Recording: Watson ally councillor caught campaigning for opponent. Responds – “Go f*ck yourself”

Sandwell councillor caught on audio on campaign trail with independent councillor – both allies of Tom Watson – competing against Labour in local elections
Cllrs Caroline White, David Hosell

Earlier today the SKWAWKBOX revealed exclusive video footage of Sandwell Labour councillor Caroline White helping an opponent of the Labour Party, Cllr David Hosell who was deselected and resigned to contest his seat as an independent, put up campaign boards for his wife Shirley for next week’s local elections.

Shirley Hosell is also now an independent candidate competing against the Labour Party for the Newton ward seat. Labour deputy leader Tom Watson recently attacked the deselection of the pair as without justification, although David Hosell quickly tarnished that comment by attacking a bullied female colleague as a ‘loud-mouthed gutter wench’.

Supporting a rival candidate is an automatic expulsion offence under Labour Party rules.

Cllr White admitted that she was the woman in the footage but told the SKWAWKBOX earlier today that she had helped Cllr Hosell out of a concern for health and safety.

However, new audio evidence now also revealed exclusively by this blog appears to show Cllr Hosell and Cllr White campaigning together and engaging in conversation with a local resident.

And during the conversation, Hosell tells the resident that Cllr White is “Labour until next year, when she’s coming over to me”. Cllr White does not demur.

The subtitled audio below has the voice of the resident removed to protect her/his anonymity:

Cllr White was also seen to have ‘liked’ a Facebook post of David Hosell’s campaign boards:

A Facebook image liked by Cllr White

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Cllr White for comment. Although she took a call earlier today during the preparation of the original article, she declined to answer any further call.

However, after multiple attempts to call a text was sent outlining the information shown above. Councillor White texted the following comment in response:

I have sought legal advice on this matter and I’ve been advised to tell you to go fuck yourself! And I’m looking forward to reading your report.

Tom Watson did not respond in spite of multiple calls to office and mobile numbers to ask whether he stood by his defence of the deselected Councillors Hosell and his claim that action by the Labour Party against councillors in Sandwell was baseless and factional.

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  1. What a classy response to your enquiry from Cllr White’s. Clearly a sophisticated lady not unlike Jess Phillips, Westminster’s answer to Vicky Pollard!

  2. Somehow, I suspect that that wasn’t advice given by a lawyer!
    I trust that this has been formally reported to the LP skwawky. Let’s see how quickly they act

    1. That advice sounds more like it came from the author of the “loud-mouthed gutter wench” remark, which I thought was the title held by Jess Phillips.

      Cllr White, however, sounds like a right cunt. As you’d expect, really!

      1. Hey Tim, let’s not sink to their level. Leave the gratuitous sexist and classist insults to others. If you want to criticise JP for supporting the smearers that’s one thing. But that’s got nothing to do with her sex or class.

      2. Reply to Simon Dewsbury
        I agree with you that we should not descend into the language of the gutter but I disagree with your remarks about Jess Phillip’s gender and class.
        Jess has ruthlessly exploited gender inequality and her alleged feminism to advance her career.I say alleged because she has shown no support whatsoever to Diane Abbott. A real feminist would not mock and boast about swearing at the most abused woman in parliament as Jess has done.
        In relation to her class, her Vicky Pollard act is just that – an act. Jess comes from a well off middle class family and is herself very well heeled via hers and hers husbands salaries, her generous expenses, book deals, TV appearances, newspaper articles etc
        As someone who is genuinely working class I deeply resent Jess, a loud mouthed ill-mannered vulgarian pretending working class thereby stigmatizing those of us from a less privileged background than her own.

      3. Ok but it was meant in the same spirit as her “go fuck yourself” remark.

  3. He’ll be fine. You need to do something dastardly – such as being an active anti-racist, or accuse somebody of feeding the Torygraph, or suggesting that apartheid isn’t a policy worthy of support – to get disciplined.

    1. Too true, unfortunately, RH. It took hours only to suspend Chris Williamson. Strange how that was so urgent.

    1. I’ll be surprised if there’s a politician in the land who hasn’t been photographed with Greta Thunberg in a week or two – the bandwagon opportunities of having a selfie with somebody genuinely popular are too much of a draw to the self-serving to be passed up, poor child.

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