Video: Raab threatens to explode UK constitution by suspending democracy to push through no-deal Brexit

Tory leadership contender refuses to rule out ‘proroguing’ Parliament
Dominic Raab

Tory leadership hopeful Dominic Raab has threatened to demolish the UK’s constitution if he succeeds in his bid to become the party’s leader and unelected Prime Minister.

Raab refused to rule out ‘proroguing’ Parliament – suspending democracy without dissolving Parliament, bypassing both parliamentary process and a general election – to prevent MPs having a say in the run-up to the end of the UK’s Brexit extension on 31 October. In the ‘arms race’ of the candidates’ appeal to the Tory party membership, other candidates are bound to make similar noises.

Such a move has not been attempted since Charles I’s ill-fated decision over 360 years ago, which led to the English Civil War, as Sky’s Lewis Goodall observed:


The utter desperation of the Conservatives has never been clearer. The same goes for the country’s urgent need for a Labour government.

The Tories have always been a horror to the poor and have abused and ignored democratic process since at least the Brexit referendum, but now that arrogance and bankruptcy endanger the very fabric of the UK’s democracy, using the defence of democracy – the 2016 Brexit vote – as an excuse.

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  1. More Skwarkbox denigration of a No Deal Brexit. Yet a no deal Brexit is the ONLY way to free the British political community from the neoliberal laws of the European Union. So essentially Skwarkbox is supporting all the privatisation and marketization which comes with EU membership, just as the supposedly left-wing Syriza swiftly ended up supporting the austerity which went with being in the Eurozone.

    Since Thatcher (and due to Thatcherism) the Labour Left has transitioned from being democratic socialist to being left-liberal. “Left” opposition to a No Deal Brexit merely confirms this. No Deal is the only democratic socialist option, since any deal with the EU would inevitably include the “level playing field” laws of open markets for most utilities (the so-called liberalisation directives) along with Commission control of State Aids to British industry.

    Without No Deal, the Left and Corbyn Labour Party becomes the party of privatisation and of the capitalist status quo – a “horror to the poor” indeed, pushing its previous voters into the arms of the Far Right.


    1. But for that no deal, we would need the tories OUT. Otherwise it will be a competition to see how far a tory leader can get his/her tongue up Trump’s ringpiece.

    2. Back to your usual bollocks I see Danny.What with you on one side and RH,and co on the other,reasoned argument struggles to get a foothold here

      1. Not a just opposition. I always have a rationale for my opinions. It’s just that you don’t agree.

    3. Danny boy
      no deal is the economic equivalent of trying to circumcise yourself with a chainsaw
      only solution is Labour brino

  2. Would that be the constitution that we do not have.good article,but like many you follow the myths that we have a real constitution ,when in fact WE the people have an illusion that we live in a democratic country.surely brexit is the classic example of a country without a constitution.

  3. So you would support Raab’s approach just to get a no deal brexit? So you are prepared for ordinary folk to carry the fall out, so you are I agreement with what will come after such as sell off and privatisation of nhs, and live on a diet of chlorinated chicken…. if Raab suceeds then there will ‘t be a democracy just a dictatorship (fascist) . What is your plan then? What actual plans have you in mind that actually improve people’s situation, to give them the power to selfdetermine whatthey need and want? Or do you need them to remain powerless and poor and vulnerable so you can hang on to your dreams?

  4. People like Raab will say or do anything to get into power and will appeal to any audience that will give it to them That’s what this is about.
    General election ….. NOW!

  5. The man is a clown. When he was Brexit secretary he revealed that he did not realise the importance of the Dover Calais crossing to our import export trade with the EU. Imagine if a Labour politician had said that. In his case instead of being laughed out of parliament he is now in the running for PM! you couldn’t make it up

  6. Danny & other brexiters will presumably be happy for Raab C. Fuckwitt actually to suspend democracy if it gets brexit done… whereas he and every other brexiter and its dog is violently opposed to another referendum/PV/CV on the grounds that it’s ‘undemocratic’ FFS.

    No need to worry though, there’s definitely no danger of the Tories getting a taste for a one party state or anything…

  7. lazy cockwombles

    on both sides simply don’t have the numbers, never did, never will,
    but like dodgy bailiffs they shout the loudest, lie through their back teeth and say owt but their prayers

    sit back and enjoy their discomfort

  8. It’s quite amazing how this leadership race is bringing all the most brazen, unabashed worms out of the woodwork.

    Truly a race to the bottom.

    1. they have always got away with murder, nothing they wouldn’t do to get and keep power
      difference now is they are doing it to each other
      only matter of time before cheap and nasty party disappears up its own arse

      1. Sorry to do the pessimism once again – but you wish!

        The Tories have a basic instinct for clinging on.

  9. Sorry to do the first class honours degree in the bleedin obvious but how the hell does the cheap and nasty party survive
    its been coming for 40 years, Thatchers legacy,
    the sky is black with the wings of neo liberal chickens coming home to roost

  10. Great ! Prorogue parliament ,then push through a ‘No Deal’ , destroy the economy , sell the pieces to the Americans, the Saudis and Uncle Tom Cobbly ,then retire rich and run away to a Caribbean island !

  11. Just another cretinous gobshite trying to play hardball and appealing to the blue-rinsed, one-time moseley collaborators.

    A wannabe Alan Beresford B’stard, except raaaabid hasn’t even got the charisma of a shit waxwork copy of B’stard.

    Take no notice, it’ll never happen.

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