Spellar hangs back at Corbyn rally – but ‘ranted’ when he wasn’t mentioned

John Spellar

West Midlands Labour First MP John Spellar is an outspoken opponent of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, having once agreed that he considered calling someone a Momentum member to be an insult.

Yet he turned up at a Corbyn rally in Halesowen on Saturday – although he stayed well to the back of the crowd:

spellar jc wmids.png
John Spellar at the Halesowen Corbyn rally

In spite of this, witnesses have told the SKWAWKBOX that Mr Spellar ‘ranted’ when neighbouring MP Adrian Bailey was ‘name-checked’ during the rally, but he was not, allegedly saying:

I want this noted that he didn’t mention me.

Mr Spellar was contacted for comment but has not responded to say whether he enjoyed the rally or why he was upset not to be mentioned.

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  1. They still think its all about them. They’re not very bright, are they? How long is it going to take them to realise that they are yesterdays men/women?

  2. Spellar – So far up his own arse he’s almost coming out the other side…And no doubt he’d expect a welcoming committee if he did!

  3. But but but it’s NOT FAIR!!! I want a mention despite sticking the knife in Corbyn’s back repeatedly.

  4. Is this really an acceptable level of maturity and…… you know what I can’t be bothered to waste further time….he’s a twat .period .

  5. Spellar was one of the main instigators in the PLP of the ABC (Anyone But Corbyn) campaign set up to oust Jeremy as soon as he was elected leader.

  6. Described (accurately) as ‘hard right’ by John Golding in his book ‘Hammer of the Left’.

    I wonder how many people would turn up to a John Spellar rally?

  7. Spellar was lurking and skulking at the back of the crowd in the vain hope that he could garner some ‘ammunition’ that he could use in an attack on Corbyn. Of that I have no doubt.

    And yet he then has the audacity to bemoan the fact that his presence was not proclaimed to the crowd. Surely the idea of him being where he could not be seen.(as only a genius can grasp),is to prevent him being identified. Maybe if he as the local Labour MP had had the guts and principle to stand shoulder to shoulder with his leader to create a better Britain, he surely would have been acknowledged, as was his colleague Adrian Bailey. In fact he may well have been among those up on the platform addressing the crowd.

    But then it is Spellar we are talking about – a right-wing Blairite anti-Corbyn plotter, who has more in common with the Tories than maybe even he would be prepared to admit. There is only one remedy for Spellar and his ilk – Mandatory Reselection. Bring it on.

    MPs are MPs in order to represent the interests of their constituents in Parliament for as long as those electors see fit. Being a Parliamentary representative is not a job for life, and it is certainly not a career.

  8. Political Officer at the EETPU apparently back when they soiled themselves blacklegging at Wapping.
    If he thinks he’s being unfairly sidelined now I can hardly wait ’til he’s out and the BBC stops taking his calls.

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