Video: Watson booed at referendum march

Watson stumbles over speech as boos reach crescendo when he promises to help May ‘get deal over line’ in return for new referendum
Watson stumbling as he faces boos

Tom Watson u-turned on his previous Brexit referendum history to speak at Saturday’s march for a new referendum. It didn’t go well:

Booed by the crowd for admitting he had told Theresa May he’d help get her deal ‘over the line’, Watson also stumbled over his words – even though he was reading them out from a piece of paper.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Watson has previously said it was his job to prevent the Tory government from falling. Seems even the ‘PV’ obsessives are unimpressed.

But this fiasco speaks volumes about Watson. He had an ‘open goal’ – a speech to a crowd of guaranteed enthusiasts for even a bad speech. And he blew it – and even when he wasn’t stumbling over his words, he was conspicuously uninspired and uninspiring.

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  1. He certainly didn’t do either himself or the party any favours. Is it now considered OK for a member of the Shadow Cabinet to go on stage at a major public event and just ignore party policy and pursue his own agenda.

    Which begs the question, where was Jeremy?

      1. you really don’t get Jeremy Corbyn

        On the contrary I am simply arguing that he would have got much more exposure and have had a far greater impact if he had attended the march. I’m sure that the good people of Portsmouth would have appreciated that as the Leader of the party he had a responsibility to attend a national event on such a major issue.

      2. On behalf of the good people of Morecambe,can I point out that,like the great comedian, it’s spelt with an a not an o.

    1. SteveH, the Liberal Democrats stood on a pro-EU policy at the general election and lost hundreds of deposits.

      You must really hate Labour judging by the way you keep inciting the party to commit electoral suicide like the Lib Dems.

      You sound like a Tory agitator.

      1. don’t be ridiculous it’s Labour Party policy to campaign for a second referendum.

      2. @SteveH

        You don’t even know what the Labour policy is.

        At this time it is not Labour Party policy to support a people’s vote. The party is focussed on agreeing a deal with the EU. Another vote is currently academic.

      3. Internal Affairs 24/03/2019 at 1:27 am

        It appears that JC is wise enough to realise that the two aren’t mutually exclusive and it is possible to support both at the same time.
        Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told Sophy Ridge that Labour could force a confidence vote over Brexit, and support the Kyle – Wilson amendment during a Commons vote. He also said Labour could force confidence a vote if May’s Brexit deal is rejected again.

      4. Internal affairs, the electoral decline might come from the fact that many peoe do not identify with the stance on Brexit. Members ae resigning over it. The situation there is can be summarised in ‘Love Corbyn – hate Brexit’.

      5. “the Liberal Democrats stood on a pro-EU policy at the general election and lost hundreds of deposits.”

        You’re living in La La Land – the Lib Dems dropped their vote dramatically because they had hitched themselves to the Tory policies and because they weren’t an opposition.

        Seems a familiar .

    2. Jeremy was busy demonstrating to the millions who voted Leave that he is not campaigning for them to be completely ignored.

      I want a second referendum. I can say so openly. But Corbyn has a much more complex job than just pandering to people like me. He has to try not to alienate the Labour voters who voted Leave.

      1. Well said UV and people who continually criticise Corbyn because he will not jump and dance to their wants or demands for a ref 2 or PV or whatever , would do well to bear that fact in mind .He is trying to keep all on-board so as to win the bigger prize , a DS Govt ( lead by JC ) which will be the best out come for all of us .

      2. The problem is that this ‘keeping both sides happy’ can’t and won’t work. The stupid dichotomous choice that the Tory referendum posed means that you will, by definition, piss off one side of the dichotomy.

        At present that’s the Remain side – which is where the majority of Labour voters are (and Labour members even more so).

    3. Simply arguing nothing…You’re simply repeating PV nonsense that you’ve convinced yourself was remotely possible. No serious political contender could ever appear at a PV event, especially alongside TIGcorp. It’s about time remain fanatics faced some facts.
      Brexit is very much about loss of sovereignty, anti-immigration is a red herring. The same fight needs to fought against trade deals with any country that take away sovereignty and erode democracy.

      17.4million voted Leave : 16.1 voted Million Remain.

      By Constituency 406 Leave : 242 Remain

      By Constituency Party Lab-148 Leave : 84 Remain Con- 247 Leave : 80 Remain

      By Region9 Leave : 3 Remain

      BY MP 160 Leave : 486 Remain

      Those are the facts, not some neoliberal love, a silly banner with the astounding lie “Love Socialism hate Brexit” written on it. Or a load of duffers shouting “Where’s Jeramy Corbyn”.

      1. PS. Given 486 MPs voted remain and only 160 leave, logic tells me we won’t be allowed to leave or if we do it will be under worse terms than we already had.

      2. As always – the Lexit tendency – living in the past and dreaming of La La Land.

        … and massively out of touch with the Laboutr Party and its vote.

      3. Very well said indeed, lundiel. It is very hard not to conclude that all the over-regular pro PV , pro ignore the Referendum and stay in, posters on here are simply Trolls out to split our Party, given the clear facts in your post. Jeremy and his team have proved to be much cleverer politicians over Brexit (ie, keeping both Remainers and Leavers on board) than Mandelson and co supposed with their Big Business-funded PV scam. I saw the young undercover careerist Blairites leafleting and parading at Conference with their “Love Jeremy – Hate Brexit” T shirts, and there wasn’t a working class person in their well-coiffured, posh voiced, ranks. “Hate Jeremy – using Brexit to split him from his supporters” should have been the slogan !

      4. jpenney 24/03/2019 at 12:11 pm

        I’m curious, given your outright opposition to a 2nd referendum, why did you vote against your conscience to pass the Brexit composite motion at the 2018 conference.

      5. ‘posters on here are simply Trolls out to split our Party”

        I love the way that a small dilettante fringe lays claim to solidly Remain Party as their exclusive property.

        Oh – it must be the wisdom imparted by ‘socialist political theory’. Or perhaps it’s just a load of desperate bollocks.

      6. More distortion.

        Of course – that’s the only way to make an argument – and why the proof in the pudding (another vote) is so strenuously opposed.

        … or lets simply have a poll of party members. I’ll go along with that to settle the point. After all, the current situation is all founded on a grassroots movement.

      7. RH & Lundiel, you both, from opposite directions, deny the possibility of the concerns of left wing leavers and left wing remainers being addressed to the satisfaction of both sides.
        I think we all want the same things but disagree on how to get there.
        I also think the EU, having already recognised the need to address tax avoidance, might be ready to agree to some public ownership, some restriction on immigration and some rolling back of neoliberalism – firstly by re-regulating the markets and the banks to soften the coming downturn. Only the EU is big enough to attempt this alone.
        The implication of their tax avoidance directive is clearly that the rich have too much power and must be subject to regulation – it’s not such a huge leap from there to market regulation and the rest can follow.
        Someone credible has to explain all this better than I can for people to understand that brexit isn’t the solution to anything.
        Re-regulation of the 1% is the only solution but no single country can do that.

    4. Maria :

      ” I voted remain, but I would want the tories out above all else”

      The two are intimately linked. The Labour vote is solidly ‘Remain’ orientated. The pursuit of notional Brexit votes in conservative (small ‘c’) Britain is a wild goose chase, whilst previously committed voters just sigh and turn away.

      Even though the Tories are making the biggest pig’s ear imaginable, Labour’s polling figures have declined even more during the period that the Party has consistently coat-tailed the Tories, with support leaking to the LibDems and the Greens.

      Now. Corbyn has faced the biggest propaganda assault on a political figure that I can remember. But even taking that into account, the inability to get ahead of the disastrously unpopular May in the leadership stakes shows no decisive countering of that propaganda.

      Potential supporters go a-begging in their millions because they see Labour as an irrelevance to the major issue of the day, I’m afraid.

      Public opinion has now shifted – not massively, but clearly – to ‘Renmain’ (confirmation of this can be seen in Leavers’ frantic attempts to avoid another test of that opinion which would be hilarious in its lack of logic if it wasn’t such a serious matter).

      At the same time, 5 million people have got out of bed to sign the largest parliamentary petition in memory. Although this figure can’t be applied directly to a referendum vote, it’s scale is remarkable – that figure is equivalent to five times the number that would have reversed the non-result of the referendum.

      Put all that together, and, come a general election, Labour *might* swing it. But it’s not a given, it’s not because of it’s stance on Brexit, and it will be shedding large numbers of voters that might make it decisive, whilst winning a handful of (essentially) Kippers.

      The only response I’ve seen to this hard analysis is a tirade of denial, screamed into the void – based on no alternative evidence. The figures I have use are there to see.

      1. Maria, I’m afraid your response is all over the place along with your arguments, none of which are sustainable.

        1. In the first place Labour was ahead in at least 2 polls last weekend, including being 4 pts ahead w/ the only reliable pollsters, Survation.

        2. Comres polling data yesterday: 65% of the voters want some form of Brexit.

        3. You can sign a petition w/ a few clicks lying flat on your back bed.

        4. The misnamed “People’s Vote” have a very simple job: ask for a re-run. As at least one commentator above has stressed, Jeremy’s job is fearfully complex.

        5. “Potential supporters go a-begging in their millions because they see Labour as an irrelevance to the major issue of the day, I’m afraid.” This is one of your hopeful assertions based on no evidence at all. If there is any supporting evidence it’s not because of the contents of Labour’s strategy but the absolutely amazing collapse of broadcaster impartiality. One very effective “trick” is to write Corbyn/Lab out of the narrative: just not cover their campaigning on Brexit, Corbyn speeches and his meetings w/ EU leaders which have sharply increased in number recently.

        6. Your claim that people are leaving Labour is flat contradicted by Gen Sec Jennie Formby’s figures showing about 4-5 thousand joined in about a month, very recently.

        7. Your claim about Brexit being “the major issue of the day” may have some truth in it, but right alongside it SHOULD be – in media terms – the catastrophic social and economic effects of Tory austerity and privatisation policies. Again the MSM are culpable of both under-reporting Tory actions and covering for them by writing palpably false articles and broadcasters constantly parading right-wing & Centrist (ie, fellow conservatives) figures on the sofas and chairs. Your failure to mention these problems means your comment is entirely party political – you’re simply propagandising – so not worthy of much consideration. You’re not analysing.

        8. “The only response I’ve seen to this hard analysis is a tirade of denial, screamed into the void – based on no alternative evidence.” This is just rubbish, just propagandising while inferring that your own hopeful assertions are accurate.

        In short, your here not to add to debate, just to wage party political war. What is notable above all is your profound ignorance of the current political situation. I imagine you spend far too much time watching mainstream propagandistic rubbish and hardly any following reliable sources of news in the alt-media arena.

      2. “Your claim that people are leaving Labour is flat contradicted by Gen Sec”

        Who mentioned party membership? – which, by the way has a built-in time lag in figures. And, as we know, support for the Party in general doesn’t relate to Brexit preference amongst members – the findings are quite clear that Corbyn is being supported whilst Brexit is opposed.

        And … whilst a few thousand joined the Party recently, 5 *million* wish Article 50 to be withdrawn.

        And I was talking about *votes*

        “the catastrophic social and economic effects of Tory austerity and privatisation policies.”

        Who’s denying the importance of these? The important connection is the way in which Brexit (apart from lessening chances of victory) will reduce a Labour government’s capacity to deal with such vital issues – even if the dilettantes go on playing with themselves whilst the economy tanks.

        “Comres polling data yesterday: 65% of the voters want some form of Brexit.”

        I note that, having said that the MSM is rubbish, you have adopted the Tories’ Daily Express spin on much more ambiguous figures. How indicative!

        “In the first place Labour was ahead in at least 2 polls last weekend, including being 4 pts ahead w/ the only reliable pollsters, Survation.”

        Have a look at (a) the trends over time based on all polling and (b) error margins.

        As I said – despite the total disarray of the Tories, Labour support has declined more than that of the Tories; Corbyn languishes in popularity, and the two parties remain neck and neck when Labour might be expected to fly.

        The point I’m making is one of hard electoral reality : Labour needs to do something differently.

        Meanwhile, you continue to hang onto the slender referendum mock-majority (actually a 37% minority), whilst dismissing massively larger numbers signing the current petition. That before we get to the massive evidence showing that the idea of Brexit is a total waste of space that depends upon mass gullibility or tedium, backed by the Tory propaganda machine to get anywhere.

        “In short, your here not to add to debate, just to wage party political war.”

        Your Wolfie slip is showing. Or is it the Kevin tendency (stamp the foot, slam the door and walk out on reality)?

        JRM and Johnson will, I’m sure, be well rewarded with your help.

    5. “Where was Jeremy?”
      This question is only “begged” if you haven’t followed Labour party frontbench strategy & tactics: clearly you haven’t. I imagine other posters have explained one or two things to you: to put it simply, as Labour’s Brexit strat/tacts have been much more subtle than crying about the 2016 result, crying foul and baying for an undemocratic re-run, it would have been illogical and hypocritical for Jeremy to have been involved yesterday.

      1. Now I understand the massive polling gains that the Party has achieved. 🙂

        The 2016 ‘result’? Now – would that be the minority vote of around 37% of the electorate. But it can’t be – because such a vote is ‘undemocratic’, and we had one in 1976.

        .. and these 5 million people asking for the whole process top be abandoned? Oh – of course – I forgot : they’re all middle-class wankers. Not a Labour voter or Party member among them. And those on the massive march yesterday? Oh, yes. Ditto. We don’t want them – this is a UKIP Party for UKIP people!

        Now … let me go back and see if I can find that electoral surge stemming from the incredible strategy and tactics …. errr ….

    6. Watching Tom Watson reminds me of how Vice President Johnson constantly undermined President Kennedy.

      Although, fortunately, I do not think that Tom Watson is anything like as bad as Johnson whom Denis Healey described in his memoirs as ‘a monster’.

      1. If you think Kennedy was some kind of saint undermined by the evil Johnson – you’ve got a bit of reading to do to get the full picture.

  2. Jeremy Corbyn was in Morecombe , campaigning for getting the tories out so we can get rid of all the cuts and cruelty towards ordinary people . JC4PM

  3. I hope Tom Watson got the message given by the loud and clear by the booing of the crowd when he was addressing them. He’s fooling nobody and everybody seems to be aware of this reputation as a treacherous pigheaded individual who along with others has jumped on the Peoples Vote bandwagon in order to do the maximum damage to Jeremy and the party.
    One other point – it is very telling that although the booing could easily be heard the BBC did not comment on it. Now if it had been Jeremy or any other member of his shadow front bench had been booed by even a handful of people it would have been mentioned in every news bulletin.

    1. Watson is a delusional fool. Help May get her deal through & she’ll just say thanks very much I’ve got my deal thru no need for a referendum now, sod off

      It’s exactly what the evil untrustworthy tory would do

    2. Spot on Smartboy , I’ve already said in previous comment that watson’s attachment to this march is simply another chance to undermine and attack the Leadership and is cynically eff all to do with the substance around the march , the cancelling of A50 , and boy did he get it from the crowd when he tried it on with them. Unlike here in the party where he enjoys a degree of power , out there on the streets ordinary people won’t tolerate his SHIT .
      Watson gets called out for the deceitful rat that he is .

  4. Watson has tried everything in his power to derail Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, he’s trying to prevent a Labour government, so why has he not been suspended ? It seems there’s is still allot of Blairites in Labour HQ this is what Jeremy Corbyn is up against, mandatory open-selection for all sitting Labour MPs

  5. This 1000 times

    mandatory open-selection for all sitting Labour MPs
    it really is the only way , speaking of which I wonder how the champion of this cause ,Chris Williamson is doing ,another of TWATson ‘s victims and vindictive action .

    GTTO Get The Twatson Out .

  6. I was wondering why I hadn’t read about Watson’s barnstorming speech in the Independent, given the prominence they gave to the fact that he was going to be there.

    This explains it.

  7. Surely it is not controversial on the Left that Watson has to go. The big challenge for us is when and under what circumstances and how would it do Labour the least damage and bring the maximum benefit.

  8. Let’s expel Watson now and we can get all bad publicity out of the way before the election. I believe in a real People’s Vote a General Election anything else is utterly useless and doesn’t do anything for people suffering such austerity!

  9. “PV Obsessives”

    What a stupid term. ‘Obsessive’ is correctly applied to Brexiteers – maintaining a stupid flat-earth religious belief in the face of all evidence to the contrary. See ‘May’ as the embodiment of the cult.

    And Watson is an irrelevance – and, believe it or not – got booed because he is willing to support Brexit. Booed be the biggest demonstration since the Iraq one – another case where a Labour leadership and PLP didn’t listen to its supporters.

    Now that went well, didn’t it?

    1. He he he. Get out of the wrong side of the bed did we RH?
      PV bullshitters can’t even get their figures right. There were 250,000 people at the last march and this one was less, even though they bussed in every EU citizen they could.
      Sometimes it’s best not to scratch an itch.

      1. There were some interesting results in the latest Com-Res poll commissioned by Leave Means Leave

        Leave Means Leave- Brexit Poll – March 2019
        How would you vote now [in a Brexit referendum]

        Table 34
        Leave 39%
        Remain 45%

        Table 35
        North West
        Leave 38%
        Remain 45%

        FFS even the polls commissioned by Leave Means Leave are indicating that you’ve lost the argument.
        The will of the people has self-evidently changed

    2. “Get out of the wrong side of the bed did we RH?”

      I did manage to get out of bed and stopped dreaming, put on my glasses and used my ability to count, lundiel.

      And what did I find? Five million voters ready to back a Party that will stop Brexit.

      Now what did you do? Still dreaming?

    3. And criticising Corbyn for not ‘flying’ when he’s taking ALL the concentrated fire of the Tories, the MSM, the Israel lobby and half the fucking PLP…
      is a bit fucking rich, if you don’t mind my saying so.
      But you’re a big fan, right?

  10. Corbyn and the true leadership team ( exclude twatson) are trying to keep all on-board so as to win the bigger prize , a DS Govt ( lead by JC ) which will be the best out come for all of us .

  11. You perpetuate this hatred towards Labour members; we’re hardly likely to win a General Election when your hatred towards other Labour Party members is so blatant. We need to be united, not pathetically divided.

    1. Actually, Joe, the vast majority of members are. The Lexit interest is an unrepresentative fringe.

  12. Interesting link from Rachael Swindon this morning.
    Not stated in so many words but effectively puts the blame for the ’08 bank crash firmly on Thatcher and Reagan’s deregulation of financial markets.
    Even without the means to calculate the actual – staggering – losses to the rest of the economy caused by governmental obeisance to the City it was obvious to me from the outset that a crash was inevitable when bankers were positively encouraged to bet the farm – and we’re still on the same stupid path to a Blade Runner world.

    On the 5th October the 2018 SPERI report was published. The Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute made some stunning statements. Its first paragraph stated that – “(this report) suggests that the total cost of lost growth potential for the UK caused by ‘too much finance’ between 1995 and 2015 is in the region of £4,500 billion. This total figure amounts to roughly 2.5 years of the average GDP across the period.”


    1. I’ve read something like this thesis before, but nothing so graphic and as compelling as this – excellent link David, thanks.

    2. “and we’re still on the same stupid path to a Blade Runner world”

      Very much so. The UK economy is fragile and in desperate need of a rebalancing.

      What is being done? Errr – billions are being chucked away in the bonkers pursuit of Brexit, which, as trade becomes more difficult, will put even more emphasis on financial services – which will also be affected by the dislocation.

      … and all at the behest of the cross-border hedge fund interests of the ERG and friends (including Lexiteers).

      … and the world falls about laughing.

  13. It’s now beyond embarrassing listening to Labour MPs such as Starmer and Trickett squirming their way through interviews trying to defend why they are avoiding Labour policy of asking the public if they approve of any EU deal.

    It’s beyond question to all but the ideologues that leaving the EU will be a disaster for the UK if it goes ahead. Therefore for Labour not to face up to it and instead try to say we have some well thought out plan which will hypnotise the majority of the public into wearing blinkers and not recognise the truth, is political cowardice.

    1. Get your facts right re. Brexit “disaster.” Hard Brexit (ND Brexit), yes, Soft Brexit, no. With a soft Brexit we will have the same free trade relationship with the EU that we had as members. The disaster scenario is one where GB faces tariff barriers with the EU & has to go making new trade deals all over the globe. So all this “everyone but ideologues…” stuff is just hopeful baloney.

      It’s this bullsh*t that helped lose the referendum in the first place. If the Remain campaign – which was hopeless, not least because Corbyn speeches, of which there were many, were almost totally blacked out by the broadcasters – hadn’t been so completely dreadful, Leave would likely enough have lost. The parade of establishment figures were a total switch off for the undecided public.

      Meanwhile, Starmer & Trickett may embarrass you, but not me. And if they stumble it’s because broadcasters deliberately interrupt them every time they try to answer to wreck the interview from a Labour point of view.

      1. Craig Thomas, sorry, I should have said ideologues and extremists.

        Take your blinkers off and recognise there is no such thing as a good Brexit, Labour’s or anyone elses.

        I have just been out canvassing on the doorsteps as I do every weekend and I can tell you we are heamorraging Labour voters without whom we will most definitely be in dire straights.

      2. “With a soft Brexit we will have the same free trade relationship with the EU that we had as members.”

        Craig : We won’t. We shall lose the ability to be part of the process that shapes the terms of trade etc.

        That’s why there is no advantageous Brexit : every scenario is worse.

      3. “I have just been out canvassing on the doorsteps as I do every weekend and I can tell you we are heamorraging Labour voters without whom we will most definitely be in dire straights.”

        Interesting. From my personal experience, I’d see the situation as being at a tipping point – with very little time to get ducks in a row.

        My experience this afternoon has been spending time with two old friends and active political colleagues. On the left by any definition, and experienced in union activity as well as local politics. They have no illusions about neoliberalism, having been at the sharp end of the miner’s strike at first-hand for a year.

        Natural supporters of Corbyn, their comments about the current leadership strategy were ‘interesting’, and – to put it mildly – rather at odds with the sanguine view of a ‘subtle’ strategy that critics supposedly miss. They were also supportive of yesterday’s demonstration, and I reckon I’d back their streetwise experience and judgement against the Lexiteer illusions.

  14. Cameron thought he was clever by calling the referendum he’d split the Labour Party and transfer the blame accrued to austerity onto the EU ! He didn’t count on Leave winning and thereby driving the Brexit vote , together with the Loony Right , towards a brick wall !
    Poor old Theresa May has had to wrench the headlong collision away from economic disaster leaving her on the verge of mental breakdown !
    If this Brexit madness has taught the country anything, it’s don’t trust the Tories !
    They set the fixed vote in advance with Clegg knowing it’d be an insurance of keeping then in power regardless of how much they screw up !
    The whole thing is a civics lesson on how NOT to govern responsibly !

  15. Cameron & May believed the pollsters & now the medium is the message. Any idiot can press a button on a computer, any number of times. These are not all voters. You disenfranchise huge numbers of people who have better things to do than spend endless hours exercising their fingers on keyboards. ‘La La Land’ is the virtual reality of pollsters & Channel 4. Only 5 million buttons pressed? How disappointing. We must do this again sometime!
    Don’t worry, the fat cats will never let us leave.

    1. Only 5 million buttons pressed? How disappointing. We must do this again sometime!

      Have you anything to say about the ‘Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019’ petition on the same site which currently stands at 511,477 and has managed to attract <200,000 signatures in the same time period.

      1. Yes – that’s one comparison that’s entirely valid – getting rid of Article 50 : about 10-20 times more popular than crashing out.

      2. Signatures? Can you believe anything on the internet? Fake News is everywhere. 5 million what? This is probably a hoax by a bunch of ten year olds in Macedonia playing games or maybe the Russians interfering in ‘our democratic processes’?
        The vast majority of MPs are Remainers, as is the PM. Do you really think this is a level playing field & there is any chance of GB leaving?

      3. ” Can you believe anything on the internet? ”

        Including you??? 🙂

        C’mon, Steve – it’s really no good invoking conspiracy theories whenever you simply don’t like something. Was the narrow referendum margin a hoax? Much easier to fix.

        … so let’s have another. Yes?

  16. Only in politics do you get the questions before the exam and still they **** it up
    Hay ho needs must,
    Indicative votes,
    offer labour soft Brexit and another referendum on that or remain
    As a gambler from age 14 my money would be on the only brexit option winning,
    There is a strong argument on grounds of honouring the 52/48 result to put in a bar that leaves the result in no doubt 60/40 minimum
    The addendum to this would be that once causes of Brexit are addressed we the UK would look to apply to rejoin

  17. Looks like no one can stand him. Nobody likes a backstabber or a scab and he is both. Only maybe Mosley and Brown

    1. Well here’s what people thought of him in the recent past (Aug15)

      Whoever ends up leading Labour would find Deputy Watson a major check on their authority, a force to be bargained with. If that leader is indeed Mr Corbyn, some despairing Labour MPs predict his demise well before the general election, with Mr Watson’s fingerprints carefully wiped off the ice pick.

      1. I don’t think he’s wrong on Watson – but the article is by a journalist who can’t diagnose the fake antisemitism scam. I guess he’s in the majority, however.

    1. ” Tom Watson favours EU membership and wants a PV,”

      No prizes (and forget odious Watson and his predelictions) : but spot the admission in that sentence.

      Hint : who thinks too much democracy is a danger to their cause? (Out of the mouths …)

    2. Danny, you’ve got it backwards. Thatcher & Reagan’s deregulation of the banks and markets kicked off neoliberalism.
      Europe jumped on the gravy train but so did almost every other trading nation.
      Attempts to write market & corporate supremacy into law here, in the EU, the US and elsewhere is neoliberalism trying to cover its arse – when AI job losses and accelerating wealth inequality drive us to un-bury our pitchforks the 1% need to make their new little tin soldiers think they can shoot us with impunity.

      1. David McNiven 25/03/2019 at 2:26 am

        the 1% need to make their new little tin soldiers think they can shoot us with impunity.

        They’ll have their autonomous AI Killing Machines to do that for them.

  18. Like this comment if you have had enough of the hardline remainers RH and SteveH trolling this site’s comments section and being abusive to other posters.

    1. UNLIKE.
      Trying to suppress dissenting voices is abusive and bullying.
      If we don’t stand for free speech what the fuck do we stand for?

    2. Internal Affairs 24/03/2019 at 10:24 pm

      You are in danger of making yourself look like a playground bully.

      Could you quote some examples of me being abusive to other posters?

  19. It is going to be interesting to see how much support the Brexiteers protest attracts.


    Brexit Rally London
    March 29, 2019
    Friday, March 29, 2019
    12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
    Make your voice heard in Westminster!
    Join Leave voters from across the UK making their stand against the dilution of our democracy.
    Meet many Leavers of Britain from across the UK. Join with us at this meeting point.
    Outside St James’s Park Station, Blue Boar, Tothill Street, Westminster, Midday.
    Bring any signs with pro-Democracy messages.

    1. Would it be unreasonable to assume that this was originally planned as a ‘celebration’ rally?

  20. why would any peace loving people want to stay in the EU, the EU is a dictatorship run by a council of ministers they make a decision that’s the end of it, you can’t vote these psychopaths out, Look what’s happening in France, French Police where attacking school kids with batons, tear gas and rubber bullets, for demonstrating against Macron’s Educational reforms, French police seen carrying claw hammers to use against gilets jaunes protesters in Paris and It’s still going on now, This is the level of violence Macron is prepared to inflict on working class people who have been pushed to the brink by austerity but you won’t see it in the UK media, Macron and Chancellor Merkel have announced they support for an EU Army to complement NATO, that’s why they are desperate to keep the UK in the EU.

  21. “why would any peace loving people want to stay in the EU,”

    Quite a few reasons.

    “the EU is a dictatorship”

    I think you need to consult a dictionary.

    … and neither Macron nor France, Merkel nor Germany are ‘the EU’. Nor are they the worst villains in this messy ole’ world that includes China, the US and Russia – to name but a few other major culprits.

    Do keep up.

    1. I think you’re a Troll but I’ll give you the benefit of doubt. Macron and Merkel are mayor players in the EU are they not ? I don’t see Russia or China invading county after country, the US have military bases in every region of the globe, they spend as much on it’s military as the rest of the world combined.
      They have overseen detention without charge, the concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay, torture, the bombing of foreign countries, the invasion of sovereign states and slaughter of populations who unable to defend themselves. Do keep up.

  22. Are you for real Juan? Russia are currently invading The Ukraine. Do you not remember Georgia in 2008 and they did illegally annex The Crimea. Get a grip.

    1. The US helped to overthrew the democratic government of Ukraine, Russia is not invading the Ukraine, The people of Crimea voted to stay Russian. August 2008, after Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili sent troops into the rebellious province of South Ossetia, Russia came to its defence, beginning a five-day-long conflict that ended with Russian troops within striking distance of Tbilisi, the Georgian capital Now the US government that destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya & others – unleashing Al Qaeda and ISIS in the process, is now trying overthrow Venezuela’s democratic government, the US, Israel and the UK are biggest terrorist organisations in the world today. get your facts right Troll.

    2. Thank you, Joe. Saves having to respond to a post where, yet again, the word ‘troll’ has come to mean ‘anyone who contradicts my construction of the world’.

      I’d only add that the non-aggression/expansion of China, too, ain’t quite that.

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