Willsman will be replaced on NEC by new ballot of members if vacancy becomes permanent

Rule-change means Izzard will not move onto NEC for second time

Earlier, the SKWAWKBOX reported that NEC member Peter Willsman had been suspended by the party following the release of a recording of off-the-record comments made to a writer.

Under previous party rules, this would have meant that Eddie Izzard, the highest losing candidate in last year’s ballot of Labour members, would have taken Willsman’s NEC seat. If he had replaced Willsman, it would have been the second time he moved onto the NEC in that fasion.

However, Labour’s recently-released 2019 rule book contains a new provision that NEC vacancies will be filled by a new election.

However, Willsman’s place will remain vacant while he is suspended for investigation of his case, unless he resigns or is ultimately expelled at the end of the disciplinary process. When Christine Shawcroft was suspended, she was only replaced by Izzard after her resignation from the NEC.

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  1. does not this back up clare shorts point that criticism of Israel is not AS
    Ask the democrats in states how many accusations of AS they have faced,
    but before I loose the plot completely can a supporter of JC and Labour give us an opinion on this
    finally Pantomime Dame makes 200 claims of AS and 180 prove to be vexatious, for the love of god at least suspend her

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