Brexit party turns to racism in Peterborough aftermath – but Guardian deletes worst of evidence

Farage outfit steered clear of usual dogwhistle during EU election campaign but reverted in wake of Peterborough loss as former Brexit leader fled cameras
Farage captured before his escape from Peterborough last night

The Brexit party (BP) reverted last night to the racism that characterised Farage’s UKIP campaigns, under the stress of seeing Labour increase its majority in the Peterborough parliamentary by-election in spite of lower turnout than in the 2017 general election.

Although its ‘hard remain’ opponents accused it of racism and xenophobia during the European Parliament elections, in fact Farage’s new company/party seemed at pains to avoid racist comments during that campaign, focusing instead on attempts to prevent Brexit as an assault on democracy. Labour insiders recognised this as an attempt to attract working-class Labour voters who would be deterred by dogwhistle racism that appeals to the hard right.

But last night the mask slipped, in the aftermath of Lisa Forbes’ win against the predictions of a Brexit victory.

The Guardian reported on the BP’s sour-grapes comments immediately after the result was announced:

Brexit party insiders said Labour’s reliance upon a mainly Pakistani vote in inner-city wards had been the difference between the parties. ‘Some of these houses had 14 people in them registered to vote. It would be interesting to see what proportion voted Labour,’ said one.

Labour dismissed the theory a “racist trope”

The Guardian’s original Brexit party quote

The racism drips from the blatant Islamophobic slur. However, this morning the Guardian had amended its quote:

The altered Guardian article as of 11.45am today

However, the original version had already been captured by the ‘Wayback Machine’ archive. The customary note that the article was edited or updated does not appear on the Guardian’s version.


Many of Corbyn’s closest supporters in the party recognise that a failure to honour the 2016 referendum result is a grave threat to Labour in its working-class heartlands. Some – like party chair Ian Lavery who masterminded Labour’s successful Peterborough campaign – have said so publicly and been attacked for it.

By contrast, the Guardian and other Establishment media have sided with the Labour right and other so-called ‘centrists’ insisting that Labour must back a new referendum to prevent Brexit – which the SKWAWKBOX and other left outlets have seen as a barely-concealed attempt to damage the party’s electoral prospects and Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

And interestingly, some time this morning in the wake of a stunning Labour victory, the Guardian deleted a quote of a racist BP comment – of a type that the Brexit party carefully avoided when it was successful in the EU elections a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. Corbyn mentions Israel in ANY capacity…Hear the roars of ‘ANTISEMITE’ from certain gruaniad ‘journalists’ , jewish labour, and even toerag…sorry, ‘tory’ muslim MP’s

    Right wing numbskull makes racist and islamophobic inferences….graun and certain of it’s ‘journalists’ brush them under the Axminster; jewish labour MP’s keep schtum and toerag….sorry, again… ‘tory’ muslim MP’s are neither seen, nor heard.

    Where’s that rachel riley standing on this?

    1. The Labour Party is fighting an uphill battle against the JLM and its like, simply because the media in general is frightened of them when not actively complicit. Obviously, the EHRC was too easily co-opted by their political scam.

      That said, the Israel lobby that the JLM and LFI represent is looking more and more ridiculous as it ups the ante on wildly barmy false charges of ‘antisemitism’, and this is having a contrary effect to the intention of the propaganda campaign. Best to continue simply pointing out the asininity of the fake allegations and pointing people in the direction of accurate information – such as :


      1. JLM might not have been congratulatory…

        …But at least up until now (As I’ve drawn it to people’s attention) neither have you been, rh.


      2. Toffee – You appear to have a propensity for Indulging in virtue signalling.

      3. It’s not virtue signalling, so much as dribbling. There are doubts about poor old Toff’s basic literacy and ability to distinguish reality and fantasy.

        His post above is – once again- a laughable fiction. A direct contradiction of the truth. (I’ll leave him to scratch his addled brain-box to work out why).

    2. Wes Streeting and Jess Phillips have also been making statements along the same lines. Utterly appalling.

      1. Toffee – Do you want a lollipop for being clever enough to work that one out?

  2. I see the Guardian has now published a list of “Seven reasons Labour won the Peterborough by-election” and “unwavering support from the Guardian” is not on it.

  3. The deletion of the racist Brexit party quotation in the second Guardian tweet is astonishing, given that it claims to be a liberal newspaper.

    And so stupid given the existance of web archive sites like The Waybwck Machine and Google Cache. What on earth was it thinking trying to cover up such a crude example of Farage’s Islamophobia?

  4. It’s a great result, but I’m not too sure how anybody can draw any accurate conclusions. The most significant factors to me are 1) Labours majority increased, as pointed out by SquaWkbox. 2) The Tories lost 8% more votes than Labour. It’s likely there were many reasons why people voted Labour, with maybe the NHS being the biggest factor but….. Who knows!?

    1. One significant factor is that a significant percentage of Labour votes didn’t migrate to the LibDems and Greens. Those parties took some 10% less of the vote than in the local elections. In terms of the overall majority, this was obviously critical – and the volunteers on the ground deserve high praise for achieving that.

  5. RH 07/06/2019 at 1:56 pm · ·
    It’s not virtue signalling, so much as dribbling. There are doubts about poor old Toff’s basic literacy and ability to distinguish reality and fantasy.

    His post above is – once again- a laughable fiction. A direct contradiction of the truth. (I’ll leave him to scratch his addled brain-box to work out why).

    Hahaha! Fucking risible!

    Your ‘masterplan’ is to treat it like some sort of game, and to try and convince people that a ramble you may or may not have made is indeed an outright conveyance of felicitation.

    Oh my aching sides. This is TOO easy.

    Let’s see your congratulatory post then, rh??

    C’mon, ‘retweet’ it here for all of us to see.

    Let’s see where you’ve said ‘well done on winning’ or somesuch – NOT some fucking postulation and pathetic twisting of a previous post which you’ll try to convince us all, is an outright congratulatory message.

    Oh, and it must be made AFTER the result was announced, too.

    Put up – or shut the fuck up. Clock’s ticking…

    1. Toffee – Is this another of your infamous GotYou moments that never seem to work out as you hoped.

      1. Oh – I managed to let slip once, didn’t I? Must’ve been busy dreming about the time you remainers gve us the NHS & welfare state – remember?

        Tell you what, bollocks; seeing as you’re so eager to defend the non-labour supporting ”labour supporter”…Why don’t YOU show us his overtly congratulatory message….Apparently I’m too dim to have noticed it…

        Same rules apply.

      2. Toffee – You’ve missed the point as usual. NGAF apart from you.

      3. Get fucked with your ‘missed the point as usual’

        I MADE the fucking point, you impotent dolt.

        Either rh or you – I don’t really care who – Put up; or shut the fuck up. Stop defending that which has no defence.

      4. Oh and if ‘NGAF’ – apart from me…

        …WHY did YOU stick yer oar in?

      5. You’d like to think you’d ‘touched a nerve’ , but in reality my post was written with every bit of the disdain you deserve….and more.

        Still can’t find rh’s congratulatory post? Thought not. Like you, he’s gutted the party policy of not going for a 2nd ref has paid it’s dividend; and hasn’t even made a begrudging statement of congratulation because, like you, he’s a spolit wee shite.

        No point in protesting otherwise. You’re both bang to rights


      6. Toffee – I’m not protesting anything, I simply don’t care one way or t’other.

      7. I simply don’t care one way or t’other.

        Yes – you keep saying that…still here, though?!

      8. Toffee – Yet again you seem to have completely missed the point (it’s the one thing you really excel at).

        I really don’t care at all whether RH has or has not expressed his congratulations enough to satisfy your mythical criteria.

        What I do find curious and bizarre is your lonely obsession with it.

    2. “Let’s see where you’ve said ‘well done on winning’ ”

      Well – why don’t you first practice finding your own arse with both hands – then go look? It shouldn’t be too difficult a task for anyone a bit more more than a fuckwit 🙂

  6. No answer! Came the stern reply…

    Once again, the two ‘political masterminds’ thoroughly turned over by the ‘carpark attendant’.

    Liars, hypocrites and blatherskites, the lot.

  7. Once again toffee demands other posters meet his arbitrary deadlines, presumably having nothing to occupy his ‘mind’ other than trying to chase anyone who disagrees with his superficial understanding of “THE FACTS” away from somebody else’s blog.

    Was only half-listening earlier so can’t name that pundit but May’s whole dull, forgettable premiership was beautifully summed up with this faint praise:

    “A dutiful woman fallen among fundamentalists”

    1. Turns out the speaker was Michael Cockerell, repeating a quote from his own Newsnight documentary of May 24th.

      1. Don’t you reckon the quotation is a bit kind? I reckon she didn’t so much ‘fall’ as to walk deliberately through the door of their opium den and start inhaling.

      2. Yeah RH, but “dutiful woman” harks back to the historic and beautifully derisory term “dutiful little woman” – and what’s less strong and stable than “fallen among fundamentalists?”
        I thought it nicely summed up her utter inadequacy in failing even to best the utterly incompetent fundamentalists she purported to lead.

        Oh – and Private Toffee, do try to keep track of and differentiate between your enemies.
        Once again – this is my real and only name.
        I speak for nobody else, speak as nobody else and I have no connection of any kind to or affinity with anyone else here.
        I’ve argued publicly with RH and SteveH and others no less vehemently than with you – your accusations of collusion are transparently intended to distract from your lack of valid argument.

        I agree with or disagree with the comments and points of view of you and others as they’re stated – and I express only my own views.
        I find it depressing that so many supposedly Labour supporters here including you and those mentioned are too timid to comment under their own names.
        Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum.

    2. David McNiven 07/06/2019 at 9:08 pm · · Reply →
      Once again toffee demands other posters meet his arbitrary deadlines,

      Correct…And who first made the same demands of me a few weeks back?

      (I can provide proof, once again).

      Correct again…Different story when I use the tactics you lot employ, innit? Bunch of fucking quilts all piling in and crying ‘foul’ , yet I single-handedly carried me bat against the lot of you.


      1. I don’t recall making any remotely similar demand of you.

        I’ll respond with an apology when you quote the post of mine that proves me wrong.

      2. David McNiven08/06/2019 at 11:30 am · ·
        I don’t recall making any remotely similar demand of you.

        And who said it was you? I distinctly said ‘you LOT’

        But it must be hard for the mentally challenged to keep up when we have steve h intervening on behalf of his alter-ego rh, and you intervening on behalf of steve h.

        So, seeing as you roped yourself in, it can now include you.

        Mind you, you all feel the need to intervene for each other because your arguments carry as much force as a ‘monty burns’ left hook.

        Might make you feel more in the way of solidarity between yerselves but in doing so it makes you look even bigger twunts than you are (And I thought that was nigh-on impossible)

        Oh and you can shove yer proffered apology up yer collective hoop.

  8. Perhaps Muslim citizens generally are loyal to Labour because as critically thinking citizens they recognise that Labour is on their side when trying to tackle vile Islamophobia whilst perhaps other parties it could be argued have a poor or actually non existent record in addressing this issue?

    1. I think that’s true, and it will have been a significant factor in this election – the South Asian heritage population will be acutely aware of the nasties that hide behind the Farage grin.

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