Warley Labour FB page promotes anti-Lab candidate. Spellar hangs up when invited to condemn

Warley Labour page congratulates independent candidate and smears Labour’s

Warley constituency sits in the Sandwell heartland of right-wing Labour in the West Midlands, which has seen some of the worst behaviour by right-wing figures – and the suspension both of the Local Campaign Forum (LCF) and of senior councillors including the now-former council leader.

John Spellar, speaking at a Labour First event

The constituency is represented by Labour First’s John Spellar – who infamously described ‘Momentum member’ as an insult. The constituency Labour party (CLP) has long been run by his allies – even preventing members voting on the CLP’s delegates to Labour’s annual conference.

The CLP also recently had candidates imposed by the NEC on one of its wards when former council leader Steve Eling was deselected as a result of his ongoing suspension for the investigation of serious complaints about his conduct.

Now the CLP’s official Facebook page – whose admins are anonymous – has posted comments congratulating an independent candidate in next week’s local elections – and smearing the Labour Party’s new candidates:

Warley ‘Labour’s controversial Facebook post

Labour’s rules make promoting or supporting a rival party or candidate an ‘auto-exclusion’ offence – resulting in immediate expulsion.

David Hosell, the independent candidate, has been at the centre of controversy after quitting the Labour Party when deselected as a candidate – defended by Tom Watson, whose constituency is also in the borough.

Hosell went on to insult a female Labour councillor as a ‘loud-mouthed gutter wench’ and to say that she deserved to be bullied out of a council meeting. He also publicly invited another female councillor last week, via Twitter, to join him at a local swingers’ club.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted local MP John Spellar. He hung up after being
and asked whether he would condemn the Facebook post .

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Last week, the SKWAWKBOX exposed the support that local Labour councillor Caroline White was providing to Hosell’s campaign – to which she responded ‘go fuck yourself’. It seems that the ‘bitterites’ running Warley Labour’s Facebook page are happy to smear the party’s official candidates, even though they will be expelled if identified.

It also seems that Warley’s MP may not want to condemn them.

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    1. It’s extremely concerning that a website purporting to be an official Labour Party publication is calling official Labour Party candidates ‘corrupt parasites’. Surely this is a matter of importance which the Deputy leader should sort out immediately.
      Oh, sorry, silly me…..

    2. I’m astonished that persistent undermining of the party leader isn’t an “auto-exclusion offence”.

      Then we’d be rid of Watson & Hodge for starters!

  1. Good grief !!
    What a bloody state , surely as a minimum Region should be investigating like a dose of salts to sort this . It’s not right that it appears the official candidates are not being supported , perhaps a more telling question to Spellar would be if he supports the official candidates and will be out with them canvassing along side them ?
    There again perhaps those candidates wouldn’t want him with all is RW baggage as a drag on their chances .

  2. ‘It’s hard being a socialist in Warley.
    Perhaps they’ve lived on you long enough?
    Rise like lions brothers and sisters.
    The Barbarians are no longer tough.’
    They never really were, they were just vile and manipulative-out for themselves?
    Diverse working people of E Midlands – Take the Power!

  3. Looks like the account was hijacked by someone with terrible language skills and a grudge in the second half of March. Possibly by the same person who posted “So the Labour Group has finally lost its marbles and is choosing a new leader this evening. Snakes, every, last, one!” just before the Eling vote in February, as covered here: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/politics/2019/02/12/sandwell-labour-group-elects-new-leader/

    Until mid – March the Warley Labour Party Facebook page was basically a noticeboard
    – community events, council business, videos of Jeremy and Harry Leslie Smith, a bit of Spellar. Pro Labour and uncontroversial. After a two week break, April has just been an incessant whine.

  4. The fact that the regional office has not come down like a ton of bricks on this rule breach would indicate regional officers in this area are corrupt and not doing the jobs the party pays them so well to do.

    I would already have sacked them for gross misconduct if I were in charge.

  5. In his book ‘Hammer of the Left’ rightwing Labour MP John Golding described Spellar as ‘hard right’.

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