Johnson: no denial yet of “F*ck the [7/7 victims’] families” accusation

Tory leadership favourite accused of responding to 7/7 bombings inquests with “F*ck the families” – has not denied so far

Boris Johnson has been accused, by a former Conservative colleague, of a despicable outburst against the families of those killed in the 7 July London bombings.

Brian Coleman, the former Conservative mayor of Barnet who lost his council seat in 2014 after pleading guilty to a 2012 assault and being fined £270, wrote an article this week claiming that Johnson made the alleged outburst in frustration over inquests into the deaths of fifty-two victims of the 2005 terror attack:

At a briefing meeting held in Boris’ Office in 2011 during the Inquests into the deaths of the victims of the 7/7 bombings I was telling Boris how the Fire Authority was having to spend a sizable sum on lawyers (as were the Met , TfL and everybody else involved ) not least because Mrs Justice Hallett was cutting up rough as Coroner when he suddenly said “I blame Tony Blair for all this , he started it with the Marchioness (Inquest)” Guto Harri, who was Boris’ Head of Communications and at the time absolutely devoted to Boris , said “Oh Boris they are really for the families (of the victims) benefit” To which Boris replied “Fuck the families , Fuck the families !”  . I was having none of this and snapped at Boris  ” You didn’t have to write eight letters of condolence to families of your constituents or attend the funeral of 31 year old Lee Baisden ( a Fire Authority employee) who had been blown to pieces at Aldgate and comfort his poor widowed Mother ” .

After this meeting the ever loyal Guto Harri rang me up and said “it never happened Brian , it never happened” . Sorry Guto it did and I have witnesses .

Boris Johnson has not replied to an enquiry asking whether he denied, or wished to comment on, Coleman’s accusation.

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  1. If this is true – and I’ve no reason to doubt it, then Johnson will be sunk without trace. Good riddance !

    1. THAT depends on whether the MSM cover the story, or NOT, and I just did a search and none of them, as of yet, appear to have covered it. I mean the fact that this should come to light NOW, just prior to the Tory leadership election campaign, is obviously to try and sabotage his chances of winning.

      That said – and in the event the MSM DON’T cover it – I can’t help but wonder if this will be used by the Establishment as a means to have BJ do what they want him to do regarding Brexit – ie in effect blackmail him in to doing whatever they want him to do regarding Brexit under threat of the story going supernova if he DOESN’T. I mean where did Skwawkbox get the story from? Would be interesting – and illuminating perhaps – to know

      NB Then again, the Tory Party membership – and Tory voters in general – voted overwhelmingly to leave, and this has been the Tory Party’s dilemma all along, and has of course always negated the possibility of a second referendum or a so-called PV precisely for THAT reason.

      1. Allan, thanks for, as usual, doing the research for us. I wonder whether it’s worrying about being sued by BJ which is keeping the media quiet.
        I agree that it’s being put out now to try to damage his chances.
        Maybe Guto denies it happened so there’s no corroboration.
        The appalling thing is that, true or not, it’s completely believable.

      2. The possible position of the propaganda press is actually a bit more complex than that – there are a lot of interests that will be very happy to dish Johnson. I wouldn’t immediately go down the ‘omerta’ conspiracy route.

        The term ‘rats in a sack’ comes to mind re. the Tory leadership.

    2. “Johnson will be sunk without trace.”

      You wish! He keeps coming out of his coffin despite the record, of which this is simply the latest installment. The stakes and garlic don’t have a lot of effect.

      Truth? Much as I value anything that casts Boris in a realistic light – just remember what a dire pass political rhetoric has sunk to in this Era of Trump.


  2. Yes Boris is a Right Wing political Barbarian and he also said F.. Business!
    Funny point re CBI report yesterday (warning against a No Deal) and they adnitted they represent a third of British Business so they don’t speak for 66%!
    Like the Right Wing (some claim Tory Front) Tax Payers Alliance – what a few thousand members out of 30m taxpayers but they claim to speak for us all?
    Oh and Johnson in the last Tory Leadership Contest (after bring sunk by Gove) described Gove as “Having psychopathic tendencies!”
    12 Neo-Liberal bottles standing on a wall. And if all Neo-Liberal bottles were to accidentally fall.
    No-one would notice at all!

  3. Corruption at the highest level of Government, which seems to have been defended by the judiciary – which is supposed to be separate and independent from the executive.
    I await the full ruling with interest and a fair bit of scepticism.

    Democracy based upon:
    deceit, dishonesty, falsehoods, disinformation, inaccuracy, misrepresentation, prevarication, subterfuge, vilification, fact distortion and barefaced lies is not democracy.

    Electoral reform is needed to ensure that compulsive liars like Boris Johnson, who have been captured on film making and repeating known untruths, has no place in our democratic system and must be removed from office if not through the courts, then through the ballot box.


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