Video: Tories start to admit new general election is coming – and Labour govt likely

Realisation starts to dawn on Tory MPs that only a general election can break Brexit deadlock and take UK forward

After another disastrous and chaotic night for Theresa May – including yet another weakness-driven destruction of convention when she allowed ministers to vote against the government or abstain and not resign – even Tory MPs are starting to realise that a new general election has to take place.

One such MP is George Freeman, who told the BBC that Theresa May was ‘running out of road, …room to manoeuvre, goodwill, trust and all the skills you need to be able to negotiate‘:

Freeman also seemed to admit he sensed an inevitability about the result:

We lost 3 MPs last week, we lost 30 MPs in the 2017 general election… this is only going in one direction.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Freeman is the founder of the ill-fated ‘Tory Glastonbury‘, an attempt to engage young people to combat the appeal of Labour’s leadership and policies. If he’s in a position to admit that there’s only one direction of travel, toward a new general election and probably a Labour government, that awareness is going to be widespread among his fellow MPs however reluctant they might be to admit it.

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    1. As said before: they may be turkeys, but they ain’t voting for Christmas. Now … about the real news ….

      1. This gives extra credence to the latest Survation poll that put Labour 7 points ahead…

  1. I was researching something four days ago (I can’t remeber what it was now, but it was more-than-likely something to do with anti-semitism), and I was checking out an article in the Jewish Chronicle, when I noticed a story high-lighted on the side of the page about Asa Winstanley having been suspended from the Labour Party and, of course, clicked on it when I finished reading the article I was reading. I only read the first part of it, then carried on researching whatever I was researching, with the intention of course of coming back to it and reading the rest of it. But I never did in the end!

    But I just came across it again (what you have to bear in mind is that I have dozens of pages up, with probably getting on for a couple of hundred tabs between them). So anyhow, I read the whole thing and, as such, wanted to share several aspects of the article with you.

    So, it was posted on March 8th with the headline ‘Labour suspends Electronic Intifada blogger Asa Winstanley, who called JLM ‘Israeli embassy proxy”, with the sub-headline ‘Mr Winstanley, who is prominent on Twitter, was suspended after it emerged he was a member’

    The article then begins as follows:

    A prominent anti-Israel journalist has been suspended by Labour, the JC understands.

    Asa Winstanley, who writes for the Electronic Intifada blog and has 27,000 followers on Twitter, is understood to have been suspended (wouldn’t be anything to do with THEM of course), pending an investigation, after people on social media highlighted the fact he was a party member, which shocked many.

    One wonders how THEY knew (these “people” on “social media”, that is), or did the saboteurs guess that he might very well be a Labour Party member, and get one of their number on the inside to check it out and then, to protect their mole……
    Anyhow, a bit further on in the article it says:

    Mr Winstanley has repeatedly attacked those warning about the extent of Labour’s problem with antisemitism.

    He also previously attacked the IHRA definition of antisemitism and, once Labour had adopted it, tweeted that “Israel is a racist endevour [sic]” to mock it.

    He even attacked Momentum, the pro-Corbyn campaign group, for acknowledging Labour’s antisemitism issue, saying it should rename itself “Momentum Friends of Israel”.

    He wrote that Joan Ryan, the chair of Labour Friends of Israel who quit the party last month, saying she had “fabricated antisemitism” (oh, well, at least he didn’t attack her).

    Yes, as you may have gathered, it was that LAST line – re Joan Ryan – that I particularly wanted to draw your attention to. And Yes, that was it! Well, they could hardly elaborate could they. But it’s a perfect example of how deviously clever the propagandists are, in this case transformig a bad news story for one of THEIR number, into a bad news story for one of OUR number.

    I wonder if any of their readers – when they read that particular bit – stopped for a moment and thought to themselves: “It’s rather odd that they – the JC – didn’t elaborate a little to explain what actually happened – ie explain briefly why it is that Asa Winstanley said that about Joan Ryan. Probably not, because they were emotionalised the moment they read the headline, and then further emotionalised as they read on…..

    Anyway, the article – which is fairly brief – finishes by saying:

    After a JC journalist revealed Mr Winstanley’s suspension on Twitter, he said this “would, if true, be confidential” and it “indicates attempts to politicise and compromise Labour’s disciplinary process”.

    Yes, I bet they were twittering themselves silly. They just lurve their ‘work’! It brings them no end of pleasure and amusement. They literally get high on distortion and deception and duplicity.

    PS Is it known who made the complaint against him?

    1. I forgot to put a link to the…er, article. But I just want to quickly say something. When I read through my above comment after posting it, I spotted something I hadn’t twigged before, namely the following line:

      A prominent anti-Israel journalist has been suspended by Labour, the JC understands.

      When I read it again it suddenly dawned on me….. is there such a thing as an anti-France journalist, or an anti-Portugal journalist, or an anti-Denmark journalist. Er, no, of course not, and there’s no such thing as an anti-Israel journalist either, but that’s propagandists for you.

      And then there’s the bit about “the JC understands”. Hmm, I wonder how it understands!


      1. A freind just told me they once knew an anti-Finland journalist. Drat!

  2. “. is there such a thing as an anti-France journalist, or an anti-Portugal journalist, or an anti-Denmark journalist. ”

    There you have knocked the shooglie (good old Scots term) nail on the head. How distracting it would be to call him a ‘pro-Palestinian’ journalist – which is the point of his writing. It would highlight the fundamental and substantive reasons why Israel is criticized.

    The whole anti-Palestine campaign (I think we should call it out for what it essentially is) gets more ridiculous in parallel with the egregious behaviour of Israel and its defenders (I take it that readers clocked NetanYahoo actually highlighting that it’s a racist apartheid state this week?).

    The ridiculousness and the obeisance to the Israel lobby gets more and more transparent – which perhaps contains the seeds of the campaign’s own destruction (I hope). The more they bang on with dishonest accusations, the more material becomes exposed showing the venality of the campaign. To the fair minded and informed, the blatent dishonesty is obvious.

    Looking at this latest case, along with those of Moshe Machover, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth demonstrates clearly that ‘antisemitism’ isn’t the point. – it”s criticism of Israel in terms that wouldn’t turn a hair if the object was – say – Iran. If I was part of the central machinery of the Party, I would be getting a bit worried about the EHRC getting complaints in the opposite direction when a comparison is made with the blatant libels of Hodge and her ilk.

    Final question : has the EHRC been asked about its definition of ‘antisemitism’ and the distinction from criticism of Israel and Zionism?

    1. Mmmm … the ‘tour’ sounds like one of those for an aging rock band – as in ‘Tuttie Fruttie’. πŸ™‚

      … replete with nostalgia and small audiencies.

  3. George Freeman MP also attacked Polish people in his interview saying there should be a law to make sure Poles who worked here did not send any money back to Poland! I suppose he is not thinking of introducing a law about wealthy citizens who are resident here not funnelling cash into sovereign wealth funds in tax heavens abroad either! Poles who work here pay tax here. Freeman sounds like a fascist.

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