Tories implode as May’s ‘decisive moment’ is an admission she needs Jez to fix her mess

Theresa May came to the lectern in front of TV cameras this evening after a seven-hour Cabinet meeting to describe what she called ‘a decisive moment’ for the UK.

She seemed to think that seven hours in a meeting was impressive – but in that seven hours, the only ‘decisive’ things she came up with were the admissions that:

  1. she needs to plead for the EU to grant the full extension to 22 May instead of the interim 12 April one
  2. only Jeremy Corbyn’s involvement in the negotiations are likely to persuade the EU to agree that extension
  3. only Corbyn has the stature and ideas to get the UK out of the mess she has created

The Tory party promptly imploded, not least because it exposes the nonsense it has been peddling since Corbyn became Labour leader – and puts Labour into an even stronger position in the general election that even Tories are starting to admit is approaching.

One Tory Brexiteer reacted to May’s confession:

A new low. We delegate the decision making on this to the man we’ve spent four years saying isn’t fit to govern. You couldn’t make it up. Let’s give him the keys to screw our colleagues in marginal seats. Seriously?

Another two were remarkably frank to a Sky News correspondent:

But some were ready to concede almost anything to get Corbyn to help:

Corbyn has agreed to a meeting. Either May will concede to Labour’s commonsense demands for the good of the country, or it will be a very short meeting.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Theresa May has admitted that Corbyn and Labour are the solution to the quagmire into which she has dragged the country – and that her party’s smears against the Labour leader have been politically-driven nonsense.

It’s time she gave the country the opportunity to put them fully in charge of the process.

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  1. Jez, don’t do it, it’s an attempt to get you to share the blame for her mess.

    1. It is clear that Theresa May may now be saying to her party to ether vote for her deal or she may facilitate the Labour way forward.

      The Tory’s currently either have the option of supporting Theresa Mays deal, facing the difficulties of the no deal or voting for general election. They do not wish to vote for general election because they fear that they cannot win against Corbyn. A general election could also split the conservative party as they cannot agree between themselves the basis of our revised relationship with the EU for their manifesto. No deal is not popular with the business community which historically support the Tory party. There are also issues around no deal which have not been addressed which will impact directly on all people and damage the Tory party further. This leaves Mays original deal which the Tory hardliners have been voting against. Introducing a comprised alternative could be a ploy to twist the arms of the Tory hardliners to back her deal. If the Tory hardliners do cave and now back her deal they will look like fools who have to explain past comments and actions. After 7 hours this appears to be the latest round in a boxing match between the Tory MPs.

      In contrast the majority of Labour MPs have stuck to the manifesto on which they were elected.

  2. Thanks for the laughs. Quotes are priceless. Can’t see them hitting the MSM in quite the same manner

  3. I wonder what the tens of thousands of Jews who have been led to believe Jeremy is an “existential threat” to them think when they read something like this. I mean do they think to themselves ‘How can Theresa May have anything to do with such a man’, or is there a total dichotomy at work?

    Hopefully at least some of them will realise the whole anti-semitism thing is, and has been, a complete fraud, and that they have been deceived Big Time by a host of devious and duplicitous black propagandists.

      1. The following is an extract from the above dispicable piece of black propaganda:

        ‘It is no coincidence that extremists of the far-right, far-left and Islamists have in common their belief that “Zionists” are behind the world’s ills, and that Israel must be boycotted, bullied and battled against until it is wiped out “from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea”.’

        Right, so the boycott of S Africa was all about wiping the country of S Africa out, was it, as opposed to…….

        And the joke of it is – in true black propagandist fashion – the diatribe begins by saying that:

        ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism is determinedly apolitical, as should be the fight against antisemitism.’

        They really are so arrogant AND think themselves so clever and superior that they don’t even realise how unbelievably transparent their falsehoods ARE!

  4. Corbyn will not fall into a trap.He is too aware of the Tory game, to stay in power at any cost. He will just keep on with the plan to get the best deal .The Tories being in such disarray will be time for a general election.

    1. I’ve come to the conclusion that a GE before Brexit could be even worse than no deal for the country. Think of the spin and anger that the far right could use to further poison minds during the campaign, and I regret that it would be all too successful.

      1. The last thing we should do is give in to threats from the right wing. We have already had enough of that with the AS garbage.

  5. The moment I walked through the door I’d angrily insist on an apology for all the false accusations against me (Corbyn) personally, Labour’s policies and its membership.
    When she stammered an apology in hopes of rescue, as she would, I’d demand that the apology be public.
    When she refused that, as she would, I’d walk right out again and then post the covert recording on youtube, twitter, everyfuckingwhere.

    1. ps – of course I know he’ll have a better plan – I’m just venting 🙂

  6. If I were Jeremy I would agree to the meeting, so long as it takes place at 12pm Wed in the House of Commons with a suspension of the usual stupid questioning rules – they are there, on camera, for as long as it takes. Any agreement must resemble Labour’s plan, be able to pass the house without the ERG and, crucially, bind her successor.

  7. If it has flappy ears, two tails, tusks and has just dropped 41 pounds of merde on your coffee table then it’s safe to assume theres an elephant in the room
    My bet is Mayhem has agreed to get Brexit through then step down, avoiding Euro elections and leaving path clear for lunatics to take over the party, they have 3 years before next GE
    Beyond that I have no clue,

      1. Yeah, Doug counted the front tail ->🐘

        Oh well… I liked it Doug, and I’ve got a great sense of humour 🙂

      2. Ah, I see. A bit poor, that…. Tail implies end/rear.

        And I’ve got an intact sense of humour

  8. Not only the elephant in the room; as you also indicate, there’s elephant traps, too. Just run a few choice scenarios through your mind to see where they may be.

  9. I came across the following article/story earlier today, which I hadn’t heard about before, and there are so many aspects to it, it would probably take several thousand words to cover them all, so I’m just gonna post links to the three articles that covered it (in 2016) so you can check it out for yourself if you want to (links posted separately, cos if you put more than one in any single comment it has to wait to be moderated):


  10. According to an online news outlet, Corbyn has agreed to the meeting. But how can we trust that to be true and factual, given that there is no regulator to speak of, apart from @ImpressReg?

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