Sandwell councillor suspended by Labour over support for rival candidate. Others expected to follow

Caroline White admitted being woman caught on video campaigning for opposing candidate – and was then caught on audio. Other suspensions are anticipated this week
Caroline White and independent David Hosell

Cllr Caroline White was at the centre of controversy last month when she was caught – first on video and then separately on audio – campaigning for Cllrs David and Shirley Hosell. The Hosells had formerly been Labour councillors but quit the party after being deselected, in order to contest last week’s local elections as independents.

Cllr White’s response to an invitation to comment on the evidence at the time was “Go f*ck yourself”.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that Cllr White has now been suspended by the party pending investigation. Campaigning for, or supporting, a rival candidate is an automatic expulsion offence under Labour’s rules.

Cllr White has been invited to comment.

The SKWAWKBOX also understand that further suspensions are expected locally this week in relation to the White incident and disciplinary issues.

Sandwell Labour councillors will shortly need to elect a new council and Labour group leader, after Cllr Steve Trow dramatically resigned last week. Trow had only been in position for a short time, following the forced resignation as leader of Steve Eling, a close ally of local right-wing MPs Tom Watson and John Spellar, who had been suspended by Labour after a number of serious complaints about his conduct.

The Hosells were both unsuccessful in their attempt to win election as independents, as Labour took a clean sweep of council seats contested last week.

Steve Eling’s replacement as Labour candidate for Abbey Ward, blind Labour activist Ahmad Bostan, was successfully elected in a landslide, winning almost three times the vote of his nearest rival. Eling’s case has been referred to Labour’s ultimate disciplinary body, the NCC, in spite of attempts by Tom Watson to defend him.

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  1. If I had backed as many wrong horses and losers as Tom Watson, I’d stop gambling.

  2. Typical Blairites, after campaigning bloody hard in Lancaster, we lost 10 seats on the council thanks to the Greens and Independents appealing to both Remain & Leave voters instead of trying to bring both sides along.
    If I ever found a Centrist canvassing for another candidate, I’d be fuming, these selfish people should have the courage to resign from the party first.

  3. At risk of saying the obvious, local government is an area that Labour needs to look at very seriously. It is the last outpost of the Labour right, and the reasons for the rise of “independent” candidates in response to dissatisfaction with Labour councils needs careful study. There is a very important political lesson to be learnt there.

  4. The rules are pretty clear if you support or vote for another party you automatically cease to be a member of the Labour party. It’s not a matter of your degree of guilt or of there being any other sanction available. If there is no dispute about the fact that you have supported another party it’s not a question of you having your membership “suspended” because you don’t have one to suspend.
    According to your report Ms White does no dispute that she campaigned on behalf of a non-member in their election. As soon as she did so she ceased to be a member of the Labour Party,

    1. My sentiments exactly. Do not pass ‘Go’. Do not collect expenses

      No if’s, no buts; there’s the door, GTFO.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that Cllr White didn’t take up skwawk’s invitation to respond, as I would have been interested to hear what she had to say.

  6. One hopes that the NCC will now also do the same for Penny Barber and expel her for supporting another party. Interesting to wait and see , as how many left wingers who in the past when Blair was in power were expelled for supporting the Greens , and still remain expelled

    1. IIRC wasn’t it merely for retweeting a green party policy or something a green member had tweeted?

      1. Oh, I see, so Global Research are into circulating spam, are they! Give over. I really can’t believe that you would try to dismiss such an incredibly important – and little spoken about – issue. Do you not give a damn about the effect of it on the environment, and insects in particular, or children in the womb and babies and young children? The very fact that you say “Worthy though this may be (or not)” obviously implies that you don’t know the first thing about it. What a joke!!

      2. No, *YOU* are circulating spam. Note the title at the top of this thread.
        I am not dimissing the issue, merely pointing out that your irrelevant comment in theis thread is spam. Which it is, as you well know.
        What I know (or don’t know), what I care (or don’t care) is none of your fucking business.
        Fuck off, spammer.

    1. I have to conclude that there are trolls who come on this blog to do the bidding of their paymasters – ie that they don’t want anyone bringing important issues to peoples attention – in this case, the danger that 5g technology poses to us all.

      As I said recently, there are literally hundreds of occasions when people have posted links to articles/issues that aren’t related to the SB article that’s been posted, and they have done so for the obvious reason, but suddenly it’s become “spam”. Drawing peoples attention to the fact that the first responder in the alleged Salisbury poisoning just happened to be the Chief Nurse of the British Army, as Craig Murray reported in an article he posted on March 7th, isn’t of any consequence as far as THEY are concerned, or so they would have people believe (see point 3).


      I will of course keep posting links to articles/issues that I think will be of interest and/or concern to people who visit this site. The one or two people who are trying to deter anyone from doing so are, in effect, much the same as the MSM who keep such issues from their readers and viewers, like the dangers of flame retardants, for example. Oh, right, and apparently it’s Putin and the evil Ruskies who are behind the anti-fracking activists/protesters!

      ‘Of all liberties, freedom to know, to speak and to criticise stands first’

      Henry Wickham Steed

      NB And as anyone who visits Craig Murray’s website, for example, will know – where hundreds, and sometimes thousands of comments are posted – it is commonplace for people to post links/comments that are not related to the article in question. It’s called Free Speech!

      1. If you post stuff not relevant to the topic, YOU’RE the troll.
        If you advertise stuff that isn’t a relevant service to readers of the thread, YOU’RE the spammer.
        And, I might add, a pretty stupid, lame spammer.
        If you don’t understand how the internet works, get back to your Etch-A-Sketch, and leave intelligent people alone.
        And if you DO understand how the internet works (an unlikely scenario, based on the evidence so far), shame on you for lying, spamming and trolling.

      2. PS Free speech is when you get your own web site, not when you troll other people’s.
        What do they teach you kids these days?

  7. heenan73, I believe it’s up to Steve Walker or any moderator he cares to appoint to decide what is and isn’t acceptable comment on his blog.
    I assume you’re not that appointed moderator?
    I’ve posted off topic stuff before when news has come in and no recent article has fit the bill – or if I’ve just felt frivolous – and Allan’s globalresearch link was quite interesting and quite current. I doubt some of the content but evidence on the subject is sparse.
    I don’t read comments I think over-long or uninteresting and I haven’t read half of those on this page – perhaps you could try that?
    It’s not like there’s going to be a test or anything 🙂

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