Corbyn comments on departure of second Tory PM seen off – and calls for ‘immediate GE’

Labour leader has now seen off two Tory Prime Ministers

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has commented on Theresa May’s departure:

The Prime Minister is right to have resigned. She has now accepted what the country has known for months: she cannot govern, and nor can her divided and disintegrating party.

The burning injustices she promised to tackle three years ago are even starker today.

The Conservative Party has utterly failed the country over Brexit and is unable to improve people’s lives or deal with their most pressing needs.

Parliament is deadlocked and the Conservatives offer no solutions to the other major challenges facing our country.

The last thing the country needs is weeks of more Conservative infighting followed by yet another unelected Prime Minister.

Whoever becomes the new Conservative Leader must let the people decide our country’s future, through an immediate general election.


Rightly, Corbyn declined to pay any tribute to a PM who has blighted the lives of millions with an arrogance and detachment that shamed her office.

He has now seen off two Tory PMs, in spite of the efforts of the Labour right to help them oppose him.

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    1. I think Jeremy’s response was the right and honest one – no hypocrisy there. He just said it as it is as he always does.
      By contrast the praise being heaped on Theresa May by the people who haven’t had a good word to say about her for months and who forced her out today is nauseating. It exposes them as the back stabbing hypocrites they are.

      1. I certainly didn’t use the term ‘hypocrisy’. He had to say it. But it isn’t going to happen.

    2. I misunderstood your original comment – sorry – and I agree with you that there is unlikely to be a General Election soon as the Tories know they will probably be out on their ears once we go to the polls.

      1. Yes. The one thing the Tories have is an instinct for survival. They won’t go to the polls unless they have a clear gain in sight.

  1. Why can they just keep replacing incompetent PMs! Why is that allowed? We need a vote to replace these halfwit Tories! Not one of them can hold down a job in office, we’ve had 4 Brexit secretaries under May, 3 home secretaries, 4 DWP officers, 3 health secretaries, 3MPs in the foreign office??? All sacked as they’re incompetent?

  2. ‘Whoever becomes the new Conservative Leader must let the people decide our country’s future, through an immediate general election’

    True. Only that it’s easier said than done under the current FTPA. The Queen (read PM) can no longer unilaterally dissolve parliament and trigger an GE. MPs have to pass a motion of no-confidence by a simple majority, or MPs have to vote by 2/3 majority for a motion calling for an GE.

    The vast majority of Conservative Party MPs and a significant portion of PLP members will not be keen for an GE for the simple reason of self-preservation. They both know that they are likely to loose their seats – the Conservatives on account of current unpopularity of the party, the ‘centrist’ PLP members on account of deselection by their CLPs. That’s why we are soon to hear the ‘centrists’ again calling for JC to go because of BREXIT, EU Elections results, AS, etc. and all sorts of reasons they can dream up of. Those are the only elections – Labour leadership – we are about to have, not an GE.

    1. I agree with you Stewart960130.
      Theresa May knew before the 2017 election that she would have problems getting Brexit legislation through as she only had a small majority (13 wasn’t it ?) which is why she called a General election. She was absolutely sure she would wipe us out. That didn’t happen and in fact made things worse for her by creating a hung parliament. Parliament is now in chaos and the only way forward is a General Election. For the reasons you have given that won’t happen so the country will continue to go to hell in a handcart.
      In relation to the Centrist MPs challenging Jeremy and again creating a diversion from the Tories woes,they would do well to remember that we are much better organised now than we were in 2016. The power now lies firmly with the membership.
      In my opinion any MP indicating a willingness to participate in a vote of no confidence or supporting a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn should be told by their CLPs that they will face a vote of no confidence themselves and will face a reselection contest come the next election.
      Furthermore the same should be said to MPs who are not openly against Jeremy but who undermine his leadership by sniping from the sidelines.
      CLPs should not be reactive in this process but proactive – they need to take action at the first indication that their MP is involved in an attempt to prevent a Corbyn led / Socialist government.
      As you have said the indications are there that another Coup is planned so its up to CLPs to move NOW to try to prevent it. The NEC/ HQs should also do their bit in this by instructing CLPs to start the PPC selection process NOW. However no selections should be confirmed until later to prevent any backsliding.

  3. And to think that David Cameron was part of the rabble that demanded Corbyn’s resignation in 2016.

  4. The Tories are desperately clinging on, they won’t let go because they know they will lose, what we should all now focus on is demanding the DUP stop propping up this corrupt government.

    They are the ones holding this country to ransom, time that was made clear.

  5. Why doesn’t raise a vote of no confidence in this Government – and himself call for a General Election ?

  6. A fixed term parliament……………..who on earth would propose & agree to such a thing? Proposed by Nick Clegg & agreed by…………….those idiots we call our MPs.

  7. A general election will come in the end.

    It will be interesting as to how the new conservative leader will try to command a majority in parliament. New alliances could be formed with the DUP deal up for renegotiation and with the new group of Change UK into the mix. I suspect the Tory party will welcome any of its former MPs back into the fold. Whether they bring the other former members of other parties may depend on the elected leader. This is now in the hands of a few Tories party members.

  8. What a bitch…. Nowt but an evil old hag/witch that has nowt to do with the normal people of Great Britain
    except to destroy our lives.. she knows there has been over 120 thousand deaths linked to her so-called austerity… does she shed a tear for them?? no of course not.. She thinks the UN with their findings can go to hell.. I HATE this bitch worser than I hate coffee with skin…

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