Labour’s campaign in Peterborough shows party has what UK needs but must firmly back Brexit to win leave seats

Huge contribution from hundreds of campaigners – but feedback from ex-Labour voters clear that party seen as ‘too remain’


As polls close in Peterborough and the political world waits with baited breath for the votes to be counted, one result is already very.

Hundreds of Labour campaigners flooded Peterborough to campaign and ‘get out the vote’ – an outstanding volunteer effort that shows Labour still has the vision and energy the country needs – but those ‘on the doors’ have consistently reported meeting ex-Labour voters supporting the Brexit party, all telling the same story: that Labour is ‘too remain’.

Whether the party’s outstanding policy platform in everyday areas has been enough to push past the Brexit issue will be known in a few hours, but what has been clearly seen by those on the ground in the city is that leave areas cannot be approached from a remain stance.

Labour must honour its 2017 commitment to respect the referendum result.

If Lisa Forbes wins tonight, it will be in spite of the Labour MPs pushing claims that the party is now in favour of a new referendum – and if she loses, it will be because of the message pushed by those same MPs.

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  1. I note Squawkbox is getting in the arse-about-tit excuses for failure even before the count. I think the strap line is remarkably similar to that of the journal of scratched record – the Daily Express!

    Now, I’ve heard of ‘keep your enemies close’ – but I don’t think that means getting into bed with them and drooling at their words of wisdom!

  2. Sounds very pessimistic.We are seeing the damage done by the combined efforts of the anti corbyn mps and the media alliance.We had the time and the backing of the Labour party membership to enforce discipline and remova! of the cancer but were too cowardly to act..We are now drinking in the last chance saloon.We have thrown away a socialist government and allowed the destructive forces to prevail. God help us all!

  3. Skwawky appears to be living in a parallel universe. All the signs point to the electorate realising they were lied to and conned by the far right over Brexit and are turning to remain, yet in this little corner of Brexit land enlightenment is not allowed to dawn.

  4. RH’s endless Mandelson scripted Remain Trollery ceases to amuse. Well said Skwawkbox. The Troll excuses for a Labour VICTORY will even now be being scripted . And the Guardian and Independent will no doubt already have two alternative headlines ready, ie ” Labour loss in Peterborough shows Corbyn has to GO !” , or ” Labour’s narrow win in Peterborough shows it’s time for Corbyn to GO !”

    1. The poseur-left’s own Lord Haw Haw broadcasts again.

      Thanks for your insights (if not enlightenment), Ha’penny …

      … gleaned from examining the darkness of your own rectum.

  5. … and moving on from one of JPenny’s rambling fantasies to another – the notion that ‘antisemitism’ is indeed endemic in the Labour Party, and is to be diagnosed in totally unexceptional condemnations of attacks on the Palestinian people.

    Not strictly on topic, but massively relevant is a recent post on the JVL website about the EHRC ‘investigation’ into Labour. It, in turn, points to an earlier piece by Antony Lerman on the subject, which is well worth reading as it dissects the whole range of myths around the scam that has been perpetrated :


  6. Labour ‘s position was obviously to support the result of the Referendum. But NOT at any cost , and this is the fundamental issue.
    No responsible Party takes the Country over a cliff like lemmings, just to satisfy the Leave vote. If there are blatant reasons why the deal is utterly wrong, then Labout should not go with it ( as indeed they haven’t )
    At the conference,it was agreed they would support the result IF it was a good/fair deal. If it wasn’t then they ( Labour) would do all they could to influence the deal. If that wasn’t going to happen, then the next action, would be to have a General Election, if that wasn’t forthcoming , a second referendum would then be on the table.
    Labour have not deviated from those three steps.

    1. “No responsible Party takes the Country over a cliff like lemmings, just to satisfy the Leave vote.”

      Precisely. In one.

  7. Uncompromising remain extremists like JackT and RH are giving off a stench of desperation now.

    Look how they frantically post comments as soon as Skwawkbox publishes an article.

    1. I think serial failure/inability to address the issues, and instead resort to personalisation, is a more telling sign of desperation

      1. There is no point debating with uncompromising remain extremists like you. You are the mirror image of the ERG Tory head bangers.

        You’re irrational, you are bonkers.

    2. Indeed, IA.

      jack wouldn’t notice the significance of it, to be fair; but I note the serial wum rh hasn’t posted on any of the ‘Victory’ threads as yet (see my time of this post for reference)

      Wonder why? Too busy chewing the table leg in frustration again, I s’pose 🙂

      1. Toff – haven’t you grasped that rational Remainers like us feel it a confirmation of our rationality to be subjected to frothing rants by such as you, IA and ha’penny to whom actual argument and evidence are foreign lands.

  8. very confusing. one minute its remain, now at the moment its leave. It is a shame as I would have thought the people of this country would be thinking of more important things like getting out of this permanent narnia winter brought on us by the tories. They are screwing people and sanctimoniously saying people must live within thier means. I voted remain, I dont give a rats arse now, in or out of the EU, as long as we get on with them. how many people in this country want to come out of the EU at all costs, even if it means they wont be able to get vital meds, food, chaos as no one knows what to expect, by all means come out of the EU but it should have all been sorted by now, the referendum was three years ago,

      1. Do us a favour and give us the gist… not everyone here is dumb enough to subscribe to a site that demands unconditional acceptance of unstated terms.

      2. Danny: your pro-leave arguments were once inters testing (though wrong): now, they’re just tiresome and irrelevant: you and your Blue Labour chums are just a bunch of racists and reactionaries and should be ignored by all pro-working class socialists.

  9. There appears to be an obsession with at least one ‘Remainer’ who posts on this site, with body parts. I wonder what a psychologist would make of that?

  10. And STILL no congratulatory message to Ms Forbes from rh..

    …Wonder why?

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