Change UK candidate quits on launch day over ‘Romanian pickpocket’ comment

Change UK announces European election candidate list – and loses one within hours over controversial comment
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Former Change UK candidate Ali Sadjady

Change UK – formerly the ‘Independent Group’ – announced a list of candidates today for the EU elections that included Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel and TV presenter Gavin Esler.

“When you’re in the Conservative party you find yourself getting conditioned to say all kinds of things”

The list also included ‘MMA’ fighter Ali Sadjady, who recently resigned from the Conservative party. Mr Sadjady was immediately embroiled in controversy when it had emerged that he had once tweeted that Romanian pickpockets on the London Underground made him view Brexit favourably:

Mr Sadjady told the SKWAWKBOX this afternoon that he had resigned his candidacy, saying:

That comment doesn’t represent who I am, but when you’re in the Conservative party you find yourself getting conditioned to say all kinds of things. I deeply regret what I said and have publicly apologised, but you have to take responsibility for your own words and actions and I’ve stepped down.

I made those comments after a friend of mine was pickpocketed and I was very worked up about it for them but I shouldn’t have said it.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Mr Sadjady’s willingness to be accountable for his actions is admirable – but makes him ill-suited for a ‘TIG’/Change party whose MPs have refused shamelessly to be accountable to their electorate after their party switch.

His comments to the SKWAWKBOX formed part of a longer, very frank interview that shed an interesting light on both the Conservatives and the new party. It will be published later this evening.

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  1. There’s just no way this man should be a r-w politician – far too honest.

  2. Minor (cough) celebrities, ambitious local councillors and would be “entrepreneurs” with nothing to sell? This is your chance to get rich quick. Join now and go through the revolving door to an easy life, and obscurity.

    1. That sounds like Farrago’ Brexit Party as a quick route to raising the profile and the income.

  3. Yeah, pales into insignificance alongside the least of May’s atrocities.
    I wonder if he’s ever actually seen Labour’s manifesto?

  4. He just does not seem to master the art of British tact very well. But then neither do I. They seem to be a very broad church…… weird.

  5. When I checked out the LabourList article that SB linked to in its post about JLM, there was another article on their website entitled: ‘Extinction Rebellion – why isn’t Labour leading the way?’. It’s like they sit around trying to think up anything – and any way – they can to criticise the Labour Party, albeit Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, and you can be 100% certain that were the so-called centrists in control of the party, they wouldn’t have published such an article of course.

    No doubt if Jeremy and the left WERE cental to the Extinction Rebellion protest over Easter, LabourList would have been criticising him and the left – and ER – for disrupting the lives of working people etc! And it goes without saying that Jeremy and the left in general ARE – and have been for many years – very concerned about Climate Change, and no doubt many of those who were protesting ARE supporters of JC, but as a group – and understandably so – they don’t want to be perceived as being party political AND, as such, want for people of ALL political persuasions – and none – to get involved and/or support them in what they are doing:


      1. This issue was examined in ‘The Lobby’ – which shows Ella Rose in all her weird glory fulminating about Jackie Walker.

        Apart from the direct embassy connection that is revealed, we see Rose on camera saying much more than Jackie Walker was expelled fpr – and confirming the indictment of Irsraeli involvement in the antiemitism scam.

        It is a necessary viewing for an insight into the whole affair. You will *never* see it referenced in other reporting.

  6. What a nasty, snide, right-wing racist twat ex-Tory Sadjady has turned out to be.

    In fact he has stripped the mask from his own face so that we can see what he truly represents – something very similar to fellow Tigger Angela Whatsherface MP (so blandly grey a politician I cannot even remember her surname) who a few weeks ago was heard to refer to people of “a funny tinge”.

    What a magnificent own goal for the No Change party. They’ve just gotta keep it going!

  7. In an article on the MSN webite re the JLM motion at their recent AGM, it begins by saying the following:

    The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) has said it has no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership following the anti-Semitism rows in the party.

    The no confidence vote was passed “overwhelmingly” at JLM’s annual general meeting, the group said.


    I have little doubt that the media in general reported it the same way and, like the MSN article, state that the motion was passed “overwhelmingly”, *BUT* conveniently omit to mention just how many people DID vote in support of the motion. A Sky News article – which also conveniently omitted to mention the number of people who voted – put it as follows:

    The motion was “almost unanimously” approved at the Jewish affiliate’s AGM on Sunday afternoon, according to its Twitter account.


    The Jewish Chronicle did exactly the same – ie reported that the motion had been passed “almost unanimously” but omitted to mention the number of people who voted for it, as did The Metro, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Times of Israel, and a number of others that I checked out.

    Now I don’t recall the number of people exactly who voted for the motion, but I know that it was mentioned in several articles that I read at the time (not MSM), and it was something like 150, and this is out of the 2,000 members they claim to have, and THAT is out of a population of 250,000 plus Jewish people in the country. In other words, about 0.06 of the Jewish population voted in support of the motion, and THAT’S assuming they were ALL Jewish, let alone all LP members.

    Afterthought: But a number of the articles DO mention the number of members – ie 2,000 – and thus leave people thinking that THAT is how many people voted on the motion.

      1. As I said above, I can’t recall the exact number of people who voted re the JLM motion, but this is what it says in an article by David Rosenberg on the JVL website….. the bit in brackets, that is:

        It is bad enough that the “Jewish Labour Movement” (JLM) falsely proclaims itself the sole representative of Jews in the Labour Party. Most of the many Jews I know in the Labour Party are not members of JLM and disagree with them on many issues. But if its AGM today is anything to go by, its delusions of grandeur are becoming even bigger, even as the size of its AGMs get smaller (I noticed that one of its votes was carried by 81-67. OK some may have abstained but that’s barely 150 people from an organisation claiming to have 2,000 members).


        And he goes on to say, in effect, that the British Jewish community is at least 290,000:


      2. It’s quite surprising how 290,000 people get so much attention in a country with 66,000,000+

        It’s less than 0.5%

      3. Indeed, but it only takes one ten-thousandth of that 290,000 (or 0.00005% if you prefer) to hold influential positions in the MSM to do it.

        Consider, for one, Margaret Hodge’s daughter, Lizzi Watson, who just happens to be deputy editor of the BBC 1 6pm & 10pm News programmes…

      4. Afterthought: And just to be clear about what it says at the end of the Metro article; what it says could be potentially read, by the reader, in one of two ways – ie 1. That JC has repeatedly denied allegations of anti-semitism made against HIM, which he has never done of course, and has always apologised, as in the case of the mural for example, or 2. That he has repeatedly denied all allegations of anti-semitism made against members of the LP (including himself), which he has never done of course, and has of course apologised on more than a few occasions and, as such, said he is determined to root it out. The point is that either way, it’s a falsehood and a lie and a deception designed to paint him as a liar, or of being in denial about it.

        That said, the vast majority of the allegations have been contrived and phony, along with all the hysteria and outrage and vilification, which is part and parcel of the fraudulent accusations/attacks, the case of Ken Livingstone, who was, in passing, alluding to the Haavara Agreement, being a perfect example.

      5. Apologies, but just one more thing about what it says right at the end of the Metro article, and I STRESS, right at the end – ie that the vast majority of people reading the article would have been emotionalised by what they had already read, and won’t be thinking rationally when they get to the bit at the end, and whoever wrote the article knows that, and that is why they knew they could get away with such a blatant lie.

        It’s a technique that propagandists use all the time, whether it be an outright lie, or placing the denials, about whatever, towards the end of the article – or vice-versa if that suits their purpose – as with the Sunday Times article recently about Jeremy’s “army of anti-semites”.

        Emotionalising the readers at the outset – ie with the headline – is the key.

    1. And just one last thought about the Jewish Labour Movement….. If, as they claim, they have a membership of 2,000, and their AGM was being held in North London, where there are a number of Jewish communities – and I would have thought that the majority of members, both Jewish and non-Jewish, who live in the Greater London region and the Home Counties would have made a point of attending, and especially given all the publicity – that at least 25% of members could have attended as such – ie 500 plus – and yet it appears to all intents and purposes that little more than 150 actually DID.

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the actual membership was more like six or seven hundred, and quite possibly less, but whatever the case, they all knew in advance that the main event was the motion relating to JC, and they all knew whether they were there or NOT, that the motion would be passed more-or-less unanimously, so it wasn’t a problem whatsoever if they DIDN’T attend.

      NB And it’s funny how their membership was 2,000 before (such a nice round number!), and then Gordon Brown joined up a week before the AGM, which led to a 10% increase in membership according to the JLM, but was STILL only 2,000 afterwards (perhaps 10% left when they heard he’d joined, and that evened it out!).

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