Breaking: Umunna CLP votes all-member – as his supporters admit deselection fears

A glum Chukka Umunna earlier this week

A special all-member meeting (AMM) of Streatham CLP (constituency Labour party) voted to switch from the current, delegate-dominated ‘general committee’ (GC) meeting structure – which many left-wing members fear is being used to stitch up control of the CLP – to an AMM basis, under Labour’s new rule passed at last September’s conference.

Streatham Labour members gathering this evening – with more still queuing to get in

The vote was tight – 190 to 183(*) – but binding.

The CLP’s executive committee tried to stack the odds in favour of retaining the current structure, by allowing five groups who want to keep it to distribute a statement, as a Labour adviser present at the gathering observed:

One of the most telling comments in the debate was an attack launched by one pro-GC member against AMM-supporters, accusing them of conspiring to deselect Streatham MP Chuka Umunna.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Of course, even if true that would be democratic organising, rather than a ‘conspiracy’ – but it sheds light on an interesting fact.

It seems Mr Umunna’s supporters in the CLP don’t think he could win reselection if the CLP’s whole membership. Which is very illuminating and shows how worried the Labour right is by Labour’s new rules making it far easier for members to trigger a selection.

Congratulations to Streatham’s newly-enfranchised membership on a stellar success.

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* The vote was originally reported as 190-187.


  1. It will be interesting to see how this development progresses .
    It is heartening to see that ALL members now have the chance for their voices to be heard and that their votes to count/matter.

    1. Yes. This should be extended. Time now to consult all members nationally now on Brexit priorities and strategy.

      1. One step at a time RH , lets get shut of or at least make those Blairite MPs accountable to the membership and respect the drive for a socialist Govt that will solve a whole heap of issues besides just Brexit .

      2. The point I was making beneath my comment, Rob, was that ‘democracy’ is often in the eye of the beholder.

        The delegate system is actually no less ‘democratic’ than all member meetings, since all members elect delegates to CLPs and DLPs, who are accountable to branches. In strictly ‘all member’ terms, the Party leadership and policy implementations much less accountable.

        Any of us who’ve been around the Labour Party into our old fartdom know well the way caucuses work, and the way different arrangements suit different interests at different times. Remember, it was the right that encouraged broader all-member participation in the early days of Blair’s canonisation.

        And, as I recall, although some right-wing candidates were parachuted into constituencies, a lot were selected willingly by the members.

    2. “One step at a time RH ”

      Why? If leaving the Eu isn’t stopped, nothing that a socialist Govt wants to do will be possible.

  2. OPEN SELECTION should have been adopted by Conference. The CLP delegates were unanimous but were out voted by the union delegates

    1. Members and unions both play a vital role in the Labour Party and movement. Each group is entitled to its say – and the members were less unanimous for open selection than the unions were against it.

      The new 33% system is perfectly workable – and if members can’t achieve 33% of branches to start a selection process, they’re not going to get the 50%+1 they need to win one.

  3. Slack work from Umunna. Perhaps he needs to take on more unpaid intern workers and have a little word with some of those nice people from Mossad.

  4. ‘accusing them of conspiring to deselect Streatham MP Chuka Umunna’

    Don’t know why they’re saying it like it’s a bad thing 🙂

    Oh, of course – ‘Conspiracy’ is a bad thing when you want rid of a yellow-bellied rodent who ‘conspires’ with toerags and libdems to set up a ‘centrist’ party; which (not unlike umunna’s leadership bid) doesn’t even get to the first hurdle before their arses go because public opinion’s very much against it/them

  5. Chukka Umunna has never been a real Labour MP. The sooner he goes the better for everyone.

  6. He’s missed the boat again! Still, there’s a berth waiting for him over at the Lib Dems! Uncle Vince will be glad to have a toff on side!

  7. Why is he still in the party? I have never understood how characters such as he manage to negotiate all of the obstacles and interviews and not to be exposed as craven and that he is a capitalist obsessed with climbing the greasy pole. Cheers all. Viva Venezuela!

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