Change loses top candidate in Scotland over series of ‘offensive’ Twitter posts

Change UK’s top candidate in Scotland stands down after ‘several offensive Twitter posts’

The primary candidate of Change UK, formerly ‘TIG’, has been forced to resign his candidacy after ‘several offensive Tweets’ came to light. One of the tweets in circulation among outraged social media users gives an idea of what Change means by ‘offensive’:

Change have issued a press release announcing the ‘agreed’ termination of his candidacy:

We have been made aware of several offensive Twitter posts. We have discussed this with Joseph Russo and it has been agreed that he will stand down and is no longer on our list of candidates

SKWAWKBOX comment:

‘Offensive’ is not the first word that springs to mind. Change’s second launch has already proven even more disastrous than its first – and the party seems to have even more issues with race than Angela Smith’s awful ‘funny tinge’ comment back in February.

Interim leader Heidi Allen’s claim that the group would be more ‘professional’ in its approach to politics also looks increasingly like a bad joke.

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  1. Wow! So that’s two candidates withdrawn for (historical) racist tweets in 24 hours.

    Start as you mean to go on, Tingers. Making us laugh…

    1. “Top” candidate you say???

      1. I believe he was saying that Russo probably harbours racist thoughts in his heart about Chuka Umunna.
        Being from Zimbabwe, which has about 16 languages, I’m guessing Harris can probably make himself understood in half a dozen of those as well as in English.
        Given my limited languages I’ve always been massively impressed by African friends’ and acquaintances’ language abilities.

      2. Oh, right. I thought he was referring to MY comment! But yeah, language abilities. Hmm…

  2. They said they would back the PM up if there was a No confidence vote, But there may not be enough of them left to even do that if this farce carries on. They are so gullible. Poor little rich kids 🙂

    1. Don’t see the point backing up Maybot – just delete/Cipher.exe it.

  3. I just did a search (on duckduckgo) to see how widely this story has been reported, or not, and it appears to have been covered by most of the MSM, although there were a few that didn’t come up in the results, and the Sun in particular. So just to be sure, I went on to the Sun’s website and did a search using THEIR search facility, and there was nothing. And no doubt it was an editorial decision! Now if it had been…..

    The problem is of course that even with the media outlets that DID cover it, it’s impossible to gague from their websites how much prominence they gave the story. Anyway, it is more than evident from this guys tweet that he is a psychopath/sociopath, as so many people/politicians on the right ARE. And if you think the tweet mentioned above in the SB article is dispicable, then what about the following (cited in the D Express):

    he also said: “I wonder if there’s a c*** / anchovy correlation. One smells like the other.”

    But most people don’t get to see the nasty side of these psychopaths usually, and it remains hidden from them in most cases, as they are extraordinarily proficient at duplicity:


    1. Yes, truly cracking. It is being rent asunder from side to side, leaking opportunists and incompetents in equal measure from both ‘wings’, as never before, some running to the Tigs and others to Farage.. May is truly a consummate political leader, one of the greatest in global history.

      Let’s give her a big hand, followed by a foot up the jacksy straight out of the door of 10 Downing Street.

  4. These people would be a joke if their comments weren’t so offensive. Angela Smith referred to people of colour having a ” funny tinge” What normal thinking person does not realise how racially offensive this comment is. I am ashamed she was ever a Labour MP.
    Now we have this latest filth. I see they “agreed” he would not stand. He should have been deselected end of. Disgusting.

    1. PS Neglected to mention the racist pickpocket jibe – another disgusting episode in the short history of this deplorable group

  5. No doubt Chukka will now have to leave his vanity, no change here, gatheting. Because he cant stay in a party that has become entrenched in racism

    1. Yup, the No Change party, formerly the Tig plc, attracting racists like flies to a corpse.

      As for Umunna, he gets no sympathy from me. He is a rank opportunist who is only now realising how much his bedfellows stink. Ah bless!

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