Video: Corbyn meets Labour’s newest MP – and says bring on a gen election

Corbyn talks of ‘politics of hope’ offered by party
Jeremy Corbyn and Lisa Forbes MP

Labour leader Jeremby Corbyn has visited Peterborough again, this time to congratulate the party’s newest MP following last night’s spectacular by-election victory with an increased majority – in spite of the lower turnout than in 2017.

Corbyn paid tribute to Ms Forbes and the ‘fantastic Labour team’ of hundreds of campaigners on their ‘incredible victory’ and talked of the ‘politics of hope’ Labour offers to undo the damage done by nine years of Tory government – before telling the Tories to get on with giving the country a meaningful choice. ‘We are ready for a general election at any time’, Corbyn said, ‘bring it on’:

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  1. Yes, indeed – GE needs calling urgently, before remainers further cloud public perception of party policy on 2nd ref and turn more of the floating voters/ undecideds/ confuseds away.

    There are far, FAR more pressing issues than brexit. Last night’s result proved as much.

    1. Problem is, Brexit is deeply intertwined into the other things Labour needs to do.

      So for instance forget an anti-austerity programme if you have the EU free movement of capital: corporations and rich individuals will just take their money out of the country.

      And forget the extension of public ownership if you are bound by the EU liberalisation directives, any private company can go to the British courts and get an injunction so that any Labour nationalisation legislation would be set aside.

      1. “Brexit is deeply intertwined into the other things Labour needs”

        … such as not having to fight off the depredations of a declining economy in order to divert resources into new initiatives!

      2. Leave and reform
        Use them to maintain the good bits of trade and standards
        Labour brino is the answer no matter what the question

      3. Either we believe in MMT or we don’t.
        If we do then we make a massive push for green energy and green living and we invest in people and a sustainable equitable future.
        Otherwise history will say we were as much a waste of space and resources as the Tories.

      4. SteveH, I’ve read and commented on his blog but he looks at things very much from the point of view of existing tax law.
        We need to make accountants virtually redundant – the problem as I see it is the top of the “accountancy school class” work for the 1% and the less talented work for the Inland Revenue.
        The answer I think is to make the intent of tax legislation clear and enforceable – put the weasellers out of business.
        So I don’t have that much time for tax accountants tbh.

      5. David McNiven 09/06/2019 at 2:17 pm
        “I’ve read and commented on his blog but he looks at things very much from the point of view of existing tax law.”

        In which case you might find his latest blog of interest.
        “A lot of yesterday was spent on work I have been doing seeking to reconcile financial accounting as it is right now with the demands of climate change. The work has been done at the invitation of Rupert Read at the University of East Anglia and Aled Jones of Anglia Ruskin University. And, in a nutshell, I have not been able to achieve that reconciliation.
        I will publish more on this next Thursday when I will be making a presentation on this issue at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. For now suffice to say that accounting as it now cannot survive if we are to bring the impact of climate change within it.

  2. The problem with those who only wish for a second referendum is that they are only thinking about the status quo. They are not thinking about the way in which the EU have made every country that is part of the EU dependent on it. The forces against us to that wish to stay are those who don’t want to understand the hardships of those not living within the M25. If London had the same amount of austerity that Middlesborough, Stoke, Redcar, Barnsley and the vast swaithes of Northern towns and cities have had to put up with it would have been sorted.

    Jeremy once again has proven his worth as leader in not allowing the narrative to be about Brexit. There are more important structural problems with this country that need sorting. I welcom Lisa’s victory in Peterborough and Jeremy’s solid leadership through some very stormy waters.

  3. Christopher Fox

    “the way in which the EU have made every country that is part of the EU dependent on it.”

    Translation: The way countries within the EU have joined together for the common good.

    1. I’m afraid the ‘Ha Ha’ is at the expense of those already losing their jobs in this on-going Tory scam that benefits only the hedge funds and other funny money players.

      1. “scam that benefits only the hedge funds and other funny money players.”

        Sounds like a blairite utopia. Why aren’t you lot onboard?

      2. You can safely assume anything on Labour List is designed to damage JC and Labour party
        Enemy within

  4. Not even 24hrs have passed and, predictably, she’s being accused of “anti-semitism”, whatever that is nowadays

    1. The original accusations actually came before the poll – which is a vivid illustration of the Israel lobby’s alliance with assorted right-wing snake-oil salesmen and racists.

  5. Away from the Brexit circularity : it’s good to see that Corbyn has stated a desire to move focus away from the unicorn of ‘social mobility’ towards ‘social justice’ and inequality.

    1. It’s very good news indeed. I have spent most of my working life waiting for someone in the Labour party to challenge the great “meritocracy” myth and to recognise it for what it is. I am as excited by this as I was with the 2017 manifesto. Time to get this kind of message and these positive policies out there and up front. Well done JC.

      1. Equality of opportunity always was a self-serving Tory crock of shit.
        Wealth depends more on accident of birth and on other varieties of pure dumb luck than on anything else and the tiny number of millionaires from the slums proves that conclusively.
        Equality of outcome is the only morally justifiable position.

      1. I thought that was self-evident RH to a man of your intelligence and superior intellect.

      2. It’s only the likes of some that make my intellect look ‘superior’ (no names, no pack drill. It’s a pretty low bar – but keep that quiet :-))

        I guess you are referring to my gentle questioning of Corbyn’s acquisition of leadership skills? But the point is that I have often expressed admiration and support for his other attribute, and have supported his general direction of travel in terms of policy – with the major exception of Brexit. I have consistently backed him in the elections for leader.

        … which proves only that things aren’t black and white , and that, as his mother said, he isn’t the Messiah.

      3. If you forgive my frustration with you RH as I’ve said on previous occasions some of the content of what you say is very valid however it’s how you say it and as regards Corbyn my frustrations with your sometimes absolutism that only your opinion is correct lead to my frustration boiling over .
        However I think we’re in general agreement that Corbyn is the right man for the job and that he’s doing a pretty reasonable job in the face of some serious hostility from multiple sources.Perhaps as you say not all is black and white amd maybe worthy of consideration in your following comments. ;-).

      4. rob – I reckon that ‘How’ I say things isn’t really exceptional – and certainly not in the context of posts on here. You yourself express your opinions forcefully – and why shouldn’t you?

        What I think you interpret as ‘absolutism’ is simply the fact that I am adamant that there is in reality no ‘compromise’ solution to Brexit – that, it is indeed a binary choice, and that of the two options one offers at best ‘somewhat less disastrous’ as an outcome. I would agree that I see no half-way house here.

        I doubt that you would see voting LibDem as a compromise choice 🙂

  6. See Hodge couldn’t wait to call Lisa an anti Semite,and yesterday the BBC played an interview with a “passer by” in Peterborough who said she was ashamed her town had elected someone who was “known nationally to be anti Semitic.” The problem is that whilst canvassing in the town I found a lot of Asian voters felt the Labour Party only cared about anti Semitism and not about Islamaphobia. Incidentally anyone else seen Danczuks unbelievably racist comments this morning? Sorry don’t know how to post links.

    1. Danczuk? I thought he was out of anything significant.

      In terms of posting links – just copy the text from your browser’s address window, then paste it in your message.

      Otherwise – just give us a description of the page you’re looking at.

      I reckon this ‘antisemitism’ scam is getting to as much of a problem for the credibility of the EHRC as for the Labour Party. Will they dare pronounce on the high percentage of fake accusations, the uselessness of the IHRC de3finition and the willful misuse of the term ‘antisemitism’?

      1. Danczuks basically said Labour was chasing the Moslem vote which was why they had such a problem addressing anti Semitism. He evidenced this by saying Labour had not condemned grooming gangs. Bit ironic considering his relationship with a seventeen year old girl. Thanks for the advice re posting I think I need someone to show me as I am not the brightest.

      2. Thanks for that, Jim – I’d actually forgotten about him and the rather sad figure he cut. Shows that shit-throwers keep pretty dubious company – and must be getting a bit desperate to recruit him!

    2. Jim, when you’re here on this page the line (probably second from top) which says

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      On that web page move the cursor to where you want the link to go, right click again and in the drop down box that appears click on ‘paste’.
      That’s all there is to it.
      On Skwawkbox there’s a limit of one link per comment or your comment won’t appear until it’s been to ‘moderation’, which means checked out by Skwawkbox.
      There are probably lots of videos on YouTube that explain it better than me.
      Skwawkbox website doesn’t allow editing or deleting of comments but there are websites that do allow it where you can practice and delete your post if it doesn’t turn out how you want it.

  7. Pantomime Dame had minions scouring social media relentlessly and comes up with 200 accusations of anti semitism against JC and Labour party, 180 were thrown out immediately as vexatious,
    Betting on the other 20 is none will prove credible
    So question is this kind of behaviour enough to
    1) get you thrown out for bringing party into disrepute
    2) a hate crime which should be prosecuted
    For the members and supporters of this proud party, do something

  8. Scottish Labour changes policy and unequivocally backs a 2nd referendum and Remain

      1. Frankly – Galloway can’t sort out the problem of tripping over his own feet. He’s no king over the water.

      2. RH – is it not time to say who you think IS worthy of high office?
        Your constant “erm… we-e-ell…” makes me wonder if anyone at all on the left of the party meets with your approval.
        You never seem to express anything but doubt.

  9. Further spending commitments
    1) bring in Geordie Galloway lose Alistair Campbell
    2) draw up shortlist of media spokespeople and agree responses to questions
    3) never ever give cheap and nasty Tory party an inch, ask why do you have a visceral hatred of public services in general and the NHS in particular to how many innocent people have been driven to their deaths by the hostile environments created by you
    4) point media companies to JVL for definition of what is and what is not Anti Semitism, stand up for our record ‘safest country in Europe for the Jewish community thanks to JC and Labour movement ‘
    5) cancel Trident, HS2 and Hinckly, NHS privateers give contracts to GP’s, nationalise British Steel and anything that’s to big to fail, but if you wait a wee while they will fail and you will get them for nowt
    Invoice in post

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