Corbyn’s statement to May is as statesmanlike as hers was humiliating

Corbyn gives May a masterclass in statesmanship

This evening, Theresa May made a humiliating confession – that she needs Jeremy Corbyn to fix her Brexit mess. Corbyn’s response was statesmanlike – but made clear he will tolerate no more of the nonsense she has attempted so far:

I’m very happy to meet the Prime Minister. I don’t want to set any limits, one way or the other, ahead of those meetings. We recognise that she has made a move. I recognise my responsibility to represent the people who supported Labour in the last election and the people who didn’t support Labour but nevertheless want certainty and security for their own future. And that’s the basis on which we will meet her and have those discussions.

Labour has put forward our proposals to ensure there is a customs union with the EU, access to vital markets and protections of our standards of consumer, environmental and workers’ rights. And we’ll ensure that those are on the table. We’re also very clear that there has to be an absolute guarantee that the Good Friday Agreement is maintained for peace in Northern Ireland.

So far the Prime Minister hasn’t shown much sign of compromise, but I’m pleased that today she’s indicated she’ll accept the view of Parliament and is prepared to reach out and have that discussion. I have been meeting MPs from all parties over the past weeks. And there is some common ground; there are some areas it’s difficult to agree on. But, however people voted in the referendum of 2016, they didn’t vote for lower living standards or to lose their jobs. And there’s far more that unites people on both sides than divides them.

Corbyn’s craft was recognised even by a Sky News correspondent:

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  1. Been losing our jobs to cheap labour imports for over a decade now…

    Labour, the party of middle class entitled white pricks

    1. What on earth are you doing on here if you’re not a Labour supporter. What a waste of energy! Jeremy once again shows his detractors how to behave in such a crisis. Well done Jeremy Corbyn.

    2. It’s a pity you borrowed Tommy Robinson’s quotes to make your point, but like him you are of course wrong.

      Jobs have been migrating east for over thirty years now and its down to your Friend Tommy Robinson’s Neo-Liberal friends and their globalisation policies that have destroyed peoples future.

      You clearly don’t listen to what Labour have been telling you since Jeremy Corbyn got elected leader, but even you should see by now just how serious a climb down this has been for a Tory leader. After telling the whole world that she was in charge and need not listen to anyone else, as she had all the cards and was playing them close to her chest, then finally admitting that only Jeremy Corbyn can save the country from a total disaster, is a breathtaking admission by a conservative that has never ever been seen in British politics before.

      I know you don’t care, but even you have to admit that you didn’t see it coming like the rest of those that have ignored him all his political career, where yet again he has proved that he made of sterner stuff than your average politician.

      1. I’ve considered voting UKIP, but now that Robinson has infiltrated them, I have no desire to associate myself with the zionist stooge. He is an agent provocateur.

        I didn’t borrow his quotes, I spoke about what I’ve seen and experienced. Are you low paid and low skilled? Then be very grateful, because it’s unpleasant, and business is exploiting hard working Brits in a variety of ways (a favourite is to label them illiterate and work shy).

        The Communist party is probably my best political choice now, and they aren’t fielding a candidate in my constituency. Why are they my best choice? Because they have never lied to me!

        Corbyn is one man. And whilst I have a lot of respect for him, he is only one man.

        Do you think the PLP will back off and behave? Do you think the Israelis are going to give up? Do you think that things are going to get better if Corbyn gets in? Who is going to replace Corbyn (assuming he becomes PM)? Ask yourselves that… Thornberry and her rotten (willing American proxy) attitude to Venezuela?

        Breathtaking admission? It will be spun into something different, and give the Tories an opportunity to blame Corbyn. Also the possibility to try to force her brexit through a fourth vote.

        I’ve been a member, I’ve paid the fees, and I’m truly fed up with being shafted whilst others such as Watson draw vast wages, enjoy nice jollies and perks and generally try their best to keep people down. Cynicism is a defensive measure.

        @Maria Jacob. Thanks for helping to prove that Labour isn’t the social, caring party it tries to portray itself as. Your party needs my vote, and other folks left feeling disillusioned. I live in a swing seat constituency…

      2. NVLA appears to be unaware that today’s Labour party is very different to the one that instigated the neo-liberal war on the working class. Or that they have yet to be given the chance to betray or disappoint you once in power.

        Condemning Corbyn now is premature and negative-minded. (Thornberry makes herself an unlikely successor with her membership of LFOI, btw, though her smokey voice does, admittedly, always get my attention!)

      3. LOL @Tim

        You have too much faith for a system that has never delivered for you, or your parents, or grand parents.

        One man, however decent and honourable he is, cannot change the world…


      4. Never Voting Labour… – From what you say I think I can appreciate your position but you have to recognise that a party with a broad enough appeal to win an election will always have a broad church which will range from someone with your views to someone like Owen Smith. The left currently has control of the party (or at least is getting it slowly) so it seems odd that you would want to leave it now. In my opinion, the biggest problem Labour has always had is a right wing media that distorts the agenda. The Owen Smiths believe everything they read. Sadly people from your wing also believe far too much of what they read. Our wing of the party struggles to get its voice out. Don’t believe what you read. We have a great team and we’re winning but we won’t get everything we want.

    3. hahaha never voting labour again ? pfft get back on ukip, tommy robinson or whayever shite party you come from. go on bugger off

    1. I agree that Jeremy is showing great leadership as always but as he knows well he is not dealing with an honourable or honest person in Theresa May.
      Her purpose in involving him is to try to shift the blame for her Brexit failures on to him. However he is more than capable of dealing with this. After all he has extensive experience in seeing off dishonourable and dishonest people in our own party.
      Theresa would do well to remember the 2016 Chicken Coup when the malcontents in the PLP sought to oust Jeremy.They had the full backing of the MSM and Labour “grandees”.Yet despite all the lies and smears and the sheer venom directed at Jeremy, he increased his mandate by 50,000.
      Jeremy is a real statesman and an astute politician. Theresa May will live to regret trying to make him her patsy.

  2. Yes JC’s done well.
    If Labour could get a type of customs union which avoids free movement & the single market ie a Brexit which avoids the Neo-Liberal straight jacket.
    But all options could still be considered as part of a vote on options, a vote that will count, so every perspective (including a 2nd PV which I don’t agree with) – all will have a chance though I prefer the Customs Union & Brexit.
    We could then with a Labour Govt democratically control labour and capital supply and with job offers needed we could take skilled and less skilled workers we need from anywhere in the World.
    Oh and just reading about the importance of the control of capital supply (which countries had Pre-Neo-Liberalism) this for example has helped China avoid a crisis by deterring capital flight.
    Then bring back migration adjustment funds for Councils (cut by the Tories Lib Dems) and trade unionise migrant workers then build better international relations as an independent state.
    The clock is ticking but JC is keeping his cool.

  3. Watch Corbyn’s interview as he found out on the TV, That is arrogance and her interview should have been a joint interview

    But then we all know this is going to be another stitch up

  4. Jeremy is now in charge and has only two viable options and both include another vote. The first is to negotiate a deal with May and put it to the people along with Remain. The second, if they can’t compromise, is to put ‘no deal’ along with Remain to the people.

  5. Jeremy Corbyn the REAL Prime Minister of the UK. Now revealed without a shadow of doubt.

    Way past time he was given the official title and the residence.

  6. So, the UK Prime Minister is meeting with someone whom since September 2015 the mainstream media, the BBC, tax avoiding billionaire-owned newspapers, over-the-hill Blairites, Z-list celebs have been reassuring us is a RAGING ANTI-SEMITE…

    …in order to get her out of the shit.

    Something tells me the whole damn thing has been a carefully-orchestrated vendetta and smear campaign !

  7. You have every right to feel marginalised Brexit is divisive but Jeremy Corbyn is dedicating his life to making the changes our society needs .I would say ‘hold on’ stick with it and back him. You are also right to be suspicious of Theresa May’s offer,she wont be in power to honour any pledges she makes .if there is a hard brexit Emmanuel Macron said ”it will be because the leaders cant agree. Really ? So is the proposed meeting a trap. May just wants to share the blame and grief or she knows she is going down and wants to take the labour leader with her ? Is Jeremy Corbyn aware ? Of course ,he is rewriting the book not Theresa May .

  8. Of course any reference to put it to the ‘people’ means just a section of, the remainers . A public vote is different and the choice should be Conservative exit or labour exit . Remain should not be an option before the referendum has been honoured

    1. ‘honouring the referendum’ means no Brexit. Only 37% of even the fixed electorate voted in favour.

      … and it was only advisory.

      1. Sorry but I have heard this repeated so often ,basically what you say may be true but a pledge/promise was made by the Government to honour the electorates decision regardless,I for one may not have bothered voting otherwise but the key word in your sentence is ‘was’ . Since the vote was taken article 50 was voted through by most MPs and it is enshrined in law therefor that argument is defunct.
        But if you know of any political diplomatic and specialists in international law who are advising the current politicians they should by now have made a legal challenge , if so they have left it a bit late and I am still waiting ….You?

    2. Well said. That’s worth repeating:

      “…Remain should NOT be an option before the referendum has been honoured.”

  9. Only other certainty of a joint Brexit is No Deal or Confirmatory vote are dead ducks
    Good news is both parties want brexit
    Then there will be a clear out in both parties, what that does to the maths in parliament is anyone’s guess,
    At very least any lunatic Tory taking over should not last very long, DUP become irrelevant again
    If EU insist on elections then Mayhem has my permission to tell them to consider sex and travel
    Truth be told I would not put a penny on any of it

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