Coup breaks cover as expected as anti-Corbyn MEP flings Euro blame early

South-East MEP’s appalling email to Labour members follows exact pattern predicted


For some time now, the SKWAWKBOX – along with many Labour insiders – has been predicting that the latest coup attempt by Labour centrists would be based on the European Parliament elections.

Unite union boss Len McCluskey made a similar prediction this morning during a BBC interview – and said that Tom Watson’s Observer article today was an early example.

Another such example has come to light in the form of an email from South-East MEP John Howarth to Labour members in the region, in which Howarth attempts to pin the blame for poor results – not even announced yet – on the Labour leadership’s supposed ‘failure’ to commit to a new referendum:

Howarth spoke earlier in his email of ‘implausible rot’, but he – like Watson and the rest – are spouting just that.

Watson, Brexit secretary Keir Starmer and others have spent weeks telling the public – contrary to Labour’s policy – that Labour is a ‘remain’ party. Almost without exception, Labour’s European Parliament candidates committed – loudly and unequivocally, in spite of Labour policy – to a new referendum.

And four times, Labour followed its conference policy by supporting motions on another referendum in the Commons – losing an estimated two million leaver votes in the process.

If Labour’s candidates are shown to have performed poorly when the EU election results are announced tonight, they and other ‘remain ultras’ need to reflect on their own responsibility for that outcome – and on the fact that their ‘remain party’/public vote message is not welcomed by Labour members a public that overwhelmingly just want Brexit over and done with.

But rather than waking up and smelling the triple-espresso Labour members and the electorate are waving under their noses (while holding a ringing alarm clock to their ears) and recognising that their approach is woefully flawed – they are going to use it as yet another bankrupt attempt to ‘get Corbyn’.

Watson this morning and Howarth in his email have made that clear well before the results are even announced.

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  1. He doesn’t mention Corbyn at all. Just concentrates on criticism of a policy he disagrees with. No evidence of a coup here.

    1. Support the party policy and leader or go and join the Liberal Democrats.

      You are not a socialist and you are not a democrat. What are you doing in the Labour Party?

    2. Might not mention Corbyn by name, but the breaking of Labour policy is obvious, and he clearly isn’t blaming himself. I suspect Einstein would have drawn the rather obvious conclusion, given the lack of alternatives available. But we can’t all see the writing on the wall. Apparently.

  2. ‘As for a general election, I would say, not for the first time, be careful what you wish for.’

    Sums him up then, prick. Hope he’s been punted.

    1. By making that comment you have flushed yourself out as a traitor to the Labour Party.

      You silly dim troll!

  3. So what he’s saying is ‘holy crap I’ve lost my seat on the gravy train! How dare you not vote for me!’ Their entitlement attitude will expose them for who they really are, certainly not Labour!

    1. Bang on the money, Christopher.

      ” I’ve had my meal ticket taken off me; so I hope them what want a labour UK govt don’t get their wish because of it’.

      Spiteful wee prick.

  4. Semantics rule ok. The overwhelming feeling at Conference was for a second vote, whatever the actual wording of the motion. The EU results out tonight will probably show Labour are paying for not following what the majority at conference wanted. That’s why I voted Green. SkwaWkbox spurting rubbish again.

    1. Just because you don’t like – or even understand – party policy, does not entitle you to make it up. Conference’s intention was rebranded in conference’s vote.
      I trust you have resigned your membership. If you had one to resign.

  5. If votes for the Remain Parties, including Labour, outnumber the Leavers, whatever Watson thinks is immaterial.

    1. And of course, if they DO – All those results will be legit… Won’t they jack?

      That’s despite the piss-poor turnouts.

    2. What Watson – or anyone else – thinks is immaterial, if they are campaigning against the leadership and party policy.
      Unity is strength. All else is Tory. That’s the reality.

      1. I remember a comment in which a bloke set his alarm earlier so he could hate the Tories more. I chuckled but I understand him now. Bring on the GE. REGARDS

  6. Twatsons mission IMO is simple , stop a Corbyn lead DS Govt at all costs no matter what the damage to those who in this country desperately need a Labour Corbyn Govt .

  7. I fully understand that the motion was cleverly worded to fob off the majority of members. That’s one of the reasons there’s enormous discord in the Labour Party. The bullying and hatred towards other members is never acceptable. I reckon Labour will get around 15-20% of the vote; if that’s the case, bearing in mind that this is an election about the European Union, then I and the overwhelming amount of members who support a Confirmatory vote/second referendum, will feel totally vindicated.

    1. Yes Joe, but IA will call you a TRAITOR, and that means that you aren’t entitled to an opinion.

    2. This isn’t a general election, so you crowing over Labour losing votes to a protest vote doesn’t matter much.
      As you seem to be seeing this as a mini-ref, will you admit defeat when the Brexit extremists get more votes than the Remainers?
      Of course you won’t.
      Best of Five?

  8. Prick talks about ‘missing open goals’ but conveniently omits that europe has been the bane of the toerags since time immemorial.

    It’s saw off two toerag prime ministers, almost did for another and was instrumental in putting in a ‘labour’ (term used loosely) government for three terms.

    If there’s been any ‘open goal missed’ it’s because the useless self-centred, pro-european primadonnas have been shooting for goal in fucking ballet shoes rather than football boots.

  9. Corbyn is our leader, they are bleating in the wind, although thats not to say they will not cause harm

  10. To your final point, I stopped paying my membership fees in February 2019 but, as you will know, I have a six month period during which I can renew them, by which time, hopefully, the Labour Party will have come to its senses. I did this for a second reason, which I made reference to in the previous post. I can’t believe the hatred that is expressed on this site to other Labour members. I don’t believe that’s acceptable in any way within the Labour Party, and I am not comfortable being associated with that hatred. On the same day that the SkwaWkbox was righlyt condemning that army lot for shooting at a picture of Jeremy Corbyn, he posted another hatful of vitriol towards Tom Watson. I don’t like Tom Watson, never have, and didn’t vote for him to be Deputy, but I don’t hate him, and would never target him the way the SkwaWkbox has. I don’t want to be associated with that hatred.

    1. Facts are facts. We Labour members are perfectly justified in being angry when our elected deputy leader deliberately gets party policy wrong in articles and interviews.
      Just because he echoes your views does not make his behaviour ok.
      The emotion I see in Skwawkbox’s articles is contempt, not hatred. Quite right too.

  11. I received this Email earlier and commented usual right wing rubbish to my partner. Another attempt on Jeremy after the election. That he was so worried about that he did bugger all canvassing down here in Sussex! I get so annoyed at this rubbish he was talking about it was all cobblers about the referendum question. Well in this poor part of east sussex, I can tell you everyone we speak to on the doorstep. This is not a great concern people just want this over and done. Let people have there bleeding brexit and choke on it when it’s the disaster I believe it will be. Then we can get rid of this evil government and elect a decent Labour one for the people…

  12. This MEP is one of the nonentities who opposed Corbyn during the 2016 coup. I think it is clear that he is motivated by self interest – He’s about to lose his seat on the gravy train although he’s due a very nice pension (Adonis’s motivation?) and a substantial lump sum.
    He clearly has a conflict of interest – like Kinnock and his wife – and his circular email to members is therefore inappropriate. Shame on him putting his own interests first.

  13. Look at the positive side: those instigating the coup
    would provide the names and reasons for deselection!

  14. I’m writing just before serving results, and like most, I anticipate Labour with do badly, suffering a protest vote from both extremes.
    A shame, but not the end of the world. This isn’t a general election.
    On the plus side, a few more like this awful MEP will be denied a platform from which to attack the party.
    No wonder he’s bitter.

  15. Andrew, my vote for Greens wasn’t a protest vote. It was a very clear vote for a Remain Party (Green). I’ll probably vote for Green in every future EU election!!!!!!!!!

    1. As you wish, though you realise that your statement disqualifies you from Labour Party membership.
      The Greens did well, as did the LibDems – but do the math: In England & Wales, ProBrexit Parties (Brexit, Ukip, Tories) received about twice the vote of the ProRemain parties (LibDems, Green, Plaid).
      (Scotland has its own story)
      So I’m happy with a party fighting for the best possible Brexit, rather than one fighting a battle lost in 2016.

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