Liverpool fans rebrand Madrid’s Margaret Thatcher Sq – to Corbyn Square

Fans in the city for tomorrow’s Champions League final take action

Liverpool fans flooding into Madrid for tomorrow’s Champions League final took action when they saw that a square in Madrid was named after former Tory PM Margaret Thatcher – renaming it after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and obscuring Thatcher’s name:

Thatcher is despised in Liverpool, while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is revered for his clear stance against Tory policies that have devastated many towns and cities in the north and elsewhere.

An image captured of Corbyn’s visit to Liverpool during the 2017 general election became famous as a symbol the strength of the resurgent Labour movement under Corbyn’s leadership that ultimately destroyed Theresa May’s parliamentary majority and sees Labour positioned for government in spite of ceaseless attacks:

The city does not have a single Tory or LibDem MP.

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  1. Didn’t think the spaniards were enamoured with thatcher after the ‘las malvinas’ incident…

  2. Surprised the JLC haven’t branded the action as ‘antisemitic’ , seeing as thatcher was MP for Finchley, and the shite are playing spurs tomorrow night…

    1. Sad and angry as we all are at Pete Wilsmans suspension, he is only one man. Lansman and Watson and Hodge and the rest of the Zionist sock puppets have to be taught that there are half a million of us out here, and they can’t suspend us all.

      1. Wilsnans spoke the truth: I say this openly and if the Labour party is truly on a Witchhunt, then let them suspend me.
        I say as many members as possible say that it is highly likely that Israel is coordinating the antisemitic witchhunt against the Labour party’s strongest socialists. Williamson and now Wilsmans.

      2. Sincerely need help here
        How is it anti semitic to say Israel is running a dirty war against all there perceived enemies, thought the evidence was overwhelming
        Not even a hint of conspiracy theory, what say our colleagues at JVL, genuinely fl9bbergusted

      3. @Doug

        Its not. You’re being deceived. Shulamit Aloni, ex Israeli minister


        They have done, and will continue to use this angle to shut down any dissenting.

    2. Falconer’s falsehoods about Willsman being broadcast all day (1st June) on BBC News – but not on Twitter where they can be challenged.
      Calling Willsman’s statement an unevidenced conspiracy theory and equating that witch-hunt with Campbell’s self-exclusion would be beneath the greenest law student.
      Nobody in his position could be so removed from reality as to be unaware of “The Lobby” and Labour’s rulebook – therefore his intention can only be to keep the corrupt Tory regime afloat.

  3. After the Al Jazeera documentary, it’s obvious that the Israeli Embassy IS driving anti-Semitism smears.

    Viva Plaza De La Corbyn 🙂

    1. 100% agree JackT

      So much is already been said and done over this really isn’t worth wasting another microsecond debating it
      IMO Ithink we all know what the truth of the matter is and Pete willsman is yet another scalp that the right-wing zionists are trying to claim for their cause.
      IMO he is stating facts especially in the light of the Al Jazeera documentary which quite clearly reveal the involvement of the Israeli Embassy in the anti-semitism accusations. I just want to how long ago this recording was made before it was brought into the public light ? I”d consider it as pay back for Alastair Campbell and the right wingers are trying to regain control of the NEC and the disciplinary process Let’s hope the Peter’s found innocent of it and that along with Chris williamson they are reinstated forthwith

      1. “I just want to how long ago this recording was made before it was brought into the public light ?”

        Is the word “know” missing from the start of that sentence? (I just want to _ how long, etc)

        The recording dates from January I believe.

    2. Blimey, I find myself agreeing with Jack T!

      Maybe now would be a good time for Labour to make a big splash in the MSM (provided the MSM let them) about the shredding of AS complaints-related documents by McNichols’ outgoing staff, who kept copies to pass to the media so Corbyn/Formby could be framed for inaction.

      Time to fight fire with fire.

      1. Worse things have happened 🙂 I hope we are all on the same side.

      2. Don’t be under any illusions though, timfrom, about Jack T ‘s real motives. As a full-time Right-supporting Troll , dedicated to damaging our Labour Party, the actual motivation for Jack T (and his pals – or other online identities) adopting what is an unusual position for a consistent Labour Right supporter, ie, always intemperate extreme positions on Israel/Zionism, more in line with the Labour , and non-Labour , extreme Left, is simply to stir up this area of internal dispute in our Party and, he hopes, draw posters into extreme statements that will get them expelled and help the Tory press to build the “widespread Labour anti-Semitism smear”. You have been warned about mistaking this blatant troll ( or his pals /other identities) as a real ally on this issue. .

  4. I believe the majority of honest Labour supporters agree with Peter Willsman, the Israeli lobby with their henchmen in the Labour party are taking orders from Israel to undermine Corbyn. We need to lance the boil and come out fighting, sitting back and appeasing them is the wrong approach.

  5. Rob, it could be a lot more sinster than that. If there are Zionists ensconsed within the machinery of the Party as I believe there are, if we do not weed them out, the Party, at least Jeremy Corbyn’s Party, will be destroyed from the inside.

    Who has never asked themselves why people such as Margaret Hodge and Ian Austin, not forgetting Tom Watson and others could say and do the things they have done without support on the inside? Yet those such as Chris Williamson and anti-Zionist Jews get suspended or ejected?

    There is something badly wrong at the centre of the Party and it most certainly is NOT anti-Semitism.

    1. “There is something badly wrong at the centre of the Party”

      Sadly, this is the case.

      The irony is that Israel, via the BoD nexus, is now one of the main drivers of potential anti-semitism as it attempts to link the wider Jewish community to the disgusting predations of the Israeli invasion of Palestine.

      Before the Hasbara initiative impacted in this country, antisemitism generally wasn’t an issue in comparison with other forms of prejudice. I profoundly hope that the real Jewish community is successful in resisting the Israeli attempt at linking them to its inhumanity.

      It is obvious where this political initiative is coming from as Israel attempts to scare people in order to bolster its own hegemony.

      1. RH, Zionism needs anti-Semitism to sustain it and take the focus away from it’s illegal occupation. If the LP had have handled this correctly from the start, every time there was an A.S. smear it could have been reflected back to highlight Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians.

        Corbyn has received some appalling advice from those around him. There were/are Jews within the Party who would have been more than willing to help JC fight back against the Zionists yet appeasement was considered to be the best approach. It patently hasn’t worked and never will.

    2. ‘If there are Zionists ensconsed within the machinery of the Party as I believe there are………..’ you can’t say that, it’s an Ant-Semitic trope that is contrary to the IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism, therefore by definition? The ultimate Catch 22, if you criticise Israel you are Anti-Semitic or even if you describe a person as a Zionist. Not only could you be expelled from the Labour Party, but it could be illegal.

  6. I feel certain Tottenham fans would’ve done the same to Madrid’s many streets and squares dedicated to Franco…had Madrid council not beaten them to it by a mere 4 years!


  7. So that’s twice now that PW has been covertly recorded, and the recording then made public. And Hodge covertly recorded a meeting with JC. And someone covertly filmed Chris Williamson. It’s just commonplace now, as well as hacking into private social media groups and private conversations. Oh, right, and you can’t even have a conversation/discussion in a public place these days without the risk of some hack covertly recording it, as Stan Keable found out to his cost.

      1. I should have added that my comment above wasn’t aimed at any individual.
        If I’m accused of AS or of bringing the Party into disrepute I can defend myself. Having nothing to lose can be an advantage.

        more tweets to @BBCPolitics

        [1. BBC cannot claim impartial reporting of “Labour antisemitism” accusations unless it ON EVERY OCCASION refers to the video evidence of Israel inciting treason contained in the documentary “The Lobby.”]

        [2. By failing to broadcast widely-acknowledged evidence of Israel’s involvement the BBC is complicit in the subversion of British democracy by a foreign power.
        Charges of treason may well be warranted.
        Does the BBC imagine the incoming Labour government will ignore that?]

      2. You’re largely right – but the scumminess of secretly recording like this is beyond contempt. We all understand honesty and the context of ‘off the record’ and considered statements.

        I think we have here a vivid illustration of the sort of reprehensible slime that we are dealing with. It tells us all we need to know about the honesty of the Israel lobby, and its willingness to pull the whole of the Jewish community into the deep morass of Israeli ethnic cleansing and the general inhumanity of invasion and occupation.

    1. If anyone with a better memory than mine saw the (BBC?) videolink interview with Tuvia Tenenbom who released the Willsman recording – maybe they can quote that author’s exact words on the reason for publishing the ‘off the record’ part so long after its recording in January?
      My recollection is that he said something like “Some people asked me to release it.”
      That doesn’t sound like it was LBC (who claimed it as their exclusive) so I’m extremely curious to know who asked him, when they asked him and whether inducements or threats were involved.
      It may of course be as simple and as shallow as an avaricious slug wanting to publicise a book, but I’m suspicious.

  8. David McNiven tweets to @BBCNews

    [Why does the BBC never mention the conclusive evidence in “The Lobby” in which Shai Masot was filmed offering huge sums to anyone willing to oppose Corbyn and the BDS movement?
    We opposed apartheid in South Africa and we’ll oppose it in Israel.

    [The case that the Israeli embassy was encouraging Labour’s opponents to fabricate claims of “Labour antisemitism” was conclusively proven by “The Lobby” – a 4-part documentary which caused the Israeli agent Shai Masot to be recalled to Israel.
    Mr. Willsman was 100% correct.]

    If The SKWAWKBOX folds on this what is it for?
    Labour throwing Willsman to the wolves demeans us all.

    1. David

      Why does the BBC never mention the conclusive evidence in “The Lobby” in which Shai Masot was filmed offering huge sums to anyone willing to oppose Corbyn and the BDS movement?

      Because Margaret Hodge’s daughter, Lizzi Watson, is a senior deputy editor at BBC News, as I keep repeating in the absence of this being common knowledge.

      1. timfrom, questions are not always posed because the writer is unaware of the answer, but to challenge others to consider the question.

        I saw John Mann interviewed by the BBC giving his ‘twattiest twat in the twatting universe’ performance, claiming JC should have instantly sacked Willsman from the NEC and expelled him from Labour.

        Jenny Manson of JVL, interviewed later by the same interviewer, Shaun Ley, explained that claiming Israel was at the bottom of the AS accusations was NOT antisemitic – and made the point that Campbell had auto-excluded himself.

      2. I think it was Shaun Ley who cited “The Lobby” on BBC News 24 this morning.
        First time I’ve seen anyone at the BBC acknowledge its existence, much less its causal relationship to the “Labour antisemitism” accusations.
        Maybe they’re finally realising the possible consequences of picking the wrong side on their own cushy lives.
        If so we can expect some kind of exposé in the coming months from the poor BBC outraged at having been so cruelly misled – and not at all complicit.
        Everyone on the wrong side will be humiliated and sidelined if things proceed as I now suspect they might.

      3. Sorry, for “much less its causal relationship to” please read “much less question the Israeli embassy’s causal relationship to”

    1. It only takes one comment – no matter how ambiguous – and Skwawky’s liable for libel, with ll the associated legal costs

      You only need look at what riley and obermann are playing at with Mike Sivier to see the tactics – sorry – depths they’ll plumb.

  9. Also why would you talk about his expulsion when in fact you should do what a good media is suppose to do a back that what he said is actually true and clearly documented. Comon wake up people, they will come for you next

  10. I posted a link to the following story yesterday about the Muslim Council of Britain demanding that the EHRC investigate Islamophobia in the Tory Party. So I was just now checking to see which of the MSM covered it – and which didn’t – and was somewhat surprised to find that the Daily Mail ran the story (on their website, anyway). Would be really interesting to ascertain if they DID run the story in the actual hard-copy newspaper. The thing is with the DM – and I’ve come across it many times over the years – that they run a story – as with this one – that is detrimental to the Tory Party, but then their shills (and Tory Central Office shills, no doubt) weigh in in the Comments Section to dismiss and disparage it. Here are several examples that are near the top of the comments (and there are no doubt numerous others in a similar vein):

    1. ‘I am afraid there was always going to be some Islamaphobia after the terrorist attacks across the country as these were carried out by Islamic Groups……’

    2. ‘We are not fooled by this rubbish are we? Made up grievance to suit political ends.’

    3. ‘Can the MCB be investigated at the same time?’

    4. ‘I don’t remember being invited to cast my vote for members of this council – they need to be investigated.’

    5. ‘Just another gang of self-appointed trouble-makers and grievance professionals who think the country should be run according to their wishes.’

    The above five comments all got 300 to 400 upvotes (which is all wangled by the DM), whereas those defending the action got a similar amount of downvotes (and very few upvotes). The DM does it all the time, and for the obvious reason – ie to influence their readers.


      1. It doesn’t look as if the Daily Express covered the Tory Islamophobia story, but just get a load of this!:

        Labour COVER UP? Alastair Campbell kicked out on same day antisemitism probe opened

        ALASTAIR CAMPBELL’s expulsion from the Labour Party sparked fears the party used the former Blair spin doctor’s case to cover up issues of anti-Semitism in the Party on the same day an official investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission was open[ed].


        NB As I said in a post yesterday, what an amazing coincidence that the EHRC should just happen to announce that they are opening a formal investigation into the LP on the same day that the expulsion of Alastair Campbell is headline news all over the MSM. But it was just coincidence of course!

    1. Allan, thanks for your efforts; you have a stronger stomach than I do.
      I had to switch off the BBC news while driving as I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the smears and deception.
      Presumably now the BBC will be accusing anyone who suggests that the Russian government has been interfering in UK politics of slavophobic racism? No? Thought not.

      1. Yes, for some reason Slavs are “Caucasian”, but Jews aren’t.

        Cos they’re special.

  11. …….& just to make sure the establishment narrative is perpetuated the BBC get Tony Blair’s old flat mate to be part of the panel on Radio 4 Any Questions tonight. Why did the Labour Party invite Charlie Falconer to investigate Anti-Semitism? Goodbye Pete Willsman & Chris Williamson, looks like nobody’s fighting for you.

  12. It’s not surprising that are enough post fascist in the once Franco autocracy to name a square after her !

  13. As Right Wing Barbarians attack Left Wing Denocratic Socialist in a tripartite attack – an attack on Jewish Diversity (Silverstein), Neo-Liberal media protecting thier interests, and opportunist Labour MPs, I draw from reading from a modern history library.
    In the 1880s in Russia the peasants were threatening to rise up against the elite & Tsar Alexander 111 made anti-Semitism official state policy to blame Jewish people for everything and to divide & rule which led to pogroms – anti semitism from the powerful!
    Early Labour pre 1920 had anti-semistism from its Right such as the middle class Webbs (the middle class are the most dangerous class) with Sidney saying “Thank God there are no Jews in Labour!”
    For the next 50 years as Zionists had a policy of the conquest of Land and the conquest of Labour, niaive Labour members particularly at the top felt developing Israel was socialist.
    But It was jobs for Jewish workers only in companies owned by Jewish companies only and land could never again be owned by Non-Jewish people.
    in fact Zionist activists picketed Jewish employers if they employed Arab workers and Kibbutz were merely miltary outposts on stolen Palestinian land.
    They also made sure Jewish workers in the British Mandate bureaucracy got the best jobs.
    It was the emergence of the New Left in the 1960s which began to question the dominant Right Wing Pro-Israel ‘Socialist’ narrative.
    A great writer once pointed out that a socialism that excluded Jewish people was “A socialism of fools” so perhaps a Weizmann Zionist capitalism in Israel and the Socialist Zionist minority add on in Israel was and is “A Zionism of fools”(?)
    In 1947 a UN Working Party looked at the Israel/Pslestine Issue and basically recommended a 2 state solution but what is often forgotten is that a minority of the working group recommended one secular democratic state which respected all religions.
    These two options are still on the table.
    But for now I appeal particularly to Palestian protesters-keep 1,000 yards from the front line – remrmber you are up against Right Wing Barbarians.
    Justice for Palestinians & Peace to all citizens in the region.
    Oh and reinstate Pete and beware Right Wing underhand methods, when they stoop so low – they are desperate and losing on IDEAS!
    Solidarity to all Left Wing Democratic Socialists in every country! X

    1. Should have been a bit more specific re middle class being the most dangerous class.
      The progressive middle class are with us (or Lib Dems) general middle class usually Tory but is petty bougeoisie (lower middle class who are most dangerous) – Thatcher, Hitler, Reagan, Franco, Blair etc).
      Oh Mark Regnev, Israeli Ambassor, ex Netanyanu spin doctor is completely neutral?
      Select 620 left wing democratic socialists.

  14. Re Pete Willsman: Given that it happened in January, it’s obviously the case that the saboteurs were saving it for an opportune moment when it can have the maximum impact. The following is from the Daily Express article:

    The recording obtained by LBC radio, revealed Mr Willsman, a senior member of the National Executive Committee (NEC), saying the Israeli Embassy has “organised” 68 Rabbis to lie about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Mr Willsman was recorded in January during a meeting with the American-Israeli author Tuvia Tenenbom, who was in the UK to write a book about Britain.


    PS I wonder what the circumstances were in which Pete said whatever he said – eg who did he say it to? In other words, was he set up.

  15. Who are the people who decided to suspend Willsman? What arcane committee? How did they get to be there? It seems there is only a very weak central control – the Labour Party’s administration seriously needs to be reformed before it destroys the party itself.

  16. Penalty in first minute killed game, right result though,
    Fair play to JC supporters

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