Farage ‘applied for German passport’ on day after 2016 referendum – and did not deny having one

Nigel Farage has renewed public profile at head of new Brexit party – but in 2016 German documents and witness confirmed passport application just one day after UK’s EU referendum result – and he has not denied that he holds a German passport when asked

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In August 2016, various news outlets reported a rumour that former UKIP leader Nigel Farage had applied for German citizenship and passport. That allegation was rubbished by ‘sources close to’ Mr Farage:

indy farage.png

However, although a UKIP spokesman rubbished the rumour, when challengedMr Farage refused to deny that he had been applying for a passport and is not on record doing so since:


In a worldwide exclusive, the SKWAWKBOX can reveal reports that not only did Nigel Farage apply for a German passport, but he did so on the day after the EU referendum – and is under police investigation for allegedly providing false information.

Mr Farage was reported to the police by a concerned German citizen with an interest in British politics, who knew of the application and believed it could not have been made legitimately.

German law normally requires 8 years residency – with only minimal absences – in order to qualify for a passport. For those with a German spouse – Mr Farage’s wife is German – the length of residency is reduced to 3 years’ continual residency. Mr Farage did not, according to the complainant, meet those requirements but, on the application form, used the Hamburg address of a relative of his wife to claim residency.

The fact of the application and of the subsequent allegation and police investigation can be found in these confirmations from Hamburg police to the complainant – the first being the initial confirmation of receipt and case number and the second a response to a request for an update:


The SKWAWKBOX has spoken to the Hamburg police station PK24 and, while unwilling to discuss details of the case, the officer confirmed that the case reference, which is highlighted in the first image above, concerns a live and ongoing case 3 months after the complaint.

The ongoing police case puts beyond doubt the question of whether Nigel Farage made an application for a German passport.

The information from the complainant makes clear that he did so immediately after the EU referendum, which means that while celebrating his ‘win’ to take Britain out of the EU, he was making plans to retain EU citizenship.

Postscript [22 Apr 2019]

Last year, Farage admitted in an interview with former LibDem leader Nick Clegg that two of his children have German passports.

However, when asked directly, after the SKWAWKBOX exclusive, whether he possessed a German passport himself Farage did not deny it – and well over a year after the exclusive he still had not answered, according to his questioner, peer Andrew Adonis:

A search for any reference to him denying it since turned up no positive results. The SKWAWKBOX contacted Nigel Farage again to ask for confirmation whether he holds a German passport. He did not respond by the time of publication.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Nigel Farage has had more than one opportunity to say whether he has a German passport. His new Brexit party supporters will surely want to know the answer now.

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      1. Agreed and a good link ( thanks SH ) I still find it hard to believe that not one CLP has deselected just one rabid RW MP . I know the system was shit and its now just a little less shit but not one single try by any CLP even if it failed it would be a start …
        T.watson anyone ??

      2. rob 23/04/2019 at 9:49 pm

        The fact that a CLP needs to get permission from the NEC before they can even start the process may have something to do with that.

      3. Yes I know Steve , but it don’t mean I can’t bemoan the fact that our CLPs are stymied on this , just like to keep the pot boiling as they say 😉

  1. Looking at the dates I guess his passport application was successful at the time. I’ve no idea how seriously the German government views fraudulent applications but Germany’s not exactly known for its freewheeling approach to… well, anything really.
    It’ll be hilarious if his fake passport is rescinded and Germany requests his extradition to face trial.

    1. “It’ll be hilarious if his fake passport is rescinded and Germany requests his extradition to face trial.”

      That thought has just brightened up my day.

      1. Well that would make my day! we are a bit more choosy on whom we bestow the honour of an EU passport. Actually wouyld be fun to try him and then send him packing back to the UK……

  2. Heidi Allen launching Change UK EU election campaign with a slagging off of those nasty mainstream parties and some introductions of their candidates.
    Gavin Esler and some yoga teacher so far.
    Judging by the lack of echo the venue doesn’t hold more than a hundred or so despite her claim they had 3200 applications for selection.

  3. Farage, one shadey character.

    On the Luciana Berger thing; has Riverside CLP which was disgracefully made delegate only by the NEC returned to one member one vote yet?

  4. Farage is undoubtedly a rogue , fellow traveller of the US alt Right, and all-round Right wing bad hat , BUT the probable fact that he , with a German wife, wants to acquire a German passport, and has acquired the same for his obviously dual nationality children does not in itself prove that Farage is a hypocrite on the actually separate issue of the UK being forever trapped in the neoliberal, German dominated, Single Market rules enforcing entity of the EU. The EU loving Liberals avidly posting on here obviously cannot tell the difference between nation states and the supernational capitalist entity that is the undemocratic EU, but that is down to their political naivety, not reality. The ex banker and spiv politician, Farage, can be attacked for many things, but his solid family connection to Germany actually makes this a simple-minded attack, lacking in weight.

      1. Steve, re. jpenney:
        one may say it’s dark inside, say, a wooden cupboard but can one say it’s dark inside a solid lump of wood?
        Can the mere absence of light be called “darkness” when the possibility of light in a location does not exist?
        Trusting that answers the question to your satisfaction,
        Yours sincerely etc.

      2. David McNiven at 5:03 pm

        My comment “is it dark in there” was an oblique reference to him being ‘up his own arse’.

    1. Maybe you didn’t read it. The point is he allegedly lied about his residency by claiming to have lived at the home of a relative of his wife’s for three years – to avoid having to actually live in Germany for three years to qualify for his passport.

      1. My 4:46 was @ jpenney, who apparently believes in supranatural capitalist entities.

    2. “The ex banker and spiv politician, Farage, can be attacked for many things”

      Well – that much is true.

      ‘Hypocrite’ and ‘liar’ could be specifically added, however, which is the point behind this.

  5. The guy is a criminal , crook , bigot , racist a complete turd and the fact he is under Police investigation re his passport then that’s completes the picture .
    This turd is responsible for opening the nastiest can of racist worms in many years and only today there are reports of the home of a Labour Councillor Mohammad Maroof being shot at in Sheffield.
    I do hope someone “puts the fear of God ” up that turd .

    1. Rob, that begs the question, why does George Galloway, who has gone right down in my estimation, support the racist bigot? Rhetorical question.

      1. Because it’s the best of an awful selection

        Vote Tory, get Toried.
        Vote Lib Dem, get Toried.
        Vote Labour, get Remain.
        Vote Farage, get Tory implosion (it’s going to be great popcorn material) and deny Remainiacs such as Adonis.

        Farage’s brexit party is the best choice. However, the alliance will be very short lived.

      2. Sticky keys? It was a reply to Jack T’s question

      3. “Farage’s brexit party is the best choice.”

        A phrase about long spoons comes to mind. And sense of perspective.

    1. Re Katz , I’ve already witnessed this individual in action and a nasty piece of work he is . Beware if you come across him .
      BTW another good piece here by JVL on Burgon and Zionism .
      And I happen to think that indeed Zionism is the enemy of peace , it is the ideology of an aggressive colonial-settler movement and seeks territorial expansion above all , one only needs to look at the SOI/Palestine to see it at work

    2. I’m fascinated by the comparative current coverage of the Sri Lankan massacre (a justifiable emphasis) with the sparsity of coverage given to the regular murder of Palestinian citizens by an occupying power.

    1. I’m afraid that this pretty lightweight article doesn’t illustrate more than ‘What a f.’ing mess. And Change UK is going to do something about it????’

    2. “Accurately presented as a fraud?”
      What… this?

      “And yet, here was the continuity Remain campaign, still taking the view that the Change-with-a-capital-C the country is crying out for is more meaningless, and ultimately undeliverable promises to reform the European Union.”

      Typical piece of puff – assertion unsupported by anything resembling evidence – even dedicated Beliebers would say, “Err, just a second…”

  6. Laugh of the day … and confirmation of the right way to vote :

    “Ann Widdecombe stands for Farage’s Brexit party in European elections”

    1. Idiocy quotient?

      Because people want to leave makes them idiots?

      1. “Because people want to leave makes them idiots?”

        I didn’t say that – that’s a category error. People who believe in fairies aren’t necessarily idiots – they may be just deluded. Or asleep and dreaming. Or just gullible.

        But a *nation* that bases key policy on masochistic/paranoid fantasies and supports the likes of Farrago to any degree, certainly has a high Idiot Quotient.

        Of course … we know that the mean measured IQ (in the traditional sense) of the UK tends to trail behind comparator countries to some degree. Lets hope learning is not a lost art, despite decades of Tory educational policy.

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