Breaking: Cabinet turns on May in ‘full-blown coup’

Sunday Times editor has reported that the Cabinet is moving in an attempt to remove Theresa May
May’s ill-fated speech on Wednesday

The Sunday Times’ Tim Shipman has reported in the last few minutes that Theresa May’s Cabinet has joined together in a ‘full-blown coup’ to remove her as Prime Minister.

However, Shipman went on to dilute the claim slightly, stating that May might still fight on and that her husband is encouraging her to do so. The Tories have no mechanism for forcibly removing her before late this year, after she survived the attempted 2018 no-confidence vote by Tory MPs.

In a telling sign of the state of the Tory party, non-entity David Lidington is said to be a leading contender to replace her, at least as an interim leader. Predictably, Michael Gove is expected to throw his hat into the ring in spite of his earlier disastrous plan to take the leadership.

However, Shipman’s claim that May’s brand was ruined last week shows a detachment from the reality of May’s disastrous performance on Brexit and everything else, which has made her a lame duck for coming up to two years now, since she threw away her Commons majority by catastrophically failing to realise the country’s view of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Shipman claims that Cabinet Ministers say May will be ‘gone in 10 days’. That remains to be seen, but whatever the outcome it’s yet another sign of just how chaotic and utterly defunct the Tories and their cardboard government have become.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

We’ll see. Whether May or another empty suit sits in the hot seat, the Tories will remain a disaster – but the mere attempt by flip-flopping Conservatives exposes their weakness and lack of ideas.

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    1. Me too. It is said that the disastrous speech the other night was his idea.. and her decision to hold GE17 was taken on a walking holiday with her ‘tax avoiding’ husband.

      1. They’re Lockheed Martin shareholders, too, unsurprisingly,..

        If that speech was his idea, he’ll go down in history, and not in a flattering way. It came over like a hostage video!

  1. We’ll still have a tory government though, and any of the contenders as replacement PM look spectacularly unimpressive.
    And the shenanigans of the last few months show how our unwritten constitution allows the executive part of government to keep going no matter how incompetent and squalid.

    1. That’s the reality. The Tories might get rid of May. But they won’t vote for Christmas – that will be the whole purpose of the exercise.

      If, by any chance they do, it will be a calculation that it’s not a bad idea for Labour to pick up the economic debris and take the blame for it.

      1. Whatever happens, crash out Brexit, May’s deal, soft or no Brexit at all, the chief concern of the Tories will be to put the blame for the consequences on someone else.
        Look at the constant attempts by the media to portray JC as being as much to blame as the government for something initiated and under the control of the government.

  2. Theresa May is a disaster and has been since her days as Home Secretary. She was the architect of the hostile environment policy which resulted in the Windrush scandal. Also it was she she accused the police of crying wolf when they warned her where cuts to their numbers that she was making would lead and is still leading.
    However despite her proven record of incompetence she became leader of the Tory party and PM in 2016
    As PM she anticipated problems with Brexit. She had only a small majority and thought she would have trouble getting a Brexit deal through given the conflicting views of the various factions within the Tory party. So in order to ride roughshod over anyone who opposed her view of Brexit she called a General Election confident that she would win by a landslide and could ignore dissenting Tory voices ( and everyone else’s of course) on Brexit. So confident was she that she would wipe the floor with us that she even put her proposed ” Dementia Tax ” in the Tory Manifesto proving once and for all that she hasn’t a clue
    Having lost the election she bribed the DUP with a bung of a billion pounds to enable her to stay in power and has lurched from one crisis to another ever since. She has made the country and herself a laughing stock.
    Now at long last the Cabinet is apparently going to move against her. If they do it will be out of self interest for by allowing this incompetent PM to take us to the brink of disaster they have made their indifference to the good of the nation absolutely clear.
    However I would not be surprised if the so called coup came to nothing. Theresa May is a pigheaded woman without principles or dignity and she will not resign. They will have to force her out and I doubt they have the courage to do.

  3. My hopes have been raised and then dashed so many times since that dreadful excuse of a woman (and boy does it give women a bad name), started squatting in number 10, that it couldn’t survive x, would be gone by y, ect.
    I don’t understand how it is still there? It has no shame, lies & double standards, who really knows what depths it’s sunk to inorder to cling on !
    So as much as I want to hope it’s finally true, I’ll wait until it’s finally happened before I stoke my excitement again

  4. Jeremy Corbyn should call a VONC in her and see if they follow and vote with him. They would brick it and again vote for her to stay.

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