Lavery on Leadsom’s resignation: “May’s authority is shot, she needs to go”

Lavery calls on May to resign as Prime Minister

Labour Party chair Ian Lavery has commented on Andrea Leadsom’s resignation from the Cabinet:

The Prime Minister’s authority is shot and her time is up.

While the Tories are ripping themselves apart, our country is in crisis. The government has made a catastrophic mess of the Brexit negotiations, our steel industry is under threat and universal credit is pushing people into poverty.

For the sake of the country, Theresa May needs to go, and we need an immediate general election.”


How could anyone disagree? Time for another formal parliamentary vote of no confidence – not just in May, but in the entire, incompetent government.

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  1. Like rats in a sack, hoping against hope neither gets bitten! We are witnessing the disintegration of a government and the Conservative Party. If only our right-wing Labour MP’s would now stop their meddling and get behind the leadership to bring about a General Election that the country needs!

    1. Our right wing MPs are working to their own agenda and don’t want a Corbyn led government. I am sorry for repeating myself but Tony Blair said he would rather LOSE an election than win it on a Socialist platform. The Right wing MPs are simply carrying out his wishes.

    2. Whilst I cannot begin to describe the joy that the collapse of the tory party would bring, it’s best to remember that they are the worlds oldest political party and they are like vampires

  2. Theresa May will not resign voluntarily. There was some talk about her exiting with dignity but unfortunately that ship sailed a long time ago. She will continue to refuse leave office knowing that Tories are terrified of a General Election and therefore when it comes to the crunch probably won’t have the courage to oust her.
    I imagine more cabinet ministers will follow Andrea Leadsom over the next few days but in my opinion we will have to wait until the meeting of the grassroots Conservative associations – the equivalent of our CLPs- on 15 June before we see any moves towards her going.
    No doubt some will compare what is happening to Theresa May now to what happened to Jeremy in 2016. However the difference then as now is that Jeremy has the support of the membership (who gave him a landslide victory – twice) while Theresa May has lost the support of all sections of the Tory party and the country as a whole.
    It will be interesting to see what the Tories do when this fiasco is at an end . My guess is that they will immediately change their rules to prevent anyone else doing the same again.

    1. I was about to post a similar comment as I had just become aware of Watson’s comments on Twitter. I was shocked -could not believe it- which worries me nothing that man says or does should be capable of shocking any of us. We all know he is a disgrace so we should expect disgraceful behaviour from him.

      1. In fact, if Theresa May was Bricktop (Snatch), she be saying

        “Pull your tongue from my arse Tom”

      1. Twatson twattering says this

        ” I accept that she may want to go but to do it the night before an election looks odd. It’s also a slap in the face to Tory party members who are working hard to get their candidates elected tomorrow. “

      2. I’ve just read rob’s replay of what Watson said.

        Errr … whatever you think of Watson (and I don’t think much of him), don’t you recognize a political wind-up aimed at the Tories??? Jeez! The way in which preconceptions here shape reality!

  3. Yes tragically as the Neo-Liberal Tories let British Steel go to the wall and not a peep on this from the Neo-Liberal Brexit Party, Lib Dems, Change UK etc, Labour is the only one calling for its democratic public ownership to try to SAVE BRITISH STEEL!
    Perhaps a good reason to vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour on Thursday the 23rd of May!

  4. Its a piss poor state of affairs when these egocentric tories think only of themselves and couldn’t give a fook about the millions of ordinary people who are suffering, while these inhumans jockey for position with only their future wealth and place in history on their mind. How anyony can actually vote for these knobs is unbelievable. Rant over. goodnight

  5. Watson’s tweet:
    “I accept that she may want to go but to do it the night before an election looks odd. It’s also a slap in the face to Tory party members who are working hard to get their candidates elected tomorrow.”

    If we assume she’s likely to stand for leader soon – and I do – Watson is telling Tory members that by leaving the night before the election she’s selfishly hurting their scumbag party and she’s undoing their hard work.
    Can’t be that many Tory activists left but what’s the harm in sowing a bit of discord among the poor old dears?
    He’s not damaging us for once.

    I want him deselected – but if Skwawk can concede the equally disloyal, less prominent but eminently deselectable Nandy one good work I think Twatson can be conceded to have done something right for once.

  6. Nandy’s been relatively quiet since the chicken coup.

    Twatson’s NEVER let up….About ANYTHING. It’s only natural people think he’s sincere about the may thing. Not as if he’s not got previous form for this sort of shabbite. He’s riddled with it.

    But there’s a clear pattern to be drawn from those calling to give him the benefit…Slowly but surely they’re revealing their colours.

  7. As recently as the end of February she and Streeting were stirring the antisemitism shit pile, accusing Corbyn of being slow to deal with a particular incident – whilst somebody who was there said he dealt with it the day after it was raised.
    Not what I’d call being “relatively quiet.”

  8. Ever thought that May staying in post might be the clever option for real-world lefties? Which is why the Tories don’t fancy the idea.

    Even more clever would be for Labour to take the initiative and leave go of Tory coat- tails.

    Shit! That’s a bit radical!

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