Bookies shorten odds on Labour Peterborough victory from 7-1 to 2-1 as voting progresses

Betting companies’ exit polling likely responsible for tumbling odds against Labour win

Odds offered by bookmakers on a Labour victory in the Peterborough by-election have tumbled through the day, falling from 7-1 yesterday, through 3-1 this morning, then 5-2 and now just 2-1.

Betting companies will be conducting exit polling throughout the day to ensure they do not lose heavily on a Labour win.


If you’re a Peterborough Labour voter, do not stay home thinking the election is a lost cause – get out and make your vote count. And if you’re in Peterborough as a Labour volunteer in the ‘GOTV’ (get out the vote) campaign, redouble your efforts for the remaining six hours or so of voting.

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  1. Good news ! Let’s hope it proves accurate. When Labour hopefully wins this seat no-one will be more deeply unhappy than the Labour Right, including Emily Thornberry, Paul Mason, Owen Jones, and other backstabbers, plus the Guardian and Independent, and the swarm of paid full time disruptive trolls who infest this otherwise excellent site. No doubt if it’s won with a reduced majority they’ll still spin it as a “huge Defeat for Corbyn’s Leadership and tactics” !

    1. “And the swarm of paid full time disruptive trolls who infest this otherwise excellent site.”

      You’re not referring to RH et al I hope, who in no way appear as Centrists to me. Defeatists, yes, Centrists, no, unless I’m mistaken, which in my case now happens a lot?

      1. Congratulations, Chris on showing intelligence.

        I would, obviously, disagree both with ‘Defeatist’ as well as ‘Centrist’ – but that’s down to -well – disagreement rather than weird fantasy-induced hysteria.

      2. RH,

        I do like my hysteria on occasion and have actually come to your defence in these very BTO exchanges – we agree on Palestine, which is of import to me, Brexit is not of import to me, whilst saving what remains of our environment for human habitation is the Big One – only wish more people could see this reality, rather than waste time on a failed Institution, which in our case could be Westminster or Brussels.

    2. I agree with you about the backstabbers and have to admit that while I had my doubts about Owen Jones after his previous turncoat performance and never could quite trust Emily Thornberry after her condescending and snobbishly dismissal of the white van man who was flying the St George flag, I was completely taken in by Paul Mason. I won’t be again.

      1. Do stop this ‘backstabber’/’traitior’/whatever foot-stamping language, smartboy. It’s really not very convincing – it’s just a whingy way of trying to deny the fact that politics is about conflicting viewpoints.

    3. There,s no troll like a jpenney troll, trolling on behalf of Zionists doing their best to destroy Jeremy Corbyn.

    4. Still chucking rattles when sussed and rattled Ha’penny?

      Your fantasies get more ludicrous. Who do you think would pay for the input of unexceptional quotidian political banter on an unexceptional lefty blog?

      You really overestimate the significance of your pronouncements.

    5. Jpenny, if you think Owen Jones is the right or would welcome a Labour loss then you have jumped off the deep end. I hope you took your water wings.

  2. ‘…..the swarm of paid full time disruptive trolls who infest this otherwise excellent site……? Whom do you mean?

  3. Not quite accurate
    No bigger than 5/1 today, no shorter than 11/4 now

    Brexit are 1/5

    1. lowest ive seen was 5/2 which is still a hugely significant drop from 7/1
      but at best is down to what it should be ceterus paribus
      for the record im on from 7/1 down to 9/2
      prediction remains the same if we get anywhere near 2017 GE result we win,
      if its still spitting dummies out over Brexit time, we lose narrowly

  4. Should jolly well hope so – otherwise I’ll have been humming my homemade ‘If you want a better world Vote Labour!’ ditty all day for nothing.

  5. Please lets not get over confident about this by election. There are still several hours before the polls close and we need to keep knocking on doors and getting the vote out.
    Also remember during the massive Corbyn surge in 2017 we only managed to win this seat by 600 votes. Our duly elected MP then brought the party into disrepute and shamed us and herself. Her conduct did not go down well with the people of Peterborough. On top and we have had wall to wall smears and insults hurled at Jeremy Corbyn every 5 minutes from all the usual and suspects and others who many of us thought more of.
    Peterborough is a hard seat to win at any time and under any leader. We didn’t hold it even under the Blessed Tonybut I think we have a good chance this time. Lets wait and see.

  6. interesting past results conservatives elected 1979 (margeret Thatcher) to 1997 (tony blair won ). In 2005 conservatives got back in , then 2017 labour again. is it conceivable that Peterborough would have brexit party elected, whose only mandate is exactly that ? I am hopeful. as think Peterborough vote for what is important as a whole not just about one thing. I really am hopeful,. we need a break in this country , havent had much joy for many years now, went belly up with WMD ,then went downhill , dire when tories and libdems got in. I voted remain , now I just want to get on with europe in or out, really not bothered.

  7. I see Madge is writing about AS in The Daily Mail. With friends like her who needs enemies. I do hope the huge effort put into getting Lisa Forbes to represent Peterborough is successful. We need to fight back against those in the party who wish ill upon us.

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