Watson mocked after at least FIVE parts of his attack article match “People’s vote” briefing notes near-verbatim

Deputy Labour leader taunted with ‘no original thoughts’ jibe
Caught out? Tom Watson

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson has come under renewed attack for his article in this morning’s Observer, in which he claimed Labour ‘must’ back a new referendum or lose the next general election – only this time the salvos are made of mockery.

A leak of the so-called People’s Vote (PV) campaign’s briefing notes on the European Parliament election results – which haven’t even been announced yet – has revealed at least five sections that match the PV notes.

Almost word for word.

1. The title: ‘Never again…’

Just for good measure, as shown above, Watson tweeted the same quote – which was also used by the Observer as the title of his article.

2. ‘Mealy-mouthed’

3. ‘Four times more voters’

4. ‘Self-defeating’

5. ‘Dark vision’

(Graphics courtesy of EL4C)

The revelation triggered a rush of mockery on social media, suggesting that Watson had to get his ideas from People’s Vote figurehead Alastair Campbell:

Campbell reacted grumpily to the exposure of his organisation’s notes:

The full, leaked PV notes are shown below so Labour supporters can play ‘buzzword bingo’ when PV spokespeople use them tonight and tomorrow.

Tom Watson has not responded to an enquiry as to why he was regurgitating PV notes in his ‘Labour’ article, well before they became public.

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  1. Why all the surprise? If Watson agrees with something that’s already been said, why shouldn’t he use it? These posts from Skwawkbox are getting ridiculously hysterical. I’ve no time for Watson but please Skwawky keep some perspective.

    1. As an absolute minimum, he should acknowledge his sources; he hasn’t and as such he continues to be a fraudulent idiot and, I have to say, so are you for supporting him in this way.

      Of course, he wouldn’t want to acknowledge his source; after all, quoting a war criminal verbatim isn’t the greatest look for him Jack and apologising for it is not a great look for you either, with all of your posturing about zionism etc.

      What an apologist you are!

    2. Perspective is something which is often not present here at the moment.

    3. “If Watson agrees with something that’s already been said, why shouldn’t he use it?”
      Conversely, what’s up with Skwawky pointing it out? The remain narrative is repeated over and over again, it comes from propagandists and it contains many lies like “they didn’t know what they were voting for” and “Brexit is a right wing construct”. The words Watson uses say much about him and where he’s coming from politically. He’s not going to come clean about his motives so we have to understand who’s got their hand up his bottom and whose words he’s speaking.
      Anyone would think you don’t want to know.

      1. lundiel 26/05/2019 at 9:57 pm

        Why is it wrong for him or anyone else to agree with the majority of Labour’s membership and voters?

      2. Why is it wrong for him or anyone else to agree with the majority of Labour’s membership and voters?

        Proof the majority of labour voters voted remain?

        Oh, you’ve got none? Then shut up.

      3. The Toffee (597) 27/05/2019 at 12:41 pm · ·
        STILL no proof, steve?

        On the contrary I have provided you with evidence on numerous occasions. If you’ve chosen to ignore it then that is your problem not mine.

        I have no intention on going round and round in circles with you all day. Go and look for someone else to give you your therapy session.

      4. ‘On the contrary I have provided you with evidence on numerous occasions.’

        No you haven’t. Saying you have doen’t make it so you godawful weirdo.

        Now, provide evidence or shut the fuck up

      5. The Toffee (597) 27/05/2019 at 2:52 pm ·


  2. “Tom Watson has not responded to an enquiry as to why he was regurgitating PV notes in his ‘Labour’ article, well before they became public.”

    I guess like most others, he didn’t think it dignified a response.

  3. The point perhaps is , that it shows the depth of collusion between those who would happily see another Tory Govt in power rather than a DS Corbyn Govt , maybe just a thought to consider hummmm ?
    Think it through folks and consider that if Corbyn goes then so does all the hope we have for a better future , and boy do the disadvantaged in this country need some hope ,,, yes ?

    1. Yes the main point is the sneaky element of collusion.

      It’s a Labour Right Wing-People’s Vote coalition to move Labour even further to the right.

      1. Danny, please explain how giving the electorate a chance to confirm their original choice is right wing.

    2. Don’t be silly, the only collusion it shows is that between the majority of both Labour Party members and voters and others who want to stay in he EU.

      1. And that collusion ( not silly) manifests itself in the attempt to undermine and oust Corbyn whom don’t forget was elected twice by the same membership you refer to SteveH .
        Further more do bear in mind , that same membership voted on and agreed the Labour party Brexit policy at Conf 2018 , via their elected Conf delegates . It is therefore , somewhat troubling to say the least , that Deputy Leader Watson is now in full throw in simply ignoring that Conference Policy to push his own personal view point on what in his view is Labour Policy .
        And until there is a OMOV on the whole issue of Brexit within the Labour membership , any allusion to the idea that the

        ” majority of both Labour Party members and voters and others”

        is just your opinion and not a fact , please don’t waste time pointing to polls etc as they are not OMOV of all members and that is the real test .
        Finally I think you’ll find the results of the EU elections ( which comes as close to a GE in the coverage of our country) will in fact illustrate the depth of feeling over leaving . I take no joy or satisfaction whatsoever ( quite the opposite ) if that does come to fruition , but would fear that should this continued push to remain ( and I voted remain ) continues then there will be such a backlash that there will be no Labour Govt at all and the Brexit Party will rule ( utterly terrifying ) .

      2. Do you have anything to say about the results from Sheffield. Remain appear to have done quite well.

      3. Croydon (London) result:

        Lab: 23.9% (-9.3)
        LDem: 22.7% (+18.8)
        Brex: 22.1% (+22.1)
        Grn: 11.4% (+4.4)
        Con: 10.8% (-16.5)

      4. perhaps SteveH this , Brex: 22.1% (+22.1) however this is early days lets see how it all pans out , but if you are trying to infer that somehow these results show that by not declaring itself as a remain party that , that , is the cause of the poor results , then IMO you are utterly wrong , it’s the other way round I feel . But that’s my interpretation .
        The only other point I’d make and you seem to have missed is that the Labour vote has collapsed in Scotland ( a remain stronghold ) so thus I would concede that by not being a remain party has cost us in Scotland , but that is no surprise and was to be expected .
        I repeat I take no satisfaction at the bastard Farrage winning anything , but it looks to me like he will and my greatest fear is that he will be an MP never mind an MEP and his party will be the power broker in any Govt .

      5. “the Labour vote has collapsed in Scotland ( a remain stronghold )”

        C’mon, rob – you’re not stupid. Our loss of votes in Scotland is a marker of the wider picture and the leakage of votes away from an anaemic ‘Leave’ policy. The Brexit Party certainly didn’t benefit. In actuality, Scotland, with all its differences, is a graphic illustration of the uselessness of Labour’s fence-sitting strategy to establishing electoral credibility.

    3. Tonight’s results so far show that anyone (Skwawky are you listening) who thought that sitting on the fence in the hope of not upsetting anyone has been an utter failure. The one thing that is clear is that Labour should be the out and out Remain Party and without delay CAMPAIN to put the choice back to the people.

      1. ‘CAMPAIN’ – JackT, that’s rather Freudian! I’m afraid that there is definitely a painful choice ahead for Labour – but I see little hope of getting back leavers from the Brexit Party, whereas the surge of labour voters to Lib dems and Green away from us is more capable of turning around.
        And it’s clear that we are either leaving with no deal (because our Parliamentary system is not capable of coping with this situation) or not leaving at all. Trying to pretend there is some other middle way flies in the face of the facts.

      2. Simon, I agree with your conclusion and if you believe as I do that we should remain, there is only one option, which is to go back to the electorate. There is possibly another option, which is a GE but we would have to have a manifesto which promised another referendum.

      3. Jack, I agree. We can’t sit on the fence. We should support remain.
        However, I am doubtful that there is an effective mechanism for stopping Johnson or Raab from taking us out with no deal.

      4. Simon, given that Parliament has said that it would not vote for no deal, it would appear that we have only one option left to us which is to ask the people.

      5. Yes, it has, but I’m not sure that it can necessarily stop the clock running down on Brexit, so that we leave by default. That’s definitely the game plan for the likes of Mark François

  4. As each day passes, it would appear that Watson is becoming more and more of a liability

  5. Sheffield (Yorkshire & the Humber) result:

    Brex: 28.1% (+28.1)
    Grn: 24.8% (+12.6)
    LDem: 18.1% (+8.0)
    Lab: 17.0% (-16.6)
    UKIP: 3.9% (-23.8)
    Con: 3.4% (-7.4)

    1. What did I say after the local elections? No surprises here. Entirely predictable; a gift from Labour to the clear ‘Remain’ parties.

      Wow! Such clever winning strategy – trying to look good whilst hobbling around with a fence up the arse!

  6. Watson is still causing trouble in the Party and will continue to do so. His whole focus is to get Jeremy Corbyn out so he can step into his place. That has been wholly obvious since previous leadership votes. He can’t hide it. Still I expect his funding from Israeli group and Mosley jnr could his eyes on his own truthful reasons. It was always obvious. He was asked t to give money back he refused.

    1. Don’t blame Watson for self-inflicted wounds. The inept non-policy has gifted him a credibility he doesn’t deserve.

  7. Greece announces it will have a GE because of EU results

    FFS – Labour comes 3rd in Wales

    1. Maybe because we are not clear that we respect the leave vote or more so because malevolent idiots like Waston keeps coming out with his own policy on Labours Brexit position , and Wales I think voted Leave.
      My good friends there , Labour voters usually , are all ardent leavers , despite the debates I’ve had there is simply no changing their stance .
      And to top things off how about this
      Italy’s governing far-right League party has applauded a breakthrough that has taken it to the top of the European parliament polls.
      Just great ( sarcasm ) the whole of Europe is taking a giant leap towards fascism .
      Watch for the coup now in earnest , it will come again no doubt about it .

  8. Labour could have a landslide GE victory if it supports Brexit but if it listens to the bourgeois careerists like Thornbury et al and Right Wing Barbarians like Watson et al it will end up like Pasok.
    People mainly voted in the EC elections in the UK for the Neo-Liberal Brexit Party not perhaps realising it may want to privatise the NHS et al, have trade deals with the US & to bring in Farage’s chlorinated chicken etc and more cheap labour! (Or whatever Top Down bourgeois millionaire, ex-public school boy, political opportunist & political Moron Nigel decides?)
    We need to re imagine socialist internationalism via independent nation states but the progressive middle class in Labour have got to accept they are wrong – do they want millions to continue to suffer?
    I reluctantly voted remain as a last chance EC wide to break Neo-Liberalism but am a democrat and accept the peoples vote, so it has to be, then bring back migration adjustment funds for councils, democratically control labour & capital supply so we have good capital and we can take workers we may need from any country in inthe World and trade unionise migrant workers to improve their conditions & to build community solidarity!
    Love Left Wing Democratic Socialism For Every Country In The World And Hate Neo-Liberalism!

    1. Bazza 26/05/2019 at 11:05 pm

      “Labour could have a landslide GE victory if it supports Brexit “

      Jeremy’s own constituency voted LibDem

  9. As said – current policy has gifted Watson the high ground by being proved right – whilst McCluskey rattles on about how great Labour’s policy has been in the face of massive shedding of votes to the LibDems and Greens!

    Don’t say that those of us who really oppose the Tories didn’t predict what would happen. Time to get in line with the support.

    1. RH, the relative drops and rises in support seem to clearly show that we are losing far more votes to remain than leave.
      Also that the results look worse for the leave side than remain when you look at the overall split in votes.
      Wales voted leave in 2016, but there looks to be a clear majority for remain there now, unless you somehow think that the majority of Labour voters are leavers. Same with Birmingham, voted (narrowly) leave in 2016, but a far lower vote for leave parties on Thursday.
      I worry that we are now so wiped out in Scotland that we are beyond recovery. There are a lot of posters on here talking about the importance of ‘northern voters’; somehow, those important voters don’t seem to extend beyond the River Tweed.

      1. Absolutely, Simon.

        The writing was clearly on the wall at the time of the local elections. I’m currently listening to the great snake-oil salesman – Farage – pontificating. Labour, by shuffling and bumbling, has helped to put that smug grin on his face : that’s the penalty of shirking leadership and coat-tailing the Tories on this issue.

        I stuck with Labour – partly because of personal loyalty to a candidate with whom I have campaigned – but also because of a resistance to giving a vote to any other party after a lifetime of support.

        Beyond that, it is simply confirmation of the leakage of votes from Labour to the LibDems (in particular) and the Greens. And as you say – given the (usual) low turnout, the fragmented ‘Remain’ vote exceeded that for ‘Leave’.

        (Listening now to the mad-looking/speaking Anne Widdicombe coming back from the dead couresy of the crap Labour policy)

        The remaining question is about how Labour could have seized the initiative and actually changed the weather on this – but ‘might have been’ is a country that is gone. but it is a massive policy failure that no amount of bellyaching about ‘betrayal’ etc. etc. can conceal. I am hearing from some very angry Labour supporters – and they aren’t Leavers.

        Less than 15% of the vote, FFS!

    2. RH, you have a stronger stomach than me – i had to turn the sound down for both of them!

      1. John Curtice was worth putting up the volume for : in summary ‘What a fucking mess!”

  10. The Remain vote is in the lead and that is where we should have been without ambiguity from the start.

    1. Curtice is calling it a draw at the moment in terms of percentage of the vote. I agree with him that the country is horribly divided and with no possibility of a compromise.
      However, he does so by ignoring firstly the SNP vote (because they are getting some leave votes) and secondly the 2 main parties in the country. That must assume that the LP and Tory votes are split equally. I don’t think that that is correct; we have kept more of our vote than the Tories and the majority of that vote is going to be more remain than leave. As we know, the majority of our core support voted remain.

      1. Indeed the country is and will remain divided for some considerable time to come , no matter what happens now , the Tories have very successfully set us all at each others throats , diverting attention away from the real culprits the TORY PARTY .

      2. Rob, absolutely. I foresee death threats against any tory MPs who might be prepared to vote against the government and bring it down rather than risk a no deal Brexit.

      3. More bollocks.

        A win and a draw ALWAYS trumps a draw and a defeat.

        This was your pointer for a 2nd ref. You’ve lost this one too.

        Give it up, stop procrastinating and wasting taxpayers moolah on rehashing the same shite day in & day out.

        You’re like some sort of mental deficients, the fucking lot of you.

      4. Toffee, the referendum result is now 3 years old. Are you saying that the 2015 GE result should Trump the 2017 one? That seems to be your logic.

      5. I’m afraid that the ERG supporters here are into investing a Tory policy with a sort of religious validity. It’s a bit like not offending the Israelis by truth-telling about Palestine.

  11. Toffee, the referendum result is now 3 years old. Are you saying that the 2015 GE result should Trump the 2017 one? That seems to be your logic.

    Another one thinks time invalidates a result. Dear God, is there not one amongst them capable?

    1. Toffee, that’s not really an answer is it? If time does not invalidate a referendum result then should we not be sticking to the 1975 decision?
      Oh, and can I have a reply that doesn’t include ad hominem insults?

      1. So do we rerun the 18-19 premier league season in 2022 because city only won by the one point?

        Do we rerun the 2017 election because torags only had 13 million or so votes and didn’t command a majority in the commons?

        With questions like yours you deserve any ad hominem insults. What a fucking ridiculous notion you imbeciles hold.

      2. Toffee, the 18-19 season is going to be rerun. It happens every year. Also, the 18- 19 season is over and done with in terms of its consequences, unlike Brexit. Not an analogy that works.
        I thought you wouldn’t avoid the banality of insults. Bye.





        It’s evident you’re every bit the cretin as the other bellends.

        I fucking despair. If you lot represent the labour party or even a tenth of it, I’m glad i’m not part of it.

      4. Toffee, it probably is a good job you’re not a LP member.
        No need to shout.

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