes to a vote on the issues that directly affect people’s lives, Labour’s case for real change has strong support across the country. I look forward to welcoming Lisa to parliament next week.

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    1. Me too! It’s so heartening that the public are not buying media/Mandelson spin, who must be climbing the walls with rage!

  1. Yay! One in the eye for those right wingers who want a second coup against Corbyn as leader and a ridiculous second referendum!

    1. Indeed.

      The job would’ve been (will be) whole lot easier if the remainers would just STFU, accept democracy and start concentrating on the issues that affect everyday life for those continually (and invariably the first) hit by austerity measures…Austerity measures that – EU or no – will be standardized unless we get socialist labour Govt.

      1. *ThemSELVES

        (No idea where the ‘selves’ disppeared to on the op)

  2. I think all of us who traveled to Peterborough to campaign were impressed by Lisa as a candidate and a massive well done to her. How sad to see the way the BBC is reporting the result,”narrowly hung on” ,”edged out”, “held the seat but only just”.It was actually an increased majority but I am sure if we had lost by 600 the media,and others,would be saying it increases the pressure on Mr Corbyn to push for a second referendum.. No matter,a great result and well done to all my colleagues who worked so hard,and a reminder we need to work even harder to drive the right wing back to their sewers.

    1. I turned off the TV some minutes ago because she was being attacked on the BBC as an anti Semite.

      1. ‘kinell – didn’t tke them long, did it?

        What next? Will prospective labour MP’s be vetted as soon as they leave their mother’s wombs, ffs?

      2. The point was made by a young woman ( from Novara Media I think) that we can’t have a hierarchy of racism. She mentioned recent Islamophobia which is largely ignored by the media and others.
        We have had Muslims murdered in this country and in other places such as New Zealand for the sole reason that they are Muslims but that doesn’t seem to matter to a lot of commentators.
        We have also had people within the Labour party (LFI) tweeting in support of the mass killings of Muslims in Gaza last April and May.
        I am sure all this causes much hurt to Muslims but it appears their feelings don’t count.

      3. Just reading Eric Hobsbawn’s brilliant ‘Age of Extremes’ and concerning the International Brigade in Spain in the 1930’s Eric pointed out that out of 40,000 socialist volunteers from 50 countries, 7,000 of the socialists were Jewish and with all thats going on with charges against Labour, I shed a tear.
        And I shed a tear too with Labour’s victory today.

  3. It’s a great win for Lisa Forbes and from what I’ve read she campaigned a lot on the important social issues. Well done to all those who got that message across.

  4. IMO this clearly vindicates the Labour Policy agreed at Conference and prosecuted by Corbyn despite relentless pressure from those on the RW who want to undermine this policy .
    The Brexit party is the New Tory Party it is what the Tories have now morphed into ,, just as New Labour was the Blairite aberration of what real Labour was and now is under Corbyn’s leadership .
    Crack on JC head down arse up and fuck those who continually snipe / undermine and criticize from the MSM and within the party .
    NEC GIVE US THE GREEN LIGHT NOW , get the clear out done before the next GE

    1. I could not agree more. It is absolutely clear that some MPs should not be in the Labour party – they hold it and its members in utter contempt – but its too good a platform for the gravy train for them ever to leave.
      Jess Phillips is one such person. She has just said that she believes that Lisa’s election shows that anti semitism is being normalised in the party. That means that in her opinion people like me, one of the 500,000 card carrying members of the party , are OK with anti semitism and engage in, accept or ignore Jew hating as part of normal everyday life.
      This is a vile unfounded insult. That it comes from someone who depends on the members she clearly despises to make a very good living for herself and her husband, her office manager, is makes it even more offensive.
      I am outraged and incensed by this slur. I deeply resent my subs being used to fund this woman’s election campaign. I also deeply resent the fact that she is happy to let of my allegedly Jew Hating comrades knock on doors or spending hours in phone banks campaigning for her election and supporting her in the constituency afterwards.
      I call upon the NEC to investigate and determine whether or not Jess Phillips comments have been accurately recorded and if I call upon them so to take action against her under the Constitution.
      I also call upon Yardley CLP to disassociate itself from her remarks and state whether or not it continues to have confidence her.

    1. As I said elsewhere – watching you incontinently pissing down your leg in a rush to create a fiction, whilst I wrote my congratulations (Some of us stayed up for the count).

      You are a twit.

      1. Until your lastest posts this morning this is what you posted last night – then did the off before the result come in (No need to deduce the reason, it speaks for itself)


        ”I think serial failure/inability to address the issues, and instead resort to personalisation, is a more telling sign of desperation”

        Hypocrisy at it’s most brazen; accusing others of ‘Personalisation’ and ‘Desperation’. Once again you’ve grassed yourself up with your own words as well as your actions

        But apparently, I’m the ‘twit’. Oh, ok then dicky, if YOU say so…

      2. ”whilst I wrote my congratulations (Some of us stayed up for the count).”

        Again – for everybody’s benefit and to clear up all doubt, show us all the post where you made a personal congratulatory message for Ms Forbes?

        You did not and you have not. I’ve checked your posts mde after this one at 12:44 am this morning.


        I believe the reult was called around an hour or so later than that, but you didn’t post again until 9:34am

        No post you have made since that one I’ve linked to contains a congratulatory message to Ms Forbes…I needn’t post every post since to prove the point – but can to prove beyond all doubt that you’re a liar.

        And the reason you haven’t posted congrats is because you’re totally gutted Ms Forbed won on a party policy of not calling for a 2nd ref.


  5. Great result and a great effort by all involved. I notice that the headline about it in this mornings Guardian offers the LP its heartiest congratulations (NOT) despite predicting total disaster for the LP for most of the run up.
    You know it’s almost as if it had wished Labour had lost.

  6. “Labour scrapes past Brexit party to hold seat” – The Guardian throws its toys out of the pram. they so wanted Labour to lose!

    1. I suggest that you save your ire at the Guardian for when they write something worth getting steamed up about. It’s not a Labour paper, so it’s not going to put a cheer-leader gloss on the result, is it?

      The main reporting was as accurate and neutral as you’re likely to get in the press.

      Why do I defend the Groan on this? Because shouting ‘bias’ or ‘antisemitism’ or … whatever … when there isn’t anything remarkable to comment on is a too common infection that pollutes what it touches.

      1. We are just having a bit of a laugh at the Guardian’s expense mate try and lighten up.
        Those of us who have been reading it for the past 50 years really don’t need the benefit of your rather pompous opinion on its current political stance. We judge it by the standards of its former journalists and correspondents those like Brian Redhead and James Cameron. That’s not to say that I agreed with every word that they ever wrote but they had a lot more integrity and talent than the shower who write for it now. To me and quite a few others its a newspaper that has gone seriously down the drain over the past few years. Its ever decreasing circulation appears to confirm that.
        And certainly no one here has accused it of being antisemitic or anything like that. You really lost all sense of proportion there. We just think that its turned in to a bit of a rag as we are perfectly entitled to. Get over it..

      2. “You really lost all sense of proportion there.”

        “pompous opinion”

        Mmmm … I think those accusations just boomeranged.

  7. Got it wrong it was a Brexit dummiy spitting exercise but due to heroes
    like Jim who walked the walk and got off fat arses Lisa, JC and Labour party won the day,
    Thanks from the millions who desperately need a Labour government
    I’m in absolute awe of the membership of this great party, all we need now is to stand up for our proud record and call out our enemies
    Jim my thanks again, time to spend my winnings on a fashion victim who answers to the name of No1 grandbairn

    1. Certainly was.
      It’s upset both RH and the Grauniad, so I’m sure JC will be pleased. 😉

  8. Ere rh…

    …Why haven’t you deigned to congratulate Ms Forbes on her victory, as yet?

  9. ‘Labour Wins!
    And capital and its scribes they recoil in horror.
    And it was an honest, socialist, working class lass.
    Who foiled the Barbarians, for a better tomorro!’

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