Must-watch as truth breaks out on BBC – cabinet minister confesses “F*** knows, it’s the Living Dead in here”

The BBC’s iPlayer site for Thursday’s Newsnight gives viewers just a hint of what’s in store

The BBC has routinely downplayed, excused or simply ignored much of the incompetence and chaos of Theresa May’s government – but on Brexit, at least, truth broke out in unmissable fashion on Thursday night’s edition of Newsnight.

When host Emily Maitlis asked the show’s political editor Nicholas Watt to report on the state of affairs in the Tory Cabinet, she can’t have expected quite how ‘full and frank’ his response would be as he told of a minister’s words to him:

“F*** knows. I’m past caring, it’s like the Living Dead in here.”

If only the government – and the BBC – were that honest all the time.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The Tories are in utter chaos – and utterly incapable of managing a parliamentary vote, let alone negotiating Brexit or governing the country.

If there are any Tory MPs left at all – in Cabinet positions or not – who care a stuff for this country, they must bring an end to this government – and not just to Theresa May’s damp, sorry excuse for a career.

The only hope for good outcomes on any of these fronts is to let Corbyn and his party take over.

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  1. Please don’t ever again use the word “damp” in the same sentence as “Theresa May.”
    I nearly lost my lunch.

  2. it took 9 years, but i said it day 1…. Labour doesn’t need to win an election, the tories will lose it, when they implode, under their own arrogance, incompetence, hubris, add whatever extra you like. labour just needs to pick up whats left and run with it lol…. it’s been a joy to witness

  3. I just started wondering if the commenters on right wing blogs are as viciously divided on Brexit as we are here?
    I never read them – which is probably a mistake.
    Is it my imagination or has the troll-calling here stepped up lately?
    Not claiming any degree of innocence for myself but I have started leaving my replies to sit on screen for a while before pressing ‘enter’ – and a couple of times deleted harsher ones.
    (You’re welcome – you know who you are – you noticed I’ve got nicer, right?)

  4. I will never, ever tire of saying that this entire mess is the natural end of Thatcherism.
    We have all the elements of a full-blown national crisis.
    As I write, the Today programme tells us that the number of prescriptions for antidepressants has doubled in the past couple of years, yesterday we were told that 200, 000 more children and increasing numbers of pensioners were descending into poverty, and youth knife crime and self-harming continue to rise.
    When we throw widening inequality and overall managerial and systemic incompetence across the whole of society and economy into the mix, it all traces back to the ruling ideology and the attitudes it has fostered.
    Need I say more?

    1. I’m just sorry Margaret Thatcher’s not around to see the last nails driven into her ideological coffin BY HER OWN SIDE!

      It’s going to be one hell of a party!

      1. AT the risk of appearing utterly abhorrent I have to be honest and admit that pint I drank on the day of her death , still tastes good .

      2. 8th. April should be a public holiday.
        “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Street Party Day” would work for me but I think petition.parliament.uk might reject it 🙁

    2. I hope it ( end of Thatcherism ) really is Karl , it will take considerable time, I think , for the attitude , the fuck you , me ,me,me , money is great greed is good and Yuppie glorification mindset to drain from our society.
      BUT I have hope that with great examples set by Labour and especially now under JC and the team , demonstrating how Democratic Socialism really can be good for you . ( unless you’re the 1% in which case you’ve had it good for far tooooo long )

  5. I’m confused, is the living dead group the cabinet? The government? Or parliament?

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