Union head rips into Watson over crass and shameful May tribute

Public take-down of Watson’s tweeted message

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s public statement on Theresa May’s resignation this morning contained no hint of praise and focused on her failure to do anything to alleviate the terrible impact of Tory policies, along with her appalling Brexit failure.

Deputy leader Tom Watson, by contrast, gushed astonishingly that,

History will record that she was honourable in her intentions. To those who have plotted her downfall… history will not be so kind.

CWU union general secretary Dave Ward issued a blunt put-down to them both:


Watson’s nonsense has gone on for far too long and this latest contribution is an affront to the millions suffering under Tory government and those affected by the collapse of our NHS and May’s hideous behaviour toward Windrush citizens and Grenfell survivors.

He is in the wrong party and has no place as Labour’s deputy leader. Any real Labour MP that challenges him will walk the deputy leader election – or, more likely, will enjoy a walk-over. Watson will not have the stomach for the humiliation of the landslide against him.

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  1. Plothersa not looked on kindly; amazing lack of self awareness, similar to Chukka then

  2. Replace the quote not re May but with Corbyn and you see political moron Watson is hoisted by his own petard!
    Labour members in my view need to select 620 left wing democratic socialist Pro-Corbyn PPCs.

  3. Where are they then? As Delia once yelped: ‘ C’monnnn….Let’s be avin ya!?’

    twatson’s last one was ‘satire’ or summit, wasn’t it?

  4. If anyone is going to challenge Watson for the Deputy Leadership then they need to get a bloody move on because otherwise it will be too late and we will be stuck with him for another year.

      1. Bluntly – simply repetitiously moaning about Watson as a mark of doctrinal righteousness is simply hot air; it’s about as meaningful and relevant as repeating ‘Isn’t the rain wet?’

        Meanwhile, Labour support continues its descent, trailing the Tories.


  5. I agree that any socialist Mp would beat Watson in a deputy leadership election but as I have posted previously now is not the time to plunge our party into a protracted internal election.
    It would take the focus of attention away from the terrible state the Tories are in at the moment. However maybe that’s the object of the exercise – create havoc in the party so that the MSM have justification for concentrating on that rather than the mess the Tories are in. We need to play smart at this time and not dance to Watson’s tune .

      1. I agree, Chris would be ideal but he doesn’t think he would get enough support from the PLP.

      2. Jack T , yes that may well be true but I’d bet my shirt on the positive support he’d get from the membership .

      3. Isn’t he still suspended?

        PLP is largely a nest of same old, same olds… warmongers, neoliberals, western exceptionalists and financial and corporate lobbyist tools. Nothing is changing on that front except a few walk outs who cannot be replaced until a GE.

    1. I think we have long since past the point where the short pain of an election campaign is less bad than this ongoing farce.

      He needs to go. Now.

  6. Dear Tom ,
    Why don’t you pleeeease just FUCK OFF and join the Tory party PLEEEESSEEE, pretty please with jam and sprinkles on top , utter jerk !
    Fucking disgrace that he is to the Windrush , to the homeless , to the disabled , to all 120,000 fucking DEAD people killed by the Tereszzzahh May fucking murderous policies , you utter TWAT—SON.
    Apologies comrades for the foul language , just so enraged by this sycophants arse sucking uppery .

  7. Why the fuck he is not challenged? There must be enough Labour MPs to trigger an election. PLEASE, PLEASE challenge him. He is doing untold damage.

    1. More to the point, why hasn’t he been ‘hauled over the coals’ – Not once, as yet?

      Must be on half a dozen serious transgressions at the very least, be now. No if’s, no but’s, nail the bastard’s feet to the floor the minute he steps ot of line. Same goes for hodge, screeching and the rest of the clique.

      (Would’ve said ‘cabal’ instead of ‘clique’ but that’d have them shrieking antisemitism for the counteenth time)

      Get your complaints in….

      1. There is a theory that the term CABAL took on its present meaning from a group of ministers formed in 1668 – the “Cabal ministry” of King Charles II of England. Members included Sir Thomas Clifford, Lord Arlington, the Duke of Buckingham, Lord Ashley, and Lord Lauderdale, whose initial letters coincidentally spelled CABAL, and who were the signatories of the Secret Treaty of Dover that allied England to France in a prospective war against the Netherlands

  8. Tom (it’s not our job to bring down the Tory Government) Watson is an absolute joke and should be booted out of The Labour Party.
    A barometer of the PLP is nobody has the integrity to challenge Watson for DL.
    Time to drain the swamp!

  9. Why oh why is this Labour Party so impotent as to have Judas Watson STILL protecting the Tories feelings? Why?

    And why do we still not have mandatory reselection for all the hard right red tories like Mann, Austin, Nandy, Benn, Eagle, Streeting, Ellman, Phillips, Smeeth, Kinnock, Hoey, Hodge, Cooper etc instead of constantly putting up with them damaging OUR Party and allowing them to remain as traiterous sleepers within, biding their time to the next coup?

    We talk and talk and talk and do nothing.

    Tony Blair was a TWAT who stitched the Party up to his own standards, but we’re just sitting on our hands watching it happen.

    1. Austin has already gone!

      As for Hoey, she is an interesting character: Reactionary on some issues yet surprisingly progressive on others.

    2. wlbcarepants 25/05/2019 at 12:38 am

      And why do we still not have mandatory reselection “
      Because the unions sabotaged the motion at conference, In who’s interests were they acting when they did this>

  10. You’re making me agree with Tom Watson, which is worrying. His comments were clearly motivated by decency and good feeling, If socialists hold those in contempt they may find they don’t get the benefit of them if we achieve a socialist government.

    1. Oh, of course!!!!! – All those parents with kids routing through bins for something to alleviate their hunger for a few minutes ought to fu**ing prostrate themselves and thank the arld bastard profusely…

      I mean, it fatboy slime said may was ‘honourable in it’s intentions’…

      Honest to dog, I f**ing DESPAIR. Comments like that boil my piss, so they do.

  11. I nominate Laura Pidcock for deputy leader. Now, how do we put that into action?

    1. Poor lass has only been an MP for five minutes; at least give LFI, JLC etc time to foment a smear campaign…

  12. Nuclear warmongers must stick together!

    Also, Theresa May lied about a number of things:

    1. The cat issue in a possible deportation case

    2 She claimed that the Conservative Party cooperated with the Electoral Commission

    3 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/diane-abbott-labour-party-bbc-question-time-leader-debate-theresa-may-dna-database-untruth-a7770656.html

    Time for Labour Party members in Watson’s constituency to look for another candidate, I think.

  13. I can’t see (a) a practical course of action for getting shot of Watson or (b) that this would be a great time to set any hares running, with the Tory leadership election coming up.

    Remember – Watson still has considerable support within the Party – like it or not.

    Sometimes patience and playing the long game is indeed a virtue – particularly as an alternative to hysteria. 🙂

    1. RH 25/05/2019 at 5:26 pm

      “Remember – Watson still has considerable support within the Party – like it or not.”

      A recent Labour List survey on the popularity of shadow cabinet members gives food for thought

      Keir Starmer – 2,220
      John McDonnell – 1,958
      Emily Thornberry – 1,391
      Tom Watson – 1,298
      Angela Rayner – 706
      Rebecca Long-Bailey – 697
      Diane Abbott – 600
      Barry Gardiner – 493
      Jonathan Ashworth – 328
      Richard Burgon – 315

      1. SteveH, that’s a site somewhat to the right of the party and so skewed that way to an extent. However, that any Labour Party site poll gives him twice as many votes as Diane Abbott and almost as many as Emily Thornberry is indeed a sign that he still has much support. Sad, but you are correct and it doesn’t do to underestimate those you oppose.

      2. I share the scepticism about precision of this polling. But both Watson and McDonnell, explicitly and implicitly, are recognising the need to get back more closely in touch with the sentiments of the wider body of Labour supporters.

        The current weak policy over Brexit and the resultant shedding of support has, sadly, gifted Watson an open goal.

        That’s not a great strategy – giving him credibility..

  14. Put it to the test and ask all of the membership re watson , me thinks he’d be out on his arse if we were all asked 1 simple question
    do you want watson to remain as DL ?

    1. The only problem that is that would be against the rules. The Rule Book is quite clear about challenging for either the Leadership or Deputy Leadership. Effectively the only way to replace either is to follow the rules.

  15. You’re the party members.

    It’s up to YOU to complain about watson, question his authority as well as his actions, and whittle down any support for him by doing so.

    Complain to the party AND case your MP about him, too. If your MP’s ineffective or indifferent, then complain about them as well.

    1. The Toffee (597) 26/05/2019 at 9:14 am

      Some of us have. Most of us also realised a long time ago why it is so important that we actually get out and vote.

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